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Alaskan Purple Seeds

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Alaskan Purple Cannabis Strain

An Indica-dominant strain named Alaskan Purple was developed by breeding Kush with an unidentified Brazilian Sativa. It’s easy to tell that this strain belongs to the Purple family just by looking at her, which makes her moniker all the more fitting. Smokers have encountered Alaskan Purple at dispensaries with THC levels ranging from 20% to 27%. These beautiful nugs are coated with a thick resin coating, so first-time consumers should be very cautious. Flavors and fragrances of berry, florals, and herb permeate this strain and makes your mouth wet, making it a surefire winner in the taste department. Have you ever spent a lazy day feeling bored, hungry, and need some downtime? Alaskan Purple is the ideal companion if this is the case since her effects are relaxing without being overpowering. The initial impact is likely to be a feeling of euphoria that spreads from your brain to your feet. Before lighting up, it’s a good idea to keep some munchies available and within arm’s reach, as hunger pangs may strike as you relax on the couch.

Growing Alaskan Purple Seeds

Growers will find that Alaskan Purple is a strain of cannabis that thrives in various conditions. About 550 g/m2 is harvested indoors, while 1700 g/plant is harvested outdoors. After nine weeks of blooming, the buds are ready for harvesting and sticky with resin to the end.

Expert Seeds Bank recommends wide, vertical areas and the ScrOG technique for successful indoor cultivation because they create a uniform plane and enlarge the lower flowers. You can get this strain’s seeds from Expert Seeds Bank, so growing weed at home is no longer a pipe dream. Keep in mind that plants can get quite huge, so if you decide to put her outside, you’ll need plenty of room and a place that’s out of sight. Growing plants indoors is simpler; in most cases, you may pick them for harvest after only nine weeks.

Alaskan Purple Flavor and Effect

Sweet berry and flowery aromas permeate the aroma and flavor. Due to its high THC concentration and Kush influence, this strain is quite effective. The Brazilian Sativa genes enhance the impact by adding a cerebral, psychoactive note, making for a calming body high that lasts for quite some time. Medium-green, dense nugs characterize buds of Alaskan Purple with deep purple overtones, vivid orange hairs, and a covering of sticky, sweet resin that extends to every nook and cranny of the leaf. You can tell it’s high quality as soon as you open the sealed package and inhale the heady blend of aromatic berry fragrances and rich floral and herbaceous notes. A subtle earthiness complements the rich, spicy berry and herb flavors. 

The effects of an Alaskan Purple high are mild but might linger for a few hours. It begins in your head, where you’ll feel a rush of euphoria that lifts your spirits and replaces any gloom or anxiety with a carefree sensation of joy. After your thoughts have been lifted, your body will enter a profound relaxation that won’t dampen your energy far too much at first but will eventually bring you to a state of utter drowsiness and calmness. Those suffering from persistent anxiety or stress, depression, severe pain, decreased appetite or nausea, and chronic exhaustion may find relief from using Alaskan Purple because of its psychoactive properties and high 20%-27% average THC percentage.



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Alaskan Purple Seeds

From 29.00