Kush cannabis seeds

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One of the most popular international strains of cannabis is Kush. This strain is named after the mountain range from which it is found, the Hindu Kush Mountain Range. There, Kush has been grown for centuries, but it has made it all across the globe over the years. 

Our Kush Collection is complete with dozens of Kush cannabis strains. Many of these strains are ideal for growing in colder climates, and they don’t require as much watering as other strains. Since we offer hundreds of strains in total, we offer dozens of Kush hybrids. Some of the most popular are OGesus Auto and Gorilla Banana. 

In addition to selling a wide variety of strains in the Kush Collection, the Expert Seed Bank offers fantastic shipping policies. All of our shipping is quick and discreet so that you can get your seeds in a timely manner. You can browse through our Kush Collection specifically or see our other hundreds of cannabis strains available.