How to make hash at home? [Do it Yourself]

Even if you don’t partake in the relaxing life of smokeable greens you probably still know the word hashish. Hashish is popular for its potency, labeled as one of the most potent cannabis-containing plants out there. Due to its effects, many reach for hash but, might not know how to make it themselves. 

Though it may sound intimidating to make hash, it’s actually a pretty simple process with lots of variation in how you do it. Below, we’ll introduce you to hash and show you some ways that you can make hash at home using household items. Plus, we’ve got a look at the best strains for the best hash, helping you get the best experience out of your chill time. 


What is Hash? 

When you look at a cannabis plant, it may seem smooth from a distance. Bring it up a little closer and you’ll realize that tiny hair-like structures are surrounding the buds. These little structures are trichomes (also known as kief), responsible for keeping cannabis plants strong enough to survive severe weather conditions. 

They have both a biological function and a usable function, usually making their way into the production of gummies and more. Once these trichomes are separated from the plant, you will have something closer to hash, going through the process of drying and sifting until you make a smooth, smokeable hash

What is “Hashable?” 

If you haven’t gone deep into the cannabis world, you might be surprised to find out that there are a large number of plants. All plants have different developments and parts as part of their anatomy. Though you can make a variety of smokable products out of the different varieties, the most “hashable” plants known for their production of trichomes include: 

Male Plants

There are a lot of growers out there that toss out their male marijuana plants due to the fact that they have fewer cannabinoids than their female counterparts. On top of that, they do it so that the female plants don’t pollinate, allowing them to extract all the good stuff before flowers start to bud. 

The thing that some growers miss out on by dissing their males is that they can be stripped and made into homemade hash. Mixing them in with other extracted trichomes, they still could make a pretty good hash if you get your ratios right. 

Fan Leaves 

The biggest and most noticeable leaves when looking at a cannabis plant are called fan leaves. These little guys are great for making hash, coming with plenty of cannabis content. 

Sugar Leaves 

The name “sugar leaf” comes from the white and powdery appearance of the outside of this plant. These substances are filled with trichomes, something that makes them a good part of making hash. 


Collecting buds and drying them out is one of the best ways to make hash. You’ll find that many makers use buds as the main component in their hash, making a dried-up mixture that’s full of trichomes that make for a great smoking experience. 

How is Hash Made? 

Making hash is simple. The only trick to it is finding a method that you think is the most effective. Before we get into how you can make hash at home, let’s first explore two categories for these methods. 

To Solvent or Not to Solvent 

Traditionally, those who made hash would not use any solvent. However, these days there are some hashers out there that are using solvents. Without solvents, the process is pretty simple and all it takes is sifting dried herb through a silkscreen to separate the trichomes and turn them into a pile of kief. 

Instead of using a silkscreen, a more modern approach is to use a solvent to extract cannabinoids. The solvents could include CO2, butane, or propane, which later has to be purged for safe smoking. If you’re doing this process on your own, it’s best to skip the solvents and leave that for the experts as they are extremely flammable. 

Hash Making 101: Choose your Method 

Now that you have a good idea of which parts you should collect and whether or not you prefer traditional methods of trichome separation, you can pick your method of making hash.

The Hand Method 

This method is all about using your hands, taking dried products, and rubbing your hands together as if it were a cold winter day. This rolling motion extracts a sticky substance called resin, which you want to collect. 

Method: With clean hands and dried product, take a medium-sized amount and start rubbing. Once a sticky substance is formed, scrape it off of your hand and form small spheres, repeating until you have rolled all of your product. 

The Shoe Method 

The shoe method is using well, shoes, to compress kief and create hash. To do this, you’ll need kief, shoes, a pin, some tape, and parchment paper. 

Method: Start by wrapping up the product tightly and secure it with tape to keep it from unrolling. 

Then, punch a small hole with the pin to remove any air so that you don’t have any bubbling in the way. 

Place the package inside your shoe focusing on the heel

Step in and start walking! The heat from your feet and the pressure from your weight will press on the product, creating hash in no time. 

The Flat Screening Method 

This is perhaps the easiest way to go, only requiring that you have a silkscreen and some dried hash. 

Method: Add dried product to the top of the screen

Start to rub gently in a circular motion until parts fall below

Continue until all product is rubbed and enjoy!

Hash Making 101: Know your Stuff

Making hash is not hard, you just have to know what to look for. The best strains to keep your eyes peeled for are Royal Gorilla, Sour Diesel, and Ice. Once you find your product, perfect your method, making hash yourself that you can enjoy or share to reap the benefits of cannabis. 

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