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Ice Cream Cake Seeds

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Ice Cream Cake Cannabis Strain

When the strains Gelato 33 and Wedding Cake were crossed, a rare indica-dominant hybrid called Ice Cream Cake was born. In the case of this strain, the name is descriptive of the taste. After you’ve finished your last hit of Ice Cream Cake, you’ll be left with a wonderful aftertaste of cheesy creaminess and sweet nuttiness. A similar, slightly strong scent is created when the nugs are burned, echoing the flavor. Let’s talk about icing on the cake! The Ice Cream Cake Photo Fem is about as frosty as a flower can get.

Wet socks and stinky rot flavors dance their way across your taste buds as smelly cheese and decomposed fruit fragrances fill the air. Attempting to wipe a smile off one’s face is futile, as this indica-heavy blessing provides plenty of happiness and creative energy. Ice Cream Cake can help with a variety of ailments, such as insomnia, pain, and stress. Sweet, cheesy socks and nutty, creamy fruit are inextricably linked in the aroma of cake. Even if this description doesn’t paint the most pleasant picture, let us and any experienced toker assure you that you’re in for a real treat with this pungent Cake. With a flowering period of 60-65 days, it 450 grams/m2 Indoor / 700 grams/plant Outdoor.

Growing Ice Cream Cake Seeds

It’s common knowledge that getting this one-of-a-kind plant to thrive requires a fair amount of know-how and effort. In warmer climates, the yield increases. Planting the seeds indoors or out is fine, although the outside harvest is slightly more beneficial. The average flowering time is 63 days, and the plants don’t get very tall. The flowers are stunning to look at. Flowers could be a variety of colors, from green to purple, with icy crystals covering their hair of a rusty orange hue.

The Ice Cream Cake marijuana strain is simple to cultivate and may thrive in a wide variety of settings. When grown indoors, it yields an average of 450 g/m2, whereas outdoors yields an average of 700 g/plant. Expert Seeds Bank recommends wide, vertical spacing and the ScrOG technique for successful indoor cultivation because they create a uniform plane and enlarge the lower flowers.

Ice Cream Cake Weed Taste & Smell

Ice Cream Cake’s flavor and aroma are one-of-a-kind, exhibiting an unusual combination of pepper & pine with berries & vanilla. Although it does not lack the darkness we have all come to adore, this strain’s overall aroma is pleasant and refreshing, with distinct hints of citrus.

Limonene is one of the most dominating terpenes in this strain, and it is the terpene responsible for its enticing smells and scents. The citrus flavor comes from limonene, which also helps raise emotions, and linalool, the second primary terpene in this strain, is responsible for its floral flavor and relaxing characteristics.

Ice Cream Cake Marijuana Effect

 Patients and consumers of medical marijuana have reported feeling more relaxed after using this strain. It’s best to smoke some Ice Cream Cake cannabis at night when you don’t have anything to do besides sleep or watch TV. According to the breeders, this strain produces buds that mix light green and purple and are covered in crystal-like trichomes.

The effects of Ice Cream Cake’s high are as lovely as its flavor: uplifting and relaxing, perfect for unwinding after a long day. The initial phase of the high is marked by a rapid onset of cerebral effects that transport the user’s consciousness to a place of calm and contentment, erasing any trace of anxiety or restlessness. Later, a calming body high will set in, causing you to sink more into a couch-locked slumber until you gradually start to drift away. Ice Cream Cake is lauded for its ability to alleviate stress, anxiety, and despair, as well as its ability to put an end to sleepless nights, chronic pain, nausea, and a lack of appetite. Small, dense, grape-shaped, forest-green nuggets covered in orange hairs and crystalline trichomes.



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Ice Cream Cake Seeds

From 29.00