How to smoke hash the proper way? [See Best Ways]

Whether you are an avid cannabis connoisseur or you’re just testing the waters, hash can prove to be a tricky endeavor. Unlike other forms of marijuana and its extracts, hash requires some careful considerations before advancing forward. 

The good news is that hash tends to be quite versatile, affording you the ability to use it in a variety of ways. Once you understand its intricacies, you will find hash to be well worth the added time and effort.


Best Ways to Smoke Hashish

One of the factors of hash that makes it so enjoyable to its users is that it consists of multiple plan materials. Granted, hash products that are higher in quality try to limit excessive materials. But you’re still getting a combination that serves to enhance your high.

As such, there is a multitude of ways to smoke hash and enjoy its effects. Below, you will learn of the various methods used to smoke hash and why they are preferable. Keep in mind that, depending on the quality of your hash, you may get better results from one method over another.

How to Smoke Hash in a Bong?

On average, hash that contains fewer plant materials and a higher concentration of THC will often be soft and pliable. Conversely, hash with more plant materials will typically feel hard to the touch. Either type is acceptable for smoking hash in a bong. That is because hash doesn’t burn away and vaporize when exposed to high temperatures like other forms of cannabis. 

The steps:

When smoking hash in a bowl, you may need to mix it with more plant matter. You can certainly use tobacco, as doing so is a traditional method. However, you can expect better results if you use a small amount of ground-up marijuana instead.

Also, you want to be mindful of how your hash feels. Depending on whether it’s dry or sticky, you’ll need to adjust accordingly. If dry, crush it up first and mix it into the ground buds before loading it into your bong. 

Hash that feels sticky, however, needs more careful application. You can use the same method as with dry hash, but you want to make sure that it doesn’t touch your fingers. The reason for this is due to the fact that sticky hash will stick to your fingers, thus causing you to lose some of your product.

In this case, tweezers work well to assist you in mixing sticky hash with ground cannabis. And in doing so, you won’t have to worry about losing any part of your hash stash.

After you have successfully loaded up your bong, you may proceed to smoke it as you would regular marijuana buds. It’s worth noting that you will be able to tell a difference between hash and traditional bud.

Hash tastes different, so don’t be alarmed or think something is wrong — this is normal. And of course, you will also be able to tell a difference in the effectiveness of hash. It’s much more potent compared to regular cannabis. 

Therefore, you’ll want to take it easy, especially if you’re new to hash. Even seasoned consumers are often surprised by the power of hashish. So take it slow and don’t try a whole lot at once. You will likely have a far better and more enjoyable experience.

How to Smoke Hash in a Pipe?

If you’re a beginner, smoking hash in a pipe is likely going to be your best option starting out. It’s simple, straightforward, and very user-friendly. And because this method shares many of the same aspects as smoking hash in a bong, you can easily employ many of the instructions above.

So to smoke hash in a pipe, simply begin by breaking down your product. This is preferable, as loading all of your hash stash in your pipe at once will result in unnecessary waste. As mentioned a moment ago, hash doesn’t quickly burn away when exposed to heat.

Therefore, your ground hash will last long enough on its own, allowing you to enjoy its effects without having to resort to a whole lot of it. And once again, it’s best to combine your hash with some ground marijuana, as it will make it easier to load.

You might need to get your hash primed for smoking first, especially if it is a really hard blend. To do this, simply hold your lighter flame to the hash to get it nice and soft. In doing so, your hash will break down even further, allowing for easier smoking.

It’s best to prime it before loading it into your pipe. Moreover, you might want to go ahead and load some marijuana into your pipe first. You can then add some hash on top of your bud for a nice experience.

If your hash feels really sticky, you should be able to mix it in with your ground cannabis before loading it into your pipe. Once you’re loaded and ready to go, you may carry on smoking hash from your pipe just like you would regular bud.

How to Dab Hash?

Dabbing hash is a preferred method for many people. But using this method requires a bit more care. If you’re just tuning in, dab rigs are similar to bongs in construction and use. However, their operation is slightly different.

Rather than drop in your hash and light it, you need to first light your dab to get it to a specific temperature (450°F or 230°C). To achieve this safely, use a portable, handheld torch. You can tell when your rig reaches the sufficient temperature when it turns orange or red. 

Once you see that color appear, remove the flame and wait about 4 seconds. Then, drop in a small piece of hash and proceed to smoke it like you would marijuana bud. There is a carburetor on dab rigs that you use just like a bong to inhale your desired amount of smoke and enjoy your hash.

Vaping Hashish

Are you familiar with vaping in general? If so, you should have no issue enjoying hash from your vaporizer. The process is similar to vaping any number of cannabis extracts, meaning you will have very little leftover product or waste. 

