Why Do I Still Feel High After 24 Hours? [Your are not ALONE]

A long-lasting high is something that many people who smoke cannabis look for. But those trying it for the first time may have a few questions. How long is it possible to feel this effect? Is it possible to still feel high twenty-four hours after trying cannabis?

For many, especially new users, it’s completely normal to still feel high the day after trying cannabis. This varies from person to person, with most highs lasting a maximum of four hours. However, next-day highs are completely possible.

Read on to learn more about the extended high that sometimes comes from smoking cannabis. Though unusual, it’s a fascinating phenomenon to experience for anybody whether experienced or a solid beginner.


Why Do Some People Experience This Extended High?

It’s hard to say what exactly causes users to experience a high that lasts longer than the typical range of a few hours. Since it’s not widely legal, information is limited. There are a few guesses out there that make sense. Quite often smoking a blunt gets you much more stoned than smoking a joint!

Some potential causes of this lengthened feeling of pleasure include:

The rate at which THC metabolizes in various systems, which might take longer in some people’s bodies than others

  • The way that the cannabis is taken into the body, which can range from edibles to inhalation, with edibles potentially providing the slower and longer high
  • The amount of fat that a person has inside their body, meaning that those with more might be prone to a longer and slower high than those who have less body fat

All of these are theories for the time being, but there’s sound logic behind every one of them. The only real way to see results is to test and study if cannabis becomes more legal across the country in the coming years.

Does Being a First Timer Have Anything to Do with It?

The first time someone uses cannabis, they tend to have a wide variety of side effects. These can be pleasant and unpleasant, ranging from severe anxiety to a pleasant calming sensation that lasts for longer than a fleeting moment of happiness. Does the extended high have anything to do with first-time users?

Maybe. However, those who use cannabis for the first time are more likely to experience:

  • A lack of a high, as opposed to one that lasts for a long time
  • Anxiety, or lack thereof depending on how the body works
  • Psychedelic effects, though these are rarer for users to experience
  • Stress, whether minor or major 
  • Serenity, or a total peace of mind for the first time for many

While the high may come as a first-time user, often the body does not allow the high THC to stay in the bloodstream for a long time. The more it gets used to this unfamiliar item, the more familiar the sensations will be. First users tend to either not feel the cannabis at all or feel it way too much.

While those who use cannabis for the first time are more susceptible to side effects, anyone can experience the items that come with this plant at any time. There is not enough information out there to get a solid idea of what groups are the most affected by this item.

Higher Level of THC Might be the Reason

In the United States of America, the cannabis market has grown exponentially over the last few years. With this comes new strains, some that have been altered and changed for a new market. Many of these have THC levels that are more than 20% higher than they have been in previous years.

THC is the main item in cannabis that causes a high. The buzz is much stronger when you smoke hash instead of weed. When it is put inside your body, it:

  • Stimulates neurons in the brain and forces them into action
  • Signals dopamine and offers your body a reward
  • Creates a high because of that process, over and over again

Thanks to the maximized levels of THC in cannabis, the brain can experience that rewarding process many, many times as opposed to just a few. This could be the reason why you feel like your high is lasting more than twenty-four hours. Your brain is in reward activation mode.

You can even experiment with this by trying cannabis that doesn’t have such high levels of TCH. This might prevent the next-day sensation, or perhaps it’s just how your body operates with the plant.

How Long Could This Sensation Last?

Although most highs go away after a short period, ones like this could be around for a while. While the high itself will go away, occasionally other symptoms are triggered that might linger for a longer time than initially anticipated.

Some of these lengthened feelings might include:

  • Reduced chronic pain
  • Higher risk of suicide due to paranoia, anxiety, or depression
  • Panic about everything that happens in life
  • Extended relaxation

Both good and bad side effects can last for days, weeks, or even months. This can be great or terrible. The bad effects can have an impact that should be checked out by a professional if needed, which we will discuss a little bit.

Should I Be Worried About the Length of the High? 

After feeling the sensation of a high for longer than a day, it might feel like there should be a cause for concern. Is it a permanent state? Are you going to feel like this forever? It’s important to know what the answers are in these cases.

An extended high probably won’t hurt you. What may, however, is the side effects that come from this sensation. Some who use cannabis may experience:

  • Anxiety to a severe degree
  • Depression, both severe and minor
  • Paranoia, such as being sensitive to loud noises and flinch when going out in public

Feeling the symptoms of this for longer than a day isn’t good. If they don’t go away, you should talk to someone about how you feel. Cannabis may have triggered something that had been waiting underneath the surface for a long time.

Psychiatrists and doctors are always there to help you. If you have an extended high and it’s affecting you mentally, take the opportunity to speak to a professional about the effects you are experiencing. They can guide you from there.


Is it normal for a high to last 2 days?

The “high” or euphoric effects of edible cannabis don’t set in for around 30 minutes to two hours (depending on your metabolism), and they don’t reach their peak for another four hours after consumption. Effects may be felt for up to 12 hours after usage, and some users may continue to feel aftereffects for up to 24 hours.

Can a high last over a day?

The effects of being high on cannabis can linger for anywhere from two to ten hours at a time, depending on a variety of factors.

How long is too long for a high to last?

The effects of marijuana often persist from one to ten hours. The duration is conditional on the method of intake as well as other variables. Vapor produces a high that hits quickly and hard, whereas edibles take longer to take effect but last far longer.

How often do first-time cannabis users have negative, long lasting effects?

At the outset, it should be noted that only a fraction of first-time users appear to be affected by this phenomenon. Inaccurate estimates are impossible because so few reliable statistics are available regarding cannabis-related matters. If and when cannabis is legalized on a larger scale, a clearer picture will emerge.

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