Highest THC Ever Recorded – [40% Plus Cannabis Strains]

Cannabis growers across the world are consistently trying to outdo themselves when it comes to high percentage THC strains. Cannabis growers in Berlin are the most reputable for pushing the limits of THC percentages in their cannabis strains. The higher the percent of THC a grower can achieve in their strain, the less product the consumer needs to consume to feel the effects of the cannabis.

As cannabis becomes more widely accepted worldwide, growers can experiment more and more with their cannabis strains and get surprising results. In addition, strains of cannabis with higher percentages of THC may become more sought after as growers learn how to maximize the THC levels in their cannabis strains.

Berlin has a reputation for having the highest percent of THC in a strain of cannabis. They are the current record holders for the highest percent of THC in a strain and have held this record since 2010. Berlin’s THC percentage record sits at the peak of 46% and has faced much debate in the years since this development.

Even medicinal marijuana rarely exceeds THC percentages of over 30 percent, which is why many people call into question the testing methods used on Berlin’s THC. Many growers have tried to replicate Berlin’s peak THC percentages and have met failure to do so. This scenario may leave you wondering if the 46 percent record is a legitimate measure or a calculation error.

We will discuss the highest strains of THC on record and discuss the debate further in this article. Please continue reading to learn about the highest THC strains on record and the debate that surrounds them.


Do 40% THC strains exist?

It is vital to recognize that the highest strains on record are anomalies. These strains have not been replicated and were grown illegally under nonideal conditions. The fact that well-known strains have not replicated strains of weed that exceed 40% can call into question the measuring method used to determine the THC concentration present in those illegal Berlin strains of weed.

One theory why Berlin has seen such high THC measurements in their cannabis is that they may be using a higher concentration of buds in their measurements than what other countries use to measure. Most countries use a combination of cannabis weed and cannabis buds with the knowledge that buds have a higher THC concentration. Therefore, if Berlin used a higher bud to weed ratio than the standard measurement used by most countries to measure the THC in their cannabis, they achieved the record through a miscalculation.

However, there is limited information on the specific measurements Berlin used to achieve the above 40 percent THC strains they are known to possess. Also, it is vital to know the highest concentration of THC seen in competitions outside of Berlin barely reached a concentration of 30% THC. There is also no official name for the strain of cannabis that exceeded 40% THC concentrations in Berlin because the person in Berlin created the strain illegally under poor conditions.

As far as official competitions and records go, there are no strains of cannabis that have exceeded 30 percent THC. Also, the measuring method used in Berlin to achieve those higher concentrations of THC is consistently called into question. Most people suspect that the above 40 percent THC levels that broke records in Berlin were not measured correctly. That strain that hit those high levels remains nameless and not replicated.

Medical marijuana across the world is the type of cannabis most people seek higher strains of THC from, and even that type of cannabis hasn’t come close to the records recorded in Berlin. As a result, there are many theories as to why the THC could’ve been miscalculated in the illegal cannabis record held by Berlin, and a considerable theory surrounds Berlin’s law enforcement.

In most countries, the higher the strain of THC obtained illegally, the more trouble the person possessing that cannabis will encounter. Many countries don’t hold high trust in their law enforcement. Since the person in Berlin made the recorded strain illegally, it is theorized that law enforcement intentionally miscalculated the strain to maximize the punishment of the person possessing the strain of cannabis.

THC percentage measuring methods

Cannabis grown illegally and cannabis grown legally have different requirements for measurement in most countries. Legally grown cannabis measures its THC content for competitive use. In contrast, illegally grown cannabis measures the THC content in a strain to persecute the person possessing the cannabis. In addition, medicinal cannabis receives laboratory testing to measure its THC content accurately.

THC measurement in medical laboratories has strict standards to ensure accurate measurements. This measuring system means using the same bud to weed ratio for every batch of cannabis. Medicinal cannabis sold to patients legally faces harsher measurement criteria than the measurement of THC sold illegally. When tested in a lab, the testing must comply with the Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices guidelines.

The police in Berlin have not disclosed the method they used to measure the THC content in their illegal marijuana. Still, it is known that illegal weed is not lab tested or under the same regulations that medicinal cannabis must comply with. Therefore, the Berlin police likely used an incorrect measurement different from the method used to measure the THC in medical cannabis.

When the police measure illegal cannabis for THC, they do not need to comply with the regulations set in place by The Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices, which are the measurement guidelines to measure legal cannabis worldwide. Instead, illegal cannabis is measured in police stations and does not face laboratory testing. This means that the THC results in marijuana confiscated by the police are typically skewed to ensure a harsher punishment for the person that possesses the illegal cannabis.

Highest THC Flowers?

Little Devil THC Test: 60%

While the exact origins of Little Devil strains of marijuana remain unknown, it has been speculated that Israeli collective Tikun Olam was responsible for creating these strains by crossing landrace Afghani with Afghan Skunk. Those who suffer from chronic pain or want to get a better night’s sleep often turn to Little Devil, a hybrid with sedative properties. Get ready for a THC high if you locate this strain in a dispensary near you.

Jack’s Girl THC Test: 54%

There is a strong correlation between Jack Herer’s girlfriend (or child prodigy) and Girl Scout Cookies. This 50/50 hybrid is a product of Spectrum’s breeding efforts, and it’s a treat for people who can tolerate high concentrations of THC. Due of its strength, this strain is best consumed during the day. There are others who say this is the strongest strain they’ve ever smoked.

