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Chemdog#4 Cannabis Strain

Users who cultivate cannabis for therapeutic or recreational purposes continue to sow Chemdawg #4 in their indoor and outdoor grow spaces. Chemdawg #4 is an outstanding phenotype that comes from the Chemdawg family. However, unlike its Sativa-dominant brethren, it leans more toward the Indica genetic profile. This powerhouse guarantees to take your mind on a colorful trip to the skies while simultaneously enveloping your body in complete and absolute happiness. The rich earthy, lemon, and piney fuel fragrances that Chemdawg #4 feminized gives off are the only things that compete with its hard-hitting power and knockout appearance. Because these seeds are feminized, you won’t have to worry about male pollinators bothering you. Instead, you can harvest enormous yields of the sticky flower.

The origins of the feminized seeds known as Chemdawg # 4 are shrouded in secrecy. They are genetically related to other strains of the Chemdawg family but stand apart due to their distinctly indica effects. A lot of famous cultivars don’t have a clear pedigree, and this one is no exception. Most people think it’s a combination of two quite different landraces, though: Nepalese and Thai. Its growth dynamics and effects reveal its hybrid nature. Chemdawg #4, feminized like Thai and Nepalese types, does have a Sativa structure with a long stem and large internodal spaces. Indica plants are bushy and have fan-shaped leaves, whereas Indica-like plants have long, tapered buds. This plant only reaches a maximum height of 2 meters in the garden, therefore, it’s perfect for small indoor grow spaces and greenhouses. Despite its small stature, it packs a powerful punch. The feminized version of Chemdawg #4 is well-known for its extraordinarily high harvests.

Growing Chemdog#4 Seeds

It’s a tricky crop that calls for some experience, but the payoff is very well worth the hassle. When mature, the dense buds are so full of THC (17%-28%) that they nearly drip resin. With a flowering period of 8 – 9 weeks, it produces 450 gr -550 gr m2 indoor and 650 – 850 gr. plant outdoor.

Chemdog #4 Weed Flavor and Effect

The feminized buds of Chemdawg #4 have a stimulating aroma that combines elements of fresh pine, lemon zest, earth, and diesel. This chemical-like aroma is intoxicating, like the aroma of clean sheets, a citrus grove after a rainstorm, or the first-morning air off the coast. Feminized Chemdawg #4 buds taste equally as good as the original strain. On the tongue, notes of sandalwood, nuts, and pine tango with a tart, citrus sweetness.

Although even experienced smokers can get couch-locked by the intense body high of Chemdawg #4 feminized marijuana, its intellectual benefits are notable. Getting this dose is crucial if you’re just starting or a casual smoker. The effects of the high are felt almost immediately, instantly catapulting you into space. Negative emotions and thoughts fade into the background when stress evaporates. The higher the level of mental stimulation, the lighter and more carefree you feel. The feminized Chemdawg #4 strain is also known to inspire innovative thought.  Inspired musings flash like the sun, and new ideas and views bounce around in your head like a giddy astronaut. The high fades in intensity after a while, but the feeling of joy remains. It’s great for keeping your mind clear, calm, and concentrated. Simultaneously, Chemdawg #4 feminized begins to show its Indica effects. Feelings of physical pleasure wash over you like a warm tide, washing away stress and calming tired muscles. You may be unable to resist snacking on whatever is within reach, so stock up before you become too cozy to get up. The high point of the encounter is reached when one finally drifts off to sleep.


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Chemdog#4 Seeds
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Chemdog#4 Seeds

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