Zombie Death Fuck Seeds

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Zombie Death Fuck Cannabis Strain

This cannabis variant is packed with THC reaching 23% and CBD content that is lower than 2%; Zombie death fuck brings a sense of calm and relaxation when smoked. The experience is slightly energizing, and the body high is and long-lasting. This strain has different wellness benefits and is considered medical cannabis based on its high THC content. The mood-boosting makes it helpful in alleviating symptoms of anxiety and depression. Zombie D.F. has an earthy and floral aroma, and it leaves a spicy taste behind when you exhale. Once you light up this kush and take a drag, you’ll begin to feel the joyful effects, and a sense of calm and relaxation washes over you. This strain will unlock the doors of creativity and transport you through planes of pure happiness. This strain has a long flowering period of 11 weeks, but with proper maintenance and patience, it can yield weed of 400 grams per square meter indoors and 600 grams per plant outdoors.

Growing Zombie D.F. Seeds

Easy to cultivate both indoors and out, Zombie Death Fuck rewards growers with abundant harvests of sticky weed. The best results may be obtained in a regulated indoor grow area by maintaining the plants under 600W lamps and modifying the relative humidity levels from 60% at the beginning to 45-50% as the plants enter the flowering period and are ready to be harvested 8-10 weeks later. The Sea of Green (SOG) method increases yield to an impressive 400 g/m2 by spreading the canopy of the plants to let more light reach the lower branches. If you choose an outdoor grow, you may expect to harvest around 500 to 600 grams of resinous buds for each plant.

Zombie Dead Fuck Weed Flavor and Effect

The oddly titled Zombie Death Fuck strain is the accidental offspring of a cross between two legendary cultivars. Many popular strains, like this one, have genetic material from the legendary Girl Scout Cookies variety. The lovely buds have a cookie-like aroma and flavor and produce a wide variety of medicinal benefits. The notorious OG Kush is the second parent of this Sativa-dominant hybrid. The powerful, cerebral buzz is balanced by adding a deeply relaxing body stone. A GSC plant accidentally pollinated a dying OG Kush plant, producing a strain with a 23–25% THC concentration. What do you get as a result? This resin-rich, highly hallucinogenic, and therapeutically effective cultivar is straightforward to grow at home. Medical marijuana users can benefit from Zombie Death Fuck in many ways, similar to its many recreational benefits. Smokers with mild to severe symptoms of stress and depression may find relief from this treatment. It has a calming effect that helps with both acute and chronic pain. Anti-inflammatory properties, meanwhile, may prove useful in alleviating common complaints like motion sickness.

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Zombie Death Fuck Seeds

From 29.00