Blackberry Moonrocks THC Test: 35%
This strain is not recommended for those who are faint-hearted or new to cannabis, as its high THC content of 32% and extensive cannabinoid profile make for long-lasting and very intense effects. The main effect of this strain is an Indica-dominant high that is complemented by an uplifting Sativa effect. This Sensitizes you to happy feelings, creates a fluffy, soft high, and inspires you.It then starts floating with ease and fully unfolds its potential.

Highest THC ever recorded (FAQ)

While the highest level of THC in cannabis ever recorded is in Berlin and is an illegal strain of cannabis, many competitive strains of legal cannabis have been measured using The Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices. We will answer your questions about the highest concentrations of THC available in legal strains of cannabis below.

What strains have the highest THC percentage level?

Godfather OG is currently one of the strains with the highest THC concentration on record. This cannabis went up to 30 percent THC concentration when tested in a lab following The Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices’ official guidelines. This strain of marijuana is a High Times Cup Winner and is usually distributed as medicinal marijuana because of its high concentration of THC.

Other high THC strains of cannabis include OG Kush, Sour Diesel, and Girl Scout Cookies. All these strains of cannabis are lab tested under The Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices guidelines for accuracy.

What are the most potent strains in 2022?

The most potent strains of cannabis available in 2022 are usually heavy in Sativa and have lasting effects. These strains include 99 problems, Chocolate OG, and Grease Monkey. The potency of these strains is determined by THC level, terpenes, and how long the flower’s effects typically last. With every year that goes by, more and more strong strains of cannabis become available.

Cannabis is becoming more and more socially acceptable every year, which encourages growers to try making stronger and stronger strains of cannabis as the years go by. More countries legalize the medical and recreational use of weed every year. A booming industry means a lot of competition for the strongest strain every year.

What is the world record THC percentage in 2022?

The THC content of Godfather OG is officially the highest in the world as of 2022. It’s really unusual for cannabis to have a THC content of about 30%, yet that’s what we’ve got here. It’s not easy to find cannabis strains that test at nearly 30% by the Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices. High THC content cannabis cultivars are in high demand from consumers, making cultivation challenging.

As of 2022, The Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices has not approved any cannabis strain with a THC content of more than 30%. Growers realize this and work each year tirelessly to increase their crop’s THC content.

What is considered high THC?

Any THC concentration that exceeds fifteen percent in a strain of cannabis is considered high THC. Strains of cannabis that exceed 15 percent are usually distributed in medicinal or recreational marijuana dispensaries. The higher the THC is in a strain of cannabis, the stronger the consumer may feel its effects. High THC present in cannabis flowers means that the THC can enter the bloodstream quicker when inhaled.

Therefore, most people seek high THC cannabis to feel the effects of the THC  as fast as possible during consumption. THC concentration in cannabis can reach up to 30 percent THC and is usually used in medicinal marijuana.

Highest THC ever recorded in flower?

The current highest THC ever recorded in a cannabis flower is Grease Monkey at 31 percent. This cannabis was measured under The Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices guidelines to ensure an accurate reading. By lab testing cannabis flowers under these guidelines, accurate and consistent results are expected from the measurement. This method does not include cannabis flowers measured as an illegal confiscation from police because those THC results are often inconsistent and inaccurate.

The police do not measure a cannabis flower’s THC percentage in a lab under the Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices guidelines. The highest percentage of THC ever recorded in flowers confiscated by the police sits at 46 percent and is faced with constant debate. This tool of measurement used by the Berlin police has not been verified by the measurement tools used to measure legal cannabis.

THC concentrates vs. flower.

A concentrated THC is a waxy substance made from a cannabis flower. This substance has high concentrations of THC and often requires less consumption than a flower to receive similar effects. These dabs can go up to 80 percent concentration, while cannabis flowers usually only reach 30 percent concentration at max potency. People can buy cannabis concentrates from medicinal or recreational marijuana dispensaries. However, you do not need to consume nearly as much of the wax as you do the flower to feel its effects. That is why wax is usually sold in much smaller quantities than flowers in dispensaries.

How long before high percentage THC concentrates go bad?

THC concentrates like wax and carts can last up to 18 months when properly stored. Keep your THC concentrated in a cool, dry, dark place to prevent the concentrates from expiring sooner. If air or moisture encounters the wax, the shelf life will not last nearly as long.  If too much light encounters your wax concentrate, then your wax’s shelf life can also decrease. Indica strains are known to have a much longer buzz.

Sunlight will cause your wax to discolor and heat it if too much light is introduced. Too much air in your wax will make the product oxidize and give it an off-flavor. Expired wax can also have less potency than wax within its shelf life. Store your wax properly and avoid tampering if you don’t intend to use it immediately.

How long does cannabis flower last?

You can keep your cannabis flower lasting for up to a year when stored properly. However, if the dried flower encounters moisture or heat, it is unlikely that the flower will last for the whole year. Therefore, keep your dried cannabis in a cool, dry location to reach its maximum shelf life. Keeping your dried cannabis in an airtight container will also prevent it from going bad.

If dried cannabis sits out in the open too long, it will go bad quickly. An airtight container like a jar will keep your dried flower lasting for as long as possible. If the texture of the dried flower changes or the flower is discolored, the flower has most likely gone bad.

How much THC percentage is too potent?

Anything above 25% will be very potent. If you’re unsure what the perfect THC level is for you, these guidelines can be used as a rule of thumb. A flower with a THC content of 7-11.99% typically produces mild psychoactive effects.

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