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Platinum Bubba Cannabis Strain

The popularity of Platinum Bubba seeds in the medical and recreational cannabis sectors has spread worldwide. This is because of its sedative and euphoric effects, which make its users feel like they’re floating through life. This strain is excellent for counteracting the negative effects of stress.

The Platinum Bubba marijuana strain is mostly 90% Indica and 10% Sativa, although it can also be 100% Indica in some cases. With a THC content of 22%, this indica-dominant strain produces a potent high. Even though it has a modest CBD content, it is nevertheless incredibly therapeutic.

Platinum Bubba seeds have been increasing in popularity since they first appeared in the Cannabis industry in 1996. Medical marijuana dispensaries and weed cafes worldwide are going crazy for it right now. It’s one of the best relaxants available in the United States medical marijuana market, and smokers like it for the profound couch lock it induces.

Growing Platinum Bubba Seeds

The Platinum Bubba strain of cannabis is known for its low maintenance and ability to thrive in various settings. Outdoors, each plant can yield between 350 and 400 grams. Within 60 to 65 days of blossoming, the nugs are ready for harvesting and are sticky with resin.

If you’re growing inside, Expert Seeds Bank suggests giving your plants enough horizontal and vertical room and using the ScrOG technique to create a flat growing surface and bigger lower blossoms. Outdoor growing of our feminized seeds is possible in every climate, according to our comprehensive grow guide.

Despite its name, Platinum Bubba is only a relatively challenging strain to cultivate. This is because the plant requires special care. Platinum Bubba needs nitrogen, calcium, and magnesium to function at its best. For maximum results, you should also employ the Sea of Green approach. This is the best strain for a hydroponic system. The extra care you can provide your plant because of hydroponic growing’s reduced labor requirements means a higher yield.

Platinum Bubba Weed Flavor and Taste

This cannabis variety has a stimulating scent. It has the aroma of freshly roasted nuts and the familiarity of a cup of early-morning coffee. When you flame the bud, you’ll get aromas of dirt and pine. Sweet and spicy aromas will linger in the air long after you’ve smoked it.

The distinct nuttiness that can be detected in the air is also present in the flavors of Platinum Bubba. The strain’s ancestry ensures that it possesses the pungent taste of OG Kush along with the original strain’s signature undertones of spices and woods.

Platinum Bubba always leaves its users feeling special, whether it’s their first time high or their fifth. You’ll feel calm and satisfied whenever you smoke or vape this strain. A hit of Platinum Bubba is all it takes to banish feelings of depression and agitation. Due to its remarkable capacity to induce peaceful slumber, this strain comes highly recommended. The munchies and a severe sense of hunger are other side effects.

It has been reported that Bubba has few if any, negative effects on the user. Very few users of this medicinal marijuana strain report experiencing paranoia or anxiety as a side effect. However, mild incidences of lightheadedness and dry eyes have been reported. If the issue persists, you may wish to try applying eye drops to hydrate your eyes. Some people experience cottonmouth from this weed. Fortunately, this is easily avoided by keeping well hydrated before, during, and after consuming this weed.



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