Pink Runtz Seeds

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High THC 21-24% 
50% Sativa hybrid
High yielding & easy to grow
Euphoric & mental effects

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Pink Runtz Seeds

Pink Runtz Cannabis Strain

This cannabis kind is well-known for its exceptionally long-lasting high. According to the growers, Pink Runtz has a compact bud structure and a wide range of colors from green to purple. The typical height of Pink Runtz cannabis plants is between 4 and 6 feet. The given nugget is a typical Indica/Sativa mix. It seems more Sativa than Indica due to its bushy appearance and lack of the traditional Indica’s well-defined grains. It looks like little fruity pebbles. Pink Runtz is a variation of the classic Runtz, a cannabis hybrid that combines Zkittlez and Gelato. The reputation of this kind has spread far and wide for a good cause. The scent of Pink Runtz is sugary and delicious, just like candy. The strain is known to have long-lasting, positive effects. According to the growers, the dark green to purple colors of the Pink Runtz buds are what set them apart. If you light up some Pink Runtz while harboring anxious, negative, or otherwise stressful thoughts, the strain will fill your head with positive, relaxing feelings. Its average THC content of 24% quickly pushes those concerns aside in favor of a hazy sense of euphoria, a surge of mental clarity, and a peculiar sense of elation.

Growing Pink Runtz Seeds

Some people attribute Pink Runtz’s ancestry to the original Runtz, while others think it was developed through a hybrid between Pink Panties and Rainbow Sherbert. The original Runtz strain was developed by crossing Gelato and Zkittlez, resulting in a strain that is now widely regarded as one of the most sought-after in the entire West Coast region. The Pink Runtz strain is descended from the above hybrids. However, it exhibits a different effect-to-taste ratio than its progenitors. Additionally, White Runtz and Tropical Runtz are Runtz offspring. Trichomes come in a broad spectrum of colors, including green, purple, orange, yellow, and even a frosty white. The flavor and aroma are a medley of fruitiness, sweetness, candy, and berry notes. The smoky flavor and scent are fantastic. Pink Runtz is renowned for its exceptional disease resistance. It takes 49-63 days to reach full bloom and produces 350-400 g/m2 inside and 400-450 g/plant outdoors.

Pink Runtz Weed Flavor and Effect

The high kicks off with a flurry of mental effects, flooding you with a euphoric feeling of soaring pleasure that rapidly displaces any unpleasant or racing thoughts with a haze of drunken dizziness. As your awareness enters this buzzy state, tingling sensations will go through your body until you are at ease from head to toe. In addition to Pink Runtz’s high 23-25% average THC level, these properties make it a powerful tool in treating diseases like depression, chronic stress/PTSD, mood swings, nausea/appetite loss, and chronic fatigue. This plant smells like sour candy and tastes like a juicy cherry berry. The scent is very identical. However, the buds burn away to reveal an increasingly sour undertone.


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Pink Runtz Seeds

From 29.00

Pink Runtz Seeds