Haze cannabis seeds

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Our Haze Collection is complete with various strains of haze cannabis seeds. Haze cannabis seeds have a sativa dominant strain, which is often associated with an increase of creative ideas and uplifting feelings. It’s best to contrast Haze from Kush, which is more relaxing and meditative. 

Haze is one of the newer strains of cannabis. It only dates back in the 60s. Today, many people associate Jimi Hendrix’s “Purple Haze” with the psychedelic effects of haze cannabis specifically. Just as haze cannabis was popular decades ago, it is considered one of the most popular cannabis collections today.

In addition to dozens of strains belonging to the Haze Collection, Expert Seed Bank has hundreds of cannabis strains in total. All of our seeds are backed with phenomenal shipping and discretion. We ship to the United States with 48 hour options and offer discrete tracking.