Buying Seeds in Thailand [Legalisation & Growing Guide]

Thailand is a paradise for cannabis users because the best thing to do while high is to relax on the sunny, white sand beach and enjoy delicious mouth-watering dishes, and Thailand has it all.

Thailand is often referred to as the Land of Smiles. This is because of its rich culture and many potent landrace marijuana strains. Recently, the Thai government realized the value and beauty of the cannabis industry, and now it is Thailand’s moment to shine.

If you live in Thailand and want to start growing cannabis, keep reading because this article will teach you about the laws governing buying and growing marijuana seeds in Thailand, the best growing tips, and the best cannabis strains for Thailand in 2022.


The Legality of Buying Cannabis Seeds in Thailand

Thailand is well-known for being a country where cannabis can bloom all year long and give the juiciest harvests. However, years of extreme regulation against cannabis growing crossed Thailand from this list for growers. Fortunately, as times are changing, so are the laws around the globe, and Thailand is no different. The government of Thailand is legalizing cannabis, and below, you’ll find a brief overview of the legality of marijuana seeds in Thailand.

  • Medical cannabis is fully legalized.
  • Buying cannabis seeds from an online seed bank in Thailand is tentatively legal.
  • Growing cannabis seeds and/or plants at home is tentatively legal.
  • Cannabis is tentatively decriminalized in Thailand.

Although it may seem fully legal to grow marijuana seeds in Thailand, there is more to it, and growers should become fully familiarized with laws regarding growing weed there before getting started.

Growing Cannabis Seeds in Thailand

Growing weed seeds in a tropical paradise can be difficult. In general, growing cannabis in a highly humid environment cause many problems. Thailand has a tropical climate. This means it is warm all year round, with temperatures averaging around 26 degrees Celsius. To ensure a successful marijuana seed harvest, you’ll need to select the appropriate season. The best time to germinate marijuana seeds outdoors in Thailand is between November and December. During those months, the weather is warm, and the soil is fertile.

November to February are known as “dry months” because they don’t fall into the monsoon season (rainy season). Another problem might be that nighttime temperatures may become relatively cold, especially in mountainous regions like Chiang Mai. The rain season begins around mid-May, so you must harvest your cannabis crop before it gets drenched. Indoor growers can germinate weed seeds year-round, depending on the type of weed.

Consider This When Growing Cannabis Seeds in Thailand

Various problems can arise while growing marijuana seeds indoors or outdoors, including theft, bad weather, and anything else that may be encountered. Below is a list of issues you may meet when growing cannabis in Thailand:

  • Thieves
  • Diseases and pests
  • Harsh weather
  • Legality

Let’s discuss these in more detail.

Thieves in Thailand

Thailand is a safe country, however, thieves exist everywhere. Therefore, you must take precautions to protect your cannabis garden. There are many ways to protect your grow.

When growing cannabis indoors, ensure a security system is installed and fully functioning. Security systems will quickly and efficiently detect thieves and other wrongdoers using motion-activated alarms and surveillance cameras.

If you are growing outside, you will need motion-activated floodlights and tall fencing. To add extra protection, you can also use outdoor surveillance cameras.

Diseases and Pests in Thailand

During the monsoon season, you must be ready for a surge of pests and diseases. You must be prepared for this surge and protect your crops, whether you grow inside or outside. There is two part insect pest management system that can help you with that.

Begin with buying pest and disease-resistant cannabis seed strains. This will help you to escape significant problems when the season comes. Then make sure to buy only organic fungicides and pesticides when the flowering stage begins. This will provide you with healthy and robust plants that can fight any outbreaks of pests or diseases in their early stage.

These two methods are top-rated and will give you a massive harvest with the juiciest buds on the market.

Harsh Weather 

Even though most of us know Thailand as a place with never-ending sunshine, this is not the case. Thailand goes through the yearly monsoon season from May to October, so you must prepare for the wet months and be ready to protect your grow from flooding.

To fight against inclement weather, consider buying robust cannabis strains. This will increase your chances to get bigger harvest in tuff weather. Seed strains resistant to mold and heat are the best for Thailand’s unpredictable weather.

Legality of Cannabis in Thailand

The Thai government has removed cannabis and hemp from the Category 5 narcotic list, which means that marijuana is now decriminalized for medical and industrial use in Thailand.

