How to roll a blunt? [Learn to Roll like a PRO]

There are many ways to smoke weed. There are bongs and bowls, vapes, joints, and even edibles. But the great granddaddy of them all is the classic blunt. You see them on the covers of rap albums, and if you’ve ever smoked weed with more than three people, you’ve probably smoked some.

Rolling your own fatty can be intimidating for a first-timer. But it’s no more complicated than setting up a bong or rolling a joint. Here’s how to roll a fat, dank blunt for your next party.


Advantages of Smoking a Blunt

Some stoners love smoking blunts, while others avoid them like the plague. There aren’t a lot of people who sit on the fence. The main reason people dislike them is that the tobacco in them makes the smoke harsher than pot smoke. It stings when it gets in your eyes, and it definitely hit your lungs harder. So, why do many people prefer blunts to any other way of smoking weed? There are a few reasons:

To begin with, blunts are more potent than weed alone. They include tobacco, which is a stimulant. This gives you a sense of energy and vigor while you’re smoking one. The tobacco buzz wears off before the high, though. Be careful about smoking too much, or you might feel sleepy later on.

For another thing, blunts are easy to transport. Let’s say you’re going hiking. If you want to smoke a bowl, you’ve got to bring your bowl, your grinder, and your lighter. You’ll have to pack a bowl in the field, and you’ll either have to smoke the whole thing or waste your unused, burnt bud. You can carry a blunt in a small baggie, and carry it anywhere.

You don’t have to roll it in the field, and you don’t have to waste any weed. If you’re content with your high, you can snuff out the blunt and save it for later.

Like joints, blunts are easy to pass. But joints are made with paper, and burn relatively quickly. Blunt wraps burn more slowly, so you can take your time while passing one. No need to rush through the puff-puff-pass process. Along the same lines, blunts are larger. This makes them better for larger groups, where a joint might not provide enough tokes.

Finally, you can enhance blunts by using a flavored wrap, or a high-quality cigar. This brings your weed to a whole new level. Instead of just smoking bud, you’re getting an all-around aromatic experience.

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What is a Cigar Blunt?

If you’ve gotten this far, you probably know what a blunt is. But different weed-related terms mean different things in different places. So just to clear things up, here’s the definition we’ll be using:

A blunt is weed that is packed into a tobacco wrap for the purpose of smoking it.

That’s it! Basically, a blunt is a joint, but with a tobacco wrapper instead of a paper one.

How Much Weed Should I Put in a Blunt?

There’s no hard and fast rule as to how much weed you use in a blunt. The main reason is that there’s no standard size of cigar or blunt wrap. In general, a respectable blunt should contain at least a full gram of weed, preferably two. But it all depends on the size. If you’re rolling a blunt from a big fat stogie, expect to use a correspondingly generous amount of pot.

When you prepare your weed, take the time to grind it up. If you don’t have a grinder, use your fingers to break up the bud into little flakes. Don’t take any shortcuts here. Big chunks of weed won’t burn evenly, and can mess up your blunt. They can even fall out when they’re halfway-smoked, so getting a good grind is essential for rolling a badass blunt.

How to Roll a Classic Blunt Step-by-Step

So, you want to roll a blunt. Before you start, you’re going to need a few key things. First, you’ll need your weed, preferably well-ground. Next, you’ll need a cigar. Choose a cigar you like the smell of. It doesn’t have to be super-expensive, but remember that you’re going to be smoking the wrap. Finally, you’ll need a sharp blade to open the cigar with.

Step 1: Split that blunt open!

Slice through the side of the blunt, from one tip to the other. Be careful, and take your time. You want the cut to be as straight as possible. Most importantly, you don’t want to poke all the way through the cigar. You only want to slice through the outer tobacco shell on one side. Because this is a delicate task, it’s a lot easier if you have a razor sharp blade.

Step 2: Dump out the blunt guts

Open up the cigar, and dump all the fill tobacco in the trash. Save a little bit if you’re rolling a spliff.

Step 3: Pack the blunt

Load your ground weed into the blunt at this time. Remember, you’ll need at least a full gram, preferably more. Spread the filling out evenly, so you don’t have any lumps in your blunt. If you’re mixing in extract or hash, try to avoid putting too much near the mouth end. If you put them near the center, they’ll disperse best. You can also put a small piece of paper or some tobacco at the mouth end. This will keep you from accidentally inhaling weed flakes.

Step 4: Get that blunt wet

You’re going to need a lot of spit for this part. Lick both sides of the tobacco wrap until they’re good and wet. It’s gross, and you might accidentally catch some weed if you’re not careful. But don’t worry; we’re almost to the end.

Step 5: Roll, roll, roll your blunt

Now that your wrap is all wet, it’s time to roll your blunt. Start from the outsides, and work your way towards the center. Rock back and forth as you go, to keep the weed in a nice, smooth cylinder. Unless you’re spot-on perfect, there will be some wrinkles when you get to the center. Don’t worry. This is perfectly normal.

Step 6: Seal the deal

Your blunt is just held shut with spit, which has made the tobacco gooey. To seal it up securely, light your lighter, and run the flame slowly up and down the seam. You don’t want to scorch anything, but you want to dry out the seal. Once that’s done, you’re ready to toke!

Blunt Rolling Shortcuts

What we’ve just described is a tried and true method for rolling a blunt. But what if there’s a better way? If you want less mess and less manual rolling, there are a couple of shortcuts you can take.

To begin with, you could try using some premade wraps. Walk into any gas station or convenience store, and you’ll see packets of blunt wraps behind the counter. These are precut, rectangular pieces of tobacco, ready to go without the need to dump out any guts.

Premade blunt wraps aren’t just more convenient than gutting your own blunt. They’re also available in all kinds of flavors. You can get fruit flavored wraps, as well as even more exotic options like chocolate or birthday cake. Or, if you prefer an all-natural tobacco flavor, you can just go with that.

Another convenient shortcut is a blunt roller machine. A blunt roller is just a cigarette roller that you use with a blunt wrap instead. In fact, you can find them in many head shops. To use one of these, you’ll first need to cut your blunt wraps to length. Measure the length of the cigarette roller, and cut your wraps as necessary. Once you get used to it, you’ll even be able to eyeball it.

Now, set the wrap in the roller, and put your ground up herb inside. If you’re rolling a spliff or using a filter, set the material against one side before you put your herb in the space. When you’re fully loaded, the roller should be able to close, but just barely. Now, turn the roller in the direction of the arrows, and open it up. You should see a smooth, even cylinder of weed. If it’s irregular, sprinkle a little more herb into the roller and repeat until it’s full.

Beware: the Force of the Blunt

There’s no doubt about it; if you want to get really high, really fast, a blunt is a great way to do it. But there are a couple of reasons they’re not always ideal. First off, that huge dose of THC can get you more stoned than you want to be. Unless you’re a veteran smoker, be careful about smoking an entire blunt to your face.

Another issue is that blunts are wrapped in tobacco. If you roll a spliff, there’s even tobacco inside the blunt. So while you’re smoking your weed, you’re also smoking tobacco, and tobacco doesn’t automatically get healthy because you’re smoking it with weed. As a result, it’s best to treat blunts the way you’d treat a good cigar; they’re great for parties, but not for everyday smoking.

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