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Buying Cannabis seeds in bulk

Buyers of cannabis seeds typically fall into one of three primary categories. Many people simply purchase their cannabis seeds whenever they need them for a new crop. Others, possibly the majority of growers, have the habit of purchasing a few additional seeds in order to keep a healthy collection of extra seeds in the event that they are needed. However, a small portion of cannabis cultivators purchase their cannabis seeds in bulk, oftentimes purchasing hundreds or even thousands of cannabis seeds all at once. Large cannabis growers who have been granted a license frequently place orders for cannabis seeds in bulk.
Commercial cannabis seed resellers frequently make large purchases of cannabis seeds from a variety of vendors and brands; these seeds are then resold either online or through traditional brick-and-mortar seed shops and head shops. The pandemic caused by Covid 19 resulted in a surge in the quantity of cannabis seeds bought in bulk. There is no question that this was done in part to allay fears regarding potential disruptions in the future seed supply. However, what are some of the additional advantages and disadvantages associated with purchasing weed seeds in large quantities?
Is it possible to make significant financial savings by purchasing cannabis seeds in bulk? It is essential to emphasize that the purchase of cannabis seeds in bulk is neither intended nor necessary for the production of sufficient quantities at home. Growers in this category often require only one or two packets of seeds each year. A new industry for bulk cannabis seeds has emerged as a result of the growing number of states that have legalized and approved cannabis production.
For large-scale commercial production, some of these cultivators will buy several hundred or perhaps more cannabis seeds of each strain.

How many seeds is considered bulk?

It’s possible that a small-scale farmer who solely cares about self-sufficiency will only ever cultivate 4-5 plants twice a year. The purchase of 50-100 cannabis seeds at one time may seem like a large purchase to certain cultivators. Especially so if they are accustomed to purchasing packs of five seeds all at once. The purchase of cannabis seeds in bulk, in numbers of hundreds or thousands, may be required on a routine basis for commercial producers that harvest thousands of plants. A great number of these cultivators sow hundreds of seeds each year for crop cultivation, pheno hunting, research, and other purposes.
When cannabis seeds are purchased in bulk, most industry insiders understand this to mean purchasing thousands of seeds. The excellent thing is that many of the most reputable seed banks are now prepared to provide bulk sales of their products in a variety of package sizes and quantities. When purchasing cannabis seeds in larger quantities, you will be eligible for price reductions. However, not all dealers of cannabis seeds in bulk offer products of the same quality.
When buying seeds in bulk, one of the most important things to do is to ensure that the seeds are of high quality and avoid merchants that sell seeds with poor genetics.


About Expert Seed Bank

All around Europe, breeders are working together on a project called Expert Seed Bank. That’s why our organization is such a melting pot of backgrounds and perspectives, all united by a shared enthusiasm for cannabis. Over the course of several decades, we have all expanded and multiplied. Our team came to the conclusion that it was time to become a single entity, and so “Expert Seeds” was born. Selective breeding of the most well-known strains in the world is our primary emphasis and area of expertise.
To this end, we’re constantly working to enhance the THC and CBD content, therapeutic benefits, plant look, scent, flavor, and potency of our most popular and award-winning strains. We use only all-natural, organic fertilizers and pesticides in our seed production. Our seeds are guaranteed to be of the finest quality. We have a large variety of Sativa, Indica, and Auto-Flowering seeds available, so we should be able to meet the needs of any grower.

Guaranteed quality bulk marijuana seeds

Our primary objective is to supply cannabis genetics of a superior quality at costs that are affordable. Through the distribution of cannabis seeds in the form of mementos, our company’s primary objective is to contribute to the long-term maintenance of cannabis genetics. It is probable that the prohibition of marijuana in some nations could result in the extinction of particular cannabis strains, which will result in a loss of scientific, medical, and food resources. When cannabis cultivation is once again permitted, the amount of genetic material we have to deal with will increase proportionately to the number of people who have saved cannabis seeds as mementos.

Because of this, we are always on the lookout for new breeds to add to our seed bank. This is because, as is the case with all plants, the much more genetic instances we have, the greater our defense against pests and disease will be. The information that we provide for the cannabis strains that we sell not only provides the genetic preserver with the knowledge that they require about the strain that is being conserved, but it is also made available to those who live in nations in which the cultivation of cannabis is legal.

However, we don’t provide just any ol’ seeds. Whether you buy 50 or 2,000 weed seeds — we ensure healthy germination rates across the board. Furthermore, our full inventory of cannabis seeds is at your disposal once you’re ready to buy wholesale amounts.  At Expert Seed Bank, we’re proud of each and every marijuana strain we carry.

We guarantee that you’ll find everything you’ve been looking for — and then some. If you require more than 2,000 seeds wholesale – shoot us a message, and we’ll get you stocked up and ready for a green season.

Why buy bulk cannabis seeds online from Expert Seeds?