And since you’re vaping the hash instead of smoking it, you’re getting a much cleaner high. Before you started, you will need to confirm that your vaporizer accepts concentrates like hash. If it’s not, you could risk clogging up your device.

Now, with that said, especially dry hash should be safe regardless. It’s really only sticky or semi-sticky hash that could effectively render your vape useless. It all depends on whether your device is made for flowers, concentrates, or both. 

When ready, add your hash to your vape’s chamber, heat it up, inhale, and enjoy. If your device is primarily intended for cannabis buds, you might be able to get around it by adding some hash to the bud first. 

You don’t want to overdo it, though. Too much hash can still gum up your vaporizer. But just the right amount should allow you to enjoy your hash without consequence. And really, only a small amount of hash is generally needed, anyway. 

Smoking Hash in a Bowl

As with other cannabis concentrates, you can enjoy hash in a bowl. Assuming you have a bowl handy, check to make sure that you have a fine, new mesh screen in the opening of your bowl’s ignition chamber. 

You might hear some people say it’s safe to use larger mesh screens, but this is folly. Remember, hash is a lot more fragile and finer than other concentrates and even more so compared to straight-up marijuana. 

As such, you can easily risk inhaling fine chunks of your hash through a larger screen. So stick to smaller, finer screens, and you’ll be in good shape. When it comes to choosing your fine mesh screen, the more common materials are titanium and brass.

Admittedly, titanium is rather expensive. However, its durability is off the charts — it is able to withstand multiple uses and therefore ensures that you are getting your money’s worth. If you can’t find titanium screens or just don’t feel comfortable forking over the extra expense, conventional brass screens work well, too.

Also, make sure you have a clean, flat surface to work on. Glass, mirrors, or stainless steel are ideal, but you get the picture. Try to stay away from wood tabletops or anything with grooves in it, as you will undoubtedly get fine particles of hash stuck there. 

When ready, use a knife to cut away small pieces from your hash brick. Keep in mind that it doesn’t take much. And if this is your first foray into the world of hashish, the smaller, the better. There’s no need to try and consume a large dose all at once. You will likely regret it and have a bad experience.

You can always try more as you progress. So, how much is a good starting point for beginners? On your first go-around, try to aim for nothing bigger than half your pink nail. And even that might be too much. Seriously, less is more when it comes to trying hash for the first time.

Once you get comfortable smoking hash in a bowl, feel free to increase the amount you add. You’ll be glad you took it easy.

How to Check if Hash Is Good Quality?

Unfortunately, there is good hash and bad hash. If you’ve had any experience with marijuana for any length of time, you know the game. You can find bud to smoke that knocks your socks off. And you can find bud that seems no better than smoking Kentucky bluegrass.

The same rules apply to hash, so it’s important that you know what to look for. Here, you will learn exactly that, from judging consistency, color, and — if allowed — taste. Also, hash can be made using different techniques, which can affect certain factors.


If the hash was prepared by hand (hand-rubbed), it wouldn’t be very sticky to the touch. It should also feel fairly dense and have a balanced consistency. Most importantly, you’ll want to find out how the hash was processed by whoever made it. Improper processing can lead to mold developing inside, which will promptly ruin your day if smoked. 

Hash that’s dry-sift might lead you to believe that the final product should be dry. This is only partially true. If it’s too dry, there’s a problem. It means that whoever made the hash likely didn’t store it correctly. Either that or they added more filler than is acceptable. 

Moisture is OK, but only if it’s very minimal. The consistency should feel somewhat moist, but so much that it causes the hash to be overly tacky. 

If the dry-sift hash is lightly pressed, it should feel soft, slightly sticky, and just a bit oily. These are all good signs of quality hash. What’s more, a crumbly consistency is precisely what you want. 

And lastly, hash that’s hard-pressed should feel quite sticky and have a hard consistency. Don’t worry about this, as good, hard-pressed hash will soften right up once you get it in your hands. 


Darker shades of black and brown are what you want to see in hard-pressed hashish. Any signs of green are a clear indication that the hash has excessive plant materials in it. The hash won’t necessarily be “bad,” but it will most certainly result in a harsh experience.

Hash that’s dry-sift, on the other hand, should appear as light yellow, reddish-brown, or somewhere in-between. Hard-pressed hash is a little different in its color presentation. Rather than appearing as a uniform color, it should be darker along the outside but lighter as it gets closer to the inside.

And finally, lightly-pressed hash can appear along the color gradients of yellow to reddish-brown but will represent the same color throughout. 


As you’ve likely discerned up to this point, the method you use to smoke your hash can affect the way it tastes. That said, you should detect a fairly uniform flavor throughout. If there are any inconsistencies in any part of the hash, it could indicate that it’s not the best quality.

