Whether you need deep pain relief or body-numbing relaxation, indica strains are the top choices for cannabis enthusiasts worldwide.

Unlike their sativa strains & counterparts, indica-dominant strains are the ideal choice for a post-work celebration, Netflix-and-Chill, or any other activity that doesn’t require much energy. However, finding the best indica strains is a challenging task. Luckily for you, we’ve compiled the top five best indica strains that will put the remaining months on cruise control.


1. Sweet Zombie

Talk about timing — Sweet Seeds’ Sweet Zombie is a devastating indica-dominant hybrid that’ll wipe your memory clear of any anxious thoughts.

Bred by crossing Zombie Virus and the legendary Black Domina, Sweet Seeds went all-out with this heavy-hitting indica strain. Expect golf-ball shaped nugs drenched in frost that’ll make any connoisseur look twice.

However, half the fun of the Sweet Zombie strain is while cultivating it. Expect a bouquet of colors, ranging from purple, black, and dark green along with the leaves and calyxes. In as little as 7-8-weeks, you’ll be staring at a bumper crop harvest of 750g/m2.

With a yield that big — you’d imagine Sweet Zombie must be challenging to grow, right? Instead, Sweet Zombie is one of those rare indica strains that nearly grows itself. By utilizing the SOG technique, you can keep the buds rolling all season long.

If you’re a hash lover, prepare your taste buds for delicious chocolate, coffee, and a hashish-like flavor. As for the effects, expect a one-hit-quit that’ll send your body into an abyss of relaxation. Whether you have insomnia or just need some time out — Sweet Zombie is by far the best indica strain in town.

2. Gorilla Cookies

There are only two words to describe Sweet Seed’s Gorilla Cookies — pure fire.

Based on Gorilla Glue #4 and Cookie Wreck, Gorilla Cookies is a stout indica-dominant hybrid that grows perfectly indoors and outdoors. Furthermore, growers of all skill levels can grow Gorilla Cookies to perfection.

Gorilla Cookies in 9-10-weeks and endows cultivators with 550g/m2 of resin-covered buds. Just to emphasize — Gorilla Cookies is so frosty that it’ll gunk up your scissors or grinder after a few passes. You might need an army of trimmers if you grow Gorilla Cookies outdoors, especially once it yields up to 700-grams per plant.

Expect mouth-watering terpenes, such as cookie dough, pine sap, lemon fuel, and spice. The effects are exactly what you would expect from an indica strain that tests above 23% THC. Expect intense euphoria, happiness, creativity, and mind-blowing relaxation.

If you’re ready to kick back and enjoy everything that life has to offer, look no further than the Gorilla Cookies strain.

3. Gorilla x White Widow

What happens when you cross two of the most potent and award-winning strains together? The result is Gorilla x White Widow — a one-two-punch that’ll leave you glued to the couch for hours on end.

Gorilla x White Widow is the brainchild of Expert Seeds and was bred to give cultivators a chance to experience chunky flowers in no time. In as little as 8-weeks, Gorilla x White Widow is sure to produce upwards of 500g/m2 indoors. Whether you’re a gorilla grower or indoor cultivator, Gorilla x White Widow is perfect for any cultivation technique.

Rated as one of the most relaxing indica seeds, Gorilla x White Widow has what it takes to ease your mind and body into a state of nirvana. The effects of Gorilla Glue #4 shines with pure potency, while White Widow ensures a heady sense of euphoria.

Lastly, Gorilla x White Widow’s skunky, sour, and outrageously loud terpenes are enough to make anyone’s head turn. With this in mind, Gorilla x White Widow needs a carbon filter wherever it goes.

From pain relief to decreasing the severity of insomnia, Gorilla x White Widow is sure to please even the most discerning connoisseurs.

4. Kush Mass

When it comes to indica strains, no list would be complete without a full-blown Kush in the mix.

Garden of Green brings the heat to the masses with its incredible Kush hybrid — Kush Mass. Kush Mass is everything you could hope for — and more.

Kush Mass is a 100% indica and bred by crossing Critical Mass and Kush. With a star-studded lineage, it’s no wonder why Kush Mass is growing in popularity among cannabis cultivators and enthusiasts alike.

Kush Mass is easy to grow and flowers in record-breaking time — 7-weeks. You’ll be swimming in buds, whether you grow Kush Mass indoors or outdoors. Indoors, Kush Mass produces up to 500g/m2. Outdoors, Kush Mass plants pump out over 500-grams per plant, making it one of the best strains for outdoor growers with a short growing season.

The flavors are unique and contain overtones of berry, chocolate, skunk, and anise. As you exhale the pungent smoke of Kush Mass, get ready for a day ender. Whether you need to decompress after a long day or your body needs some TLC — Kush Mass is the perfect choice for indica lovers.

5. Critical XXL

When you’re all about the weight — look no further than Critical XXL by Garden of Green.

By crossing Afghani and Skunk #1, Garden of Green created the ultimate indica with a record-breaking yield. Whether you’re a commercial cultivator or home gardener, Critical XXL was bred to lay down the ounces within 7-weeks.

If 650g/m2 sounds like an offer you can’t refuse — you’re right. Furthermore, it’s not often that you can find such a heavy yielder that’s exceptionally easy to grow. From beginners to stone-cold professionals, Critical XXL has it all for any skill level.

However, it’s not all about the yield. Luckily, Critical XXL is filled with tantalizing terpenes and over 21% THC. Furthermore, Critical XXL goes a step further and produces upwards of 2% CBD, which makes it a genuinely medical-grade strain.

From citrus fruit to spicy cloves, you can rest assured that Critical XXL is a real crowd-pleaser. Lastly, the effects range from unstoppable laughter to pure couch lock. If you’re ready to experience quality and quantity, look no further than Critical XXL.

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