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Sweet Zombie Seeds

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Sweet Zombie Cannabis Strain

The Sweet Zombie cannabis strain displays buds and leaves in a captivating blend of black, orange, and purple hues. The extraordinary genetic diversity of the cannabis plant is showcased in strains like Sweet Zombie, boasting 95% indica genetics and a mere 5% Sativa, making it predominantly indica. It emerges from the crossbreeding of Black Domina and Zombie Virus strains, resulting in high THC levels and impressive yields. The aroma of Sweet Zombie is a captivating blend reminiscent of ripe blackberries and plums.

With its predominantly indica genetics and THC levels of around 21%-24%, Sweet Zombie induces a profoundly intense “stoned” effect, delivering deep relaxation, joy, and meditative states. It’s a perfect evening strain for unwinding on the couch, be it for movie nights or meaningful conversations.

Growing Sweet Zombie Seeds

Cultivating Sweet Zombie Seeds offers substantial yields within a relatively short flowering period. Sweet Zombie flowers in just 49–56 days. Indoor plants can yield 650 to 750 g/m2, while outdoor plants can produce up to 1200 g/plant. The flowers exhibit a profusion of trichomes, giving them a polished appearance.

Sweet Zombie Seeds at a glance:

  • 95% indica and 5% Sativa
  • THC content: 21-24%
  • Captivating black, orange and purple buds and leaves
  • Short flowering period
  • Indoor yields of 650-750 g/m2 and outdoor up to 1200 g/plant
  • Effects: Relaxation, joy, and meditative states
  • Aroma: Sweet, blackberries & plums

Sweet Zombie Seeds FAQ’s

Sweet Zombie is a hybrid cannabis strain known for its unique combination of sweet and earthy flavors. It is highly regarded for its potent effects and balanced Indica-Sativa genetics.

Sweet Zombie provides a well-rounded experience, offering a combination of uplifting cerebral effects and deep relaxation. It can induce a euphoric and creative mindset while also promoting physical relaxation.

The THC content of Sweet Zombie can vary, but it typically ranges from 18% to 24%. This potency contributes to the strain’s strong psychoactive effects.

The flowering time of Sweet Zombie is typically around 49 to 56 days. During this period, the plant develops dense, resinous buds that emit a sweet and pungent aroma.

Yes, Sweet Zombie can be cultivated both indoors and outdoors. It is adaptable and can thrive in various environments. However, outdoor cultivation may require a Mediterranean-like climate with warm temperatures and ample sunlight.


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24 reviews for Sweet Zombie Seeds

  1. Sweet Zombie Seeds photo review
    P**********Verified customer
    Straight FIRE
    Buds so big they're falling over. I get at least 27-30% THC. Taste is amazing and it's super sticky. Look at those trichs
    3 2
    T** O***************Verified customer
    Kicked my other strains A$$
    Easy to grow but did notice it can take a lot of nutrients. I had 8 other strains growing at the same time including Ice cream punch, purple banana co...More
    Easy to grow but did notice it can take a lot of nutrients. I had 8 other strains growing at the same time including Ice cream punch, purple banana cookies, glookies & blackberry moonrocks and the zombie yielded more than any other strain and was second in all our resin production just behind my Blackberry Moonrocks. I Had Candlyland, BBMR, SZ & glookies all from EXPERT SEEDS and I was 30 for 30 seeds germinating but only 2 of 10 blackberry moonrocks actually germinated which was disappointing because of the two that did one was the most potent of my indoor grow and the other is poised to deliver 5 pounds or more. I'll add picks at the end of season but here are just a few pics, FYI THE greenhouse pic is showing my glookies which is the far back then Infront of that is Candlyland. The glookies already outgrew my greenhouse and takes up 1000 cubic feet rate now and I have two months to go. Thanks Expert seeds
    1 1
    P**********Verified customer
    Straight FIRE
    All seeds popped, great strain, great smell, awesome flavors and HIGH THC
    1 0
    Sweet Zombie Seeds photo review
    P**********Verified customer
    Straight FIRE
    Best tasting strain I've ever grown. THC was way over 25% plus the "Knock your sox off" terpines.
    1 0
    G**** S******Verified customer
    Excellent strain love the taste and the high my Favorite go to strain
    1 1
    D****Verified customer
    Top top top
    Very nice Zombie
    She do her job
    0 1
    S***** M****Verified customer
    Small and took longer to take
    1 1
    A********Verified customer
    I’m in love with my seedlings lol
    0 0
    A********Verified customer
    Best seeds :)
    0 0

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Sweet Zombie Seeds

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