Hand-rubbed product typically presents a spicy and floral flavor, while dry-sift is often earthy. If at any time you detect hints of plastic or chemicals, you know you’re dealing with an unsafe product.

Of course, the only way you can realistically taste-test hash is if you made it yourself. This brings up a valid consideration; making your own hash allows you to be in charge of what goes into your product. 

Granted, you’ll need to educate yourself on the correct process and get in some experience to get it down pat. But in doing so, you can be sure to enjoy clean, effective, and safe hashish.

Want to Take It a Step Further?

If you want to be certain that the hash you’re using is good quality, apply a flame to it. High-quality hash will bubble up when introduced to fire, and you will see white smoke. Conversely, black smoke and remnants of soot are a clear indication that your hash is contaminated.

Not Recommended Ways of Smoking Hash

As you’ve learned thus far, there are plenty of acceptable methods for smoking hash. But like other forms of cannabis, there are just as many “bad” ways to smoke it. If you are ever offered to try hash in any of the following methods, kindly decline.

You might also come across “hash hacks” and the like online that recommend using these methods. Again, these are best avoided. Read on to find out why.

Plastic Bottle

The plastic bottle method uses the base of the bottle as a bowl for the hash to sit in. The lid is removed and covered in foil. The foil has holes poked in it to act as a filter or screen. You’ll see carburetors cut into the bottle to emulate those found on proper bowls.

The problem with this method is that fire and plastic don’t mix. It’s not just the melted plastic that’s problematic. Once plastic is heated up to the temperature needed to ignite hash, toxic fumes get released and inadvertently inhaled. 

As you can imagine, this is terrible for your lungs and can lead to serious health consequences. Yes, this method is cheap, easy, and it does the trick to smoke hash. But the risks involved simply aren’t worth it.

If it’s the monetary cost that’s a concern, you can buy cheap pipes and bowls for less than $5. Make the investment, save your lungs, and enjoy your hash without the health risks.

Foil Bowl

Here is another “hack” that you’re sure to see, and it involves aluminum foil. The trick here is shaping some foil into that of a bowl. Technically speaking, a creative person could fashion a fine bowl quite easily using aluminum foil.

The problem, once again, is that there’s too much risk involved. As a form of metal, aluminum serves as an excellent heat conductor. As such, it won’t take long for the heat from your flame to raise the temperature of the foil, thus burning you in no time flat.

Also, foil doesn’t last long when there’s a direct flame held to it. Again, you’re risking inhaling toxic fumes when you employ this method. For the price of a name-brand roll of foil, you could buy a cheap glass bowl or pipe and be done with it.

What Is the Best Way to Smoke Hash?

The answer to this depends on who you’re talking to. Some people might define “best” as safest or cleanest. In which case, consuming your hash via a vaporizer is the best way. Since you aren’t inhaling any smoke, you don’t have to worry about the harm to your lungs and body.

But if you’re referring to the most potent method to smoke hash, a bong is likely your best bet. With a bong, you get more smoke, and the effects are incredibly powerful and highly potent. As such, this method is best left to experienced users.

A beginner most definitely wouldn’t want to jump right into smoking hash in a bong. As has already been mentioned, newcomers should proceed with caution and start out with a very small piece of hash, only working up to more when comfortable.

When you play it safe and take your time, you can look forward to an enjoyable experience and satisfying high.

How to smoke hash the proper way (FAQ):

Is hash stronger than kief?

The consistency of hash can range from waxy to liquid, depending on the strain. Both smoking and dabbing are acceptable methods of consumption. It is generally agreed that hash is significantly more powerful than kief, despite the fact that hash requires a more involved extraction process.

What temperature should hash be smoked at?

Naturally, if you’re searching for results that aren’t as intense, you should keep the temperature of your vaping device lower. However, the optimal temperature for the hash is 390-428 degrees F (210-220 degrees C), as this produces the highest concentration of cannabinoids.

What’s the strongest hash?

Crystalline has been proven to contain 99.9% THC, making it the strongest hash available. In comparison, the THC content of ice hash, rosin, and BHO is between 50 and 80%. Crystalline THC, captured at a microscopic level. Allie Beckett provided the accompanying photo.

Is wax stronger than hash?

Wax extracted from cannabis plants contains far more THC than other concentrates, making for a more rapid and potent high. It’s made the same way hash oil is, but only legitimate medical suppliers should sell it.

Can you smoke hash through a cigarette?

It is common practice to smoke hashish or concentrates using a pipe or water pipe (bong) or to “dab” them through a specialized instrument or vaporizer. A blunt can be made from it by rolling marijuana or tobacco inside an empty cigar and then smoking it.

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