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Cali Bay Dream Seeds

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High THC 25-29% 
50% Indica hybrid
High yielding & easy to grow
Happy & focusing effect

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Cali Bay Dream
Cali Bay Dream Seeds

Cali Bay Dream Cannabis Strain

Hybrid Cali Bay Dream has a high Sativa content and is recognized for delivering an uplifting, long-lasting high that keeps users calm and energized. This cannabis variety is well-known not just for its recreational use but also for its medical benefits in treating several difficult-to-treat conditions.

The happy & Sativa-dominant gigantic strain named Cali Bay Dream is thought to have originated from OG Kush x Grand Daddy Purple. The high from this strain is steady and modest, although the effects are primarily cerebral. It has the same intoxicating effect as alcohol when used in larger quantities.

The strain is helpful for medical and recreational uses, and its many medicinal properties are widely known. Cali Bay Dream is so uplifting that even the most discouraged patients will feel instantly better. For those suffering from clinical depression, we recommend Cali Bay Dream, a dream therapy program.

Growing Cali Bay Dream Seeds

Even for unskilled growers, the Cali Bay Dream is straightforward to nurture if it is kept in warm and dry outdoor areas & exposed to a lot of light, and it generates a pretty good yield in those conditions. In addition to this, this strain possesses a high degree of immunity to the diseases that are the most common.

When grown indoors, the Cali Bay Dream strain should produce a yield of about 14 ounces of finished product per square meter. After the plant has bloomed for around eight weeks, it ought for picked and harvested.  When grown outdoors, the cannabis strain known as Cali Bay Dream should be able to generate a yield of roughly 18 ounces/plant and, generally, should be ready to be harvested by the mid of October.

Cali Bay Dream Weed Taste & Smell

The scent of Cali Bay Dream is so notably excellent and enticing that cannabis connoisseurs will be able to recognize it almost immediately. The scent of Cali Bay Dream is unparalleled. The perfume of this kind is primarily soothing, with overtones of sweet, supple pine and a hint of earthiness.

Cali Bay Dream has a complex flavor profile characterized by a blend of citrus & blueberry, and it’s beautiful as can be. The inhale of this strain will be fruity and slightly acidic, while the exhale will reveal lime and pine notes and leave a sweet, sticky aftertaste on the tongue.

Cali Bay Dream Marijuana Effect

Cali Bay Dream has been dubbed the “ultimate happiness pill” due to its ability to provide almost immediate and consistent euphoria to its users. The potential for this flower to make you joyful is enormous; if it does, you may find it impossible to contain your joy, even while surrounded by loving friends.

Despite its potent Sativa properties, which make it both relaxing and uplifting, this strain won’t leave you feeling weighed down or sleepy as some others might. The ideal dream smoke is Cali Bay Dream because it will make you feel pleased with this moment, wherever that may be.

Smoking some Cali Bay Dream can keep you focused for longer, so if you have a lot on your plate that day, you can get it all done with gusto and enthusiasm. Since being under the effect of this strain will inevitably bring you hungry with time, it will help if you prepare for an attack of the munchies.


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Cali Bay Dream
Cali Bay Dream Seeds

From 29.00

Cali Bay Dream
Cali Bay Dream Seeds