Seeds purchased from Expert Seed Bank offer the optimal balance of power, quality, yield, and strength. All of our original genetics are in their most recent form, have been completely stabilized, and are subjected to thorough monitoring. Our selecting is a procedure that begins with the most successful beating strains from throughout the world. Each seed is picked by hand to guarantee that it is mature and will develop into a viable plant.

The seeds are grown using organic methods in environments that are carefully managed. A collection of 300+ cannabis seeds that are feminized, 200+ cannabis seeds that are autoflowering, and 30+ CBD cannabis seeds, for a total of 600+ unique cannabis strains. As a collectible adult keepsake for customers over the age of 18, we offer our seeds for sale.

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Indoor or Outdoor Bulk Cannabis Seeds?

Buyers of cannabis seeds in bulk can be roughly divided into two groups: indoor growers and outdoor growers. Many large-scale commercial producers favor outdoor or greenhouse cultivation in nations with mild winters and summers, such as the United States, Australia, and others. Reduced need for artificial lighting and pricey greenhouses provides for substantial savings. The success of these outdoor producers sometimes hinges on the quality of the cannabis seeds they buy in bulk.
Companies like Expert Seed Bank are eager to talk to growers like these about the exact outdoor genetics they need. The ultimate choice of seeds depends on a number of variables, including the duration of the growing season, average local temperatures and humidity, and so on. When growing cannabis outdoors, some producers favor using photoperiod feminized seeds.
Automatic flowering seeds are favored by many people because of their speed and convenience. There are many advantages to growing inside, including the ability to precisely regulate environmental factors including lighting, temperature, humidity, and pest management. Even while the indoor grower’s costs could be higher than those of an outdoor or greenhouse grow, they benefit from a wider selection of marijuana seeds and strains.

Buying bulk marijuana seeds for indoor growing

If they have total environmental control, the greatest technology (such as LED grow lights), and a team of skilled workers, indoor growers may produce the highest quality and cannabinoid levels. Most people who cultivate cannabis indoors want for large harvests and high THC content. There is a sizable subset of indoor growers who focus on cultivating cannabis seeds with high concentrations of cannabinoids other than THC, including CBD, CBC, CBG, and THCV. Pharmaceutical businesses and people who use medical marijuana are showing a growing interest in these. Indoor cultivation of cannabis allows for complete regulation of environmental conditions, making it possible to cultivate a wide variety of strains, from short-flowering indicas to longer-flowering sativas.

Both feminized and autoflowering strains of cannabis seeds are now equally sought after by indoor gardeners. Traditional cannabis seed banks serve a specific demographic of farmers. It’s important to note, however, that some legitimate growers buy seeds in large quantities on a regular basis so that they can conduct their own breeding programs. Dutch Passion is unique in that they are able to supply seeds with Phytosanitary Certificates certified by the Dutch Government to certify that the seeds are free of disease and pests and are suitable for indoor (or outdoor) cultivation.

The Dutch Passion has delivered phytosanitary certificates to indoor and outdoor producers all over the world, which is commonly required when purchasing cannabis seeds in bulk for legal grows.

Buying bulk marijuana seeds for outdoor growing

Using the sun as their major light source, outdoor growers can save a ton of money compared to their indoor counterparts. The savings may outweigh the dangers of inclement weather if you grow in a great outdoor climate. Outdoor producers will sometimes, but not always, employ poly tunnels or massive commercial greenhouses to shield their crops from inclement weather. The chosen strain will have to be hardy enough to survive in the area’s weather at that latitude and mature before the onset of cooler late-season weather. Typically, feminized seeds produce the most yields, but autoflowering seeds can produce numerous harvests in a single growing season. Farmers typically tend to hundreds, if not thousands, of plants.
Thousands of marijuana seeds at a period will be needed for this. The cannabis strains themselves are of utmost importance when dealing with such a large number of plants. It’s possible to end up with climate-incompatible plants if you buy outdoor cannabis seeds un bulk from the wrong source. Farmers who cultivate their crops outside require genetics which have been selected selectively for many generations to withstand the elements, remain reliable, and thrive even under less-than-ideal conditions.
When purchasing cannabis seeds in large quantities for use in outdoor cultivation, it is preferable to do business with a company that has been supplying legal outdoor growers for at least a few years.

Risks of buying cannabis seeds in bulk

Buying cannabis seeds in bulk is similar to buying anything else; caution is advised. Discounts can confuse one’s judgment, so if a deal seems too good to be true, it probably is. Keep in mind that even the most skilled gardeners will not be able to get large THC yields from inferior cannabis seeds. Poorly bred cannabis seeds can ruin a company’s image for good. Incredibly low THC hemp beans (which can be purchased for very little money and may superficially resemble cannabis seeds) have even been seen being sold under the guise of more potent cannabis seeds.
Can you picture paying thousands of Euros, Pounds, or Dollars on what turn out to be hemp seeds instead of cannabis seeds in bulk? You should always keep in mind that the greatest cannabis seed banks rely largely on genetic consistency and conduct comprehensive lab cannabinoid/terpene testing at each phase of the seed manufacturing process to make sure that criteria are correctly maintained. Top seed companies care deeply about their standing in the market and would suffer greatly if they were found to supply inferior genetics.