Although marijuana was decriminalized in Thailand, the sole purpose of this move was to use cannabis for health-related, medical, and economic objectives. Therefore, the Thai government is setting limits on the usage of cannabis to prevent becoming a second Amsterdam. Here are some rules set around cannabis industry. It is legal to grow and trade cannabis products, however, you must be a resident of Thailand, hence if you are visiting Thailand for a short period of time, you probably wont be able to get into cannabis industry and if you have just moved there make sure to become a resident before you jump into growing. Once you become a resident, you can download this easy-to-use app PlookGanja, created by Thailand’s Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in early June. This app and website help people register their cannabis and hemp plant cultivation, track their business and make life a little bit easier.

You can enjoy some edibles and infused drinks in Thai cafes and restaurants. These establishments can serve cannabis-infused food and beverages, but products must only contain a very low THC concentration to be sold. Marijuana can also be used for medical purposes and personal use. However, it is illegal to smoke in public places. If you decide to risk it and light up a joint in a public place in Thailand, be ready for a fine of $700 plus and up to a three-month jail sentence.

How to Grow Cannabis Seeds in Thailand?

The best tip is to buy seeds from a reputable seed bank with quality strains that deliver to Thailand. Fortunately for you, we are one of the best seed banks out there. We are proud to offer the highest quality genetics in the industry. We have served customers of all sizes for over 15 years and know how to provide excellent service. Our superior genetics and extensive selection of 650 plus strains make us the perfect provider of high-quality cannabis seeds.

The next best tip for you is to choose cannabis seeds according to your region’s climate. Keep in mind that Thailand is a highly humid country, so you should always buy seed strains that are disease and rot-resistant. Therefore, when growing outside, Sativa strains are a must-have.

Another good tip is to plan ahead. Always plan you grow from the beginning to the end. Set up your grow space, ensure everything is done correctly, and take your time planning your next step because patience and knowledge are a recipe for a huge and juicy harvest.

Best Cannabis Seeds to Grow in Thailand

If you are aiming for a huge harvest, dense buds and stress free grow, check out our top-rated picks for growing cannabis in Thailand 2022.

  • Amnesia Haze

Amnesia Haze is a strain that’s so electrifying it will shock you. Its THC levels can reach a stunning 25% and yield up to 1500g per plant. Amnesia Haze is nearly a pure Sativa and has a long flowering period, making it a perfect strain to grow in humid climates like Thailand.

  • Bruce Banner 
Another good choice of cannabis to grow in Thailand is Bruce Banner. This strain is one of the most famous and respected stains. Cannabis users love it for its thick savory layers of gasoline-scented aromas combined with some sweet fruity notes from the Strawberry Diesel.
Its THC levels reach 30% and offer face-melting effects and nonstop giggles, making it a favorite strain of all kinds of smokers. With a flowering period of 60 days, it produces 500g of juicy buds and even though it’s Indica dominant, it is mold-resistant. This is one of Thailand’s best picks for growing cannabis in 2022.
  • Dos-Si-Dos

Do-Si-Dos was developed to provide a quality strain that everyone can enjoy. It works for both medical and recreational users. The THC level you could get from this plant is relatively high, reaching up to 30%, it is super easy to grow and is mold-resistant, which makes is a good strain for growing in Thailand.

  • Expert Gorilla Glue

Next up is our pride, Expert Gorilla Glue, the bestest version of Gorilla Glue #4 that was born from a triple crossing of Chocolate Diesel, Sour Dubb, and Chem Sis. In other words, it’s Gorilla Glue on steroids.

When grown outdoors, our monster will produce 700g of seductive, trichome-covered buds per plant.  The THC level of this giant is a dazzling 25%, which will blow your mind and take you to the wonderland.
Expert Gorilla Glue is mold-resistant, can kill any disease, and fight off all pests. It is a must have strain for growing cannabis in Thailand in 2022!
  • White Gold
Our last pick for you today is White Gold. This strain is a real treasure. Even though White Gold loves sunny climates, it is mold-resistant, which is a savior when grown in Thailand.
Our top breeders at Expert Seeds crossed C99, Skunk, and White widow to create the mind-blowing beauty of White Gold. It is perfect in any sense.
White Gold is Sativa dominant strain that yields 1000g per plant! Its THC level can reach 25% giving its users an unforgettable feeling, making them come back for more, and the best thing is that White Gold is straightforward to grow, making it the top pick for growers of all kinds.

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