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Triangle Kush Cannabis Strain

Marijuana use for recreational purposes is not permitted in the state of Florida. In spite of this, the sunshine state is supplied by three of major cities: Miami, Jacksonville, and Tampa. These regions are second on the list of the most notable dynasties in the worldwide marijuana market, behind only the Emerald Triangle itself. It should come as no surprise that this is also the origin of the name Triangle Kush.

It is not entirely clear which strains were used to develop Triple Kush. However, the general opinion is that it is a parent strain of Florida OG Kush. The profoundly calming benefits of this marijuana strain, which is predominately Indica, have made it an American classic. Similar to its forerunner, Triangle Kush is known for producing powerful psychoactive effects that aid users in unwinding.

Growing Triangle Kush Seeds

Due to its high Indica content, Triangle Kush thrives in many climates. Despite its robust construction, it is not suitable for novices. Since this is a clone-only variety, some people may find it challenging to get their hands on a cutting.

Triangle Kush requires careful attention to detail when grown indoors. For instance, the temperature and carbon monoxide (CO2) concentration inside the building should be comfortably high. In any case, 88 degrees Fahrenheit is too hot to be comfortable. The ideal pH range for its soil is 5.8 to 6.0. Also, the plant needs to be topped before it becomes too tall.

With so many steps and procedures, growing Triangle Kush is a chore. Growers might anticipate harvesting as much as 10 oz of flowers per square meter after a flowering period of ten weeks. However, having access to such a fantastic strain makes cultivating it even more rewarding.

On the other hand, growing Triangle Kush outside requires less attention to detail. A warm, dry climate is ideal for growing this strain of cannabis, as it is for many others. Around most years, it blooms in the second or the third week of October and yields 10 to 12 oz of buds per plant.

Triangle Kush Weed Taste & Smell

It has a potent aroma reminiscent of many other Kush strains, resembling a combination of sour lemon & earth with flowery overtones. In addition, it smells of pine needles and fuel combined with a spiciness undertone.

The flavor of Triangle Kush is equally earthy and citrus, much like its aroma. The flavors have a distinct personality because of the contrast between the sweet and tart zesty undertones. In addition, it leaves behind a taste that is both peppery and woodsy.

Triangle Kush Marijuana Effect

The THC content of Triangle Kush might reach as high as 26%. As a result, it may be not very safe for newcomers and even seasoned pros. If used sparingly, this ganja might be the ideal companion for a rousing and relaxed afternoon of play. This strain produces a euphoric head high that starts in the temples and goes down the body. It’s profound but doesn’t come across as heavy or intimidating.

Its upbeat and optimistic tone has an uplifting effect on its audience. It seems that when people feel happy, they are more likely to want to interact with others and have positive, uplifting interactions. Most users maintain their faculties during the weed’s initial stages of action. Some folks could even be in the mood to be imaginative.

However, the Indica characteristics gradually manifest themselves. The calming effect it brings with the head high is a winning combination. Most of the time, the physical repercussions of stress are too much for the body to handle. Users of Triangle Kush should expect to enter a couch-lock state. Most people who achieve this state of nirvana become sleepy and fall asleep.



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Triangle Kush Regular Seeds

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