Where to buy cannabis seeds in bulk?

Please contact sales@expertseedbank.com for wholesale price and discussion if you are interested in setting up a massive, legal grow operation and require a reliable source for high-quality cannabis seeds. You should know that Expert Seed Bank is one of the few vendors that can provide official Phytosanitary certificates and ensuring that the cannabis seeds are grown in a pest-free environment. For this reason, Expert Seed Bank has collaborated with a significant fraction of the world’s legitimate licensed producers. In addition, the legal criteria to export cannabis seeds in bulk are stringent.
Expert Seed Bank sells mostly feminized and autoflowering strains of cannabis seeds in bulk. Regular cannabis seeds can be used in breeding experiments or for identifying the mother plant, thus many legal growers choose to purchase these as well.

Highest quality cannabis genetics

You may rest easy knowing that you’re purchasing premium seeds from a reliable vendor because we’ve been in the business since the 1990s and have won numerous cannabis cups in that time. Moreover, Expert Seeds has extensive expertise delivering bulk cannabis seeds, including cannabis cup winners, to some of the world’s largest cannabis producers.

Cannabis seeds for online stores & growers

Have you heard that feminized cannabis seeds were only developed recently?Regular cannabis seeds were the sole option prior to that time. The introduction of feminized cannabis seeds completely altered the cannabis industry. Since the 1990s, people have relied on Expert Seed Bank to provide them with high-quality cannabis seeds, whether for personal cultivation or wholesale distribution. In recent years, Expert Seed Bank has been a go-to business partner for many of the world’s pioneering legal cannabis growers. These commercial cannabis growers typically purchase cannabis seeds in bulk and use our services for advice and consultation on all aspects of their operations.

Super fast world wide shipping

You can enjoy the same high-quality characteristics and quick, secure shipment whether you’re a quality-focused, self-sufficient household grower or a legally-authorized business looking to acquire cannabis seeds in quantity. With all the relevant papers and permits in order, Expert Seed Bank can provide fast shipment to a wide variety of destinations across the world. Our customer support crew is well-trained and unflappable, so you can rely on them if there are any problems with delivery.  Established in 1997, Expert Seed Bank is a pioneer in the cannabis seed industry.
The original goal of providing farmers with high-quality cannabis seeds has not changed. We have been at the forefront of cannabis genetics research in recent years, releasing some of the world’s first strains that are particularly high in cannabinoids including THCV, CBDV, CBG, and others.

Buying bulk marijuana seeds from USA

The predicted delivery times listed below are derived from both past experience and comments from existing customers. If you place an order after 2 pm on a weekday, it won’t be processed until the following Monday because orders are processed at approximately 2 pm (except on national holidays). We make use of packaging that is quite discreet! USA orders if ordered between Monday and Thursday  should be delivered within 10 days by tracked courier mail.
Please be aware that delays may occur due to unforeseen circumstances such as bad weather, delays in the customs process, or problems with the postal service. Because it is so unusual for a parcel to go missing, we request that you wait 14 days until getting in touch with us. In addition, please keep in mind that once we have shipped packages, we no longer have any control over them, so we ask that you be courteous. To the best of our abilities, we will be here to assist you:)

Do you offer free shipping to USA?

Yes we sure do, if you spend over $65 you’ll get free shipping or over 115$ for free tracked shipping.

Buying bulk cannabis seeds from Europe

When orders are placed between Monday and Thursday, orders destined for Europe should be delivered within 6 days monitored courier mail. Please keep in mind that delays may arise as a result of unforeseen situations such as inclement weather, prolonged delays in the process of clearing customs, or difficulties only with postal service. We ask that you please wait fourteen days before reaching out with us about the lost package. This is due to the fact that it is quite uncommon for a package to go missing.

In addition, we would like you to bear in mind that after we have delivered packages, we no more have any influence over them. Because of this, we kindly ask that you show consideration for our position. We will do everything in our power to be of assistance to you, and we will be here:)

Do you offer free shipping to Europe?

Yes we do, spend over 65$ and get free standard shipping or spend over 115 $ and get free tracked delivery!

How to store bulk cannabis seeds?

Big, licensed, legal producers (the kind of growers who need to acquire cannabis seeds in quantity) typically use up their seed supply quickly. In contrast, annual home gardeners typically utilize only a couple of seed packets and save the remainder in the refrigerator for the next year. Home growers can keep their favorite cannabis seeds viable for up to a decade if they keep them in the refrigerator. However, it’s important to remember that cannabis seeds lose viability as they age, especially if they’re not kept cool.
The following is a tried-and-true method for germinating cannabis seeds, and it should work even when the seeds are old. Dutch Passion claims that this is the most effective way they have found for germinating cannabis seeds.