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Blackberry Moonrocks Seeds

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High THC 30-33%
 80% Indica hybrid
High yielding and easy to grow
Long-lasting heavy head & body buzz

Blackberry Moonrocks Seeds

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Feminized seeds
When given less than 12 hours of light every day, feminized seeds bloom and produce weed. Gather either in the fall outside or indoors after around 15 to 20 weeks. Feminized strains are used by beginners & experienced growers and produce higher quality buds than auto flowering strains.

Automatic seeds
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How to germinate

To ensure germination, immerse the seeds in a glass of water for at least 12-72 hours while keeping them in the dark at room temperatures. When the white tail appears, plant your seeds 1/2 inch deep in soil or another medium that has been moistened. You should see a seedling emerge within 2 days after planting. Seedlings thrive in bright, sunny conditions (21°C to 23°C)

Blackberry Moonrocks Cannabis Strain

Aside from the delicious flavor, The Blackberry Moonrocks fills your head with ease and calm, eliminating any negative thought pattern, making you feel blissfully happy and positively unfocused and subtly taking you in and out of consciousness as your body falls into deep relaxation. Blackberry Moonrocks require a flowering time of 8 – 9 weeks, and it has proven resistant to fungus and mold, making them easy to grow. When grown outdoors, it is the best harvest by Mid/End September and has a yield rate of 700g per outdoor plant, while indoor yields as much as 550 g/m2.

Blackberry moonrocks are very tasty, packing a unique blend of blueberry, blackberry, lavender, and some citrus taste, it also produces a wonderful, mellow smoke that combines a variety of effects while always leaving you feeling good and in a good mood. Their unique genes generate high-quality grass that is difficult to beat.

Growing Blackberry Moonrocks Seeds

The indica-dominant Blackberry Moonrocks is a resilient cannabis plant that thrives in almost any setting. Production is roughly 750 gr/plant outdoors compared to 550 gr/m2 indoors. After 8 or 9 weeks of flowering, the buds are ready to be picked and are sticky with resin. Blackberry Moonrocks feature extremely hard, resinous, and sometimes nearly black, bluish-purple shimmering buds. They’re so trichomed out that they may be mistaken for aliens. The flavor is a harmonious medley of lavender, blueberry, and blackberry with a hint of citrus. Blackberry Moonrocks produces pleasant, mild smoke and combines multiple effects that are sure to put you in a good mood. Its unusual genes result in a high-quality grass that is difficult to match.

The high yield of resin it produces makes it a prime candidate for use in extracts and concentrates. Expert Seeds Bank recommends using the ScroG method and enough vertical space for indoor growing, as this will help you achieve a flat growing surface and grow larger lower flowers.

Blackberry Moonrocks Weed Flavor and Taste

They are not advised for novice users because of their high THC content of 32% and wide cannabinoid profile, producing long-lasting and extremely potent effects. The effects are predominantly Indica, quite potent, and complemented by Sativa’s uplifting, creative benefits. It guarantees happiness and produces euphoria and a blissful rumble in the body. It induces a light and airy high that is both refreshing and relaxing, gradually revealing its full potential. The Blackberry Moonrocks cannabis strain buds are incredibly dense, sticky with resin, and sometimes even black with a bluish-purple sheen. Their trichome coverage is so dense that they practically appear to have been grown on the moon. The flavor is a harmonious medley of lemon, floral, berry, and blackberries.

Blackberry Moonrocks produces a tasty, mild smoke and combines numerous benefits that contribute favorably to one’s general disposition and well-being. Their unusual genetics result in a superior variety of grass. Since it yields a lot of resin, it’s perfect for making extracts and concentrates that really pop.


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2 reviews for Blackberry Moonrocks Seeds

  1. n*********Verified customer
    Blackberry Moonrocks
    Lots of purple and reds at the end of flower. Plants grow med/large and stretch a bit. Has a different than most strains sweet smell. Very strong hits...More
    Lots of purple and reds at the end of flower. Plants grow med/large and stretch a bit. Has a different than most strains sweet smell. Very strong hits like a rock. 11 weeks of flower for me.
    11 1
    d****** b******Verified customer
    very good
    these seeds all opened in less then 4 days planted after 7 days and every plant is growing and spreading out nicely in just 6 weeks they're multiple b...More
    these seeds all opened in less then 4 days planted after 7 days and every plant is growing and spreading out nicely in just 6 weeks they're multiple branches with plants at between 3 foot and 4 foot tall...excellent plants gonna be a heavy weight plant for sure
    11 1

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Blackberry Moonrocks Seeds

From: $28.08

Blackberry Moonrocks Seeds