Growing with the SCROG (Screen of green) Method

Growing your cannabis can be difficult when you first get into it. One method that can make growing cannabis more fulfilling is the SCROG method. This growth method allows you to train your cannabis to get a fantastic final result. People who use the SCROG method will have more space to grow more cannabis plants and get larger buds from their cannabis plants.

Continue reading to learn everything you need to know about applying the SCROG method to your cannabis growth. We will discuss the advantages end the best times to use this method throughout this guide.


What is Scrogging?

Scrogging is a technique used by cannabis growers to train their cannabis plants by raising lower branches and lowering upper branches down. The screen that growers use while scrogging allows them to adjust the branches of their cannabis plant by weaving them through the mesh. This method allows cannabis plants to lay flat instead of growing upward so that more of the buds can see the grow lights. When a plant grows vertically, the buds towards the bottom of the cannabis plant have difficulty getting light. The SCROG technique combats this problem.

Advantages of Growing Cannabis Using the SCROG Method

There are multiple reasons why cannabis growers choose to use the SCROG technique. The following are the main reasons people use this technique and how they’re beneficial.
  • Improved airflow: This technique allows the cannabis plant to receive more air because the plant is no longer congested with other plants. Air can flow below and above the canopy, which you use to weave your cannabis plant through.
  • Compact: The SCROG method allows you to grow more cannabis simultaneously than you’d be able to without this method. This compact design makes the most of a small growing space.
  • Larger buds: One of the best benefits of using the SCROG method is it allows your grow light to hit more buds which means you’ll get larger buds at the end of your harvest. This maximizes your cannabis plants’ ability to photosynthesize.
  • Increased light access: The SCROG technique Uses weaving to enable your cannabis buds to receive as much light as possible. When your grow light shines directly down on your untrained cannabis plant, it will not be able to hit every bud. However, this technique lays your buds horizontally so that your grow light can access every bud on your cannabis plant.

When to Start SCROG Cannabis

You should set up your canopy screen before growing your cannabis plants to help guide you on when you can weave your plants through the screen. Once your cannabis plant is tall enough to contact your screen, you can begin to weave it through to train it. Setting up your screen 20 centimeters above your plant’s growth medium would be best. Once your cannabis plant grows 5 centimeters taller than your screen, you can begin to weave the plant through the screen. Waiting too long to leave your cannabis plant can make it difficult to use the SCROG method for cannabis growth. Before your cannabis plant hits 5 centimeters, it will be difficult to weave through your screen. As your cannabis plant grows throughout its vegetative stage, you can continue to weave it through your screen. You must continue weaving throughout your cannabis plants’ stretching period to ensure all of your buds hit the light. Adjust your light cycle when your screen fills up using the SCROG method to grow cannabis to help promote the flowering process.

When Not to SCROG Weed

If your cannabis plant hasn’t grown 5 centimeters past your growth screen, it’s not time to SCROG yet. If you leave your cannabis plant through the screen too early, you’ll create extra work for yourself later down the line. You could also run out of space on your grid to grow your cannabis plant.

The Most Important Consideration When Using SCROG Technique

The SCROG technique is very beginner-friendly, making it an excellent choice for new cannabis growers and experience cannabis growers alike. However, it’s still important to file some guidelines when using the SCROG technique and cannabis growth to ensure you get the best harvest. The setup for the SCROG method often looks a lot more complicated than it is for growers.

Selecting the Right Strains for SCROG

When growing cannabis is essential to note the strain of cannabis you’re growing. Some strains of cannabis will develop extremely well with the SCROG method; others will benefit more from a different growth method. Cannabis plants that have more Sativa in their genetic makeup work the best for the SCROG growth method. Sativa plants work so well for this method because they are easy to stretch and manipulate. This fact makes them excellent for weaving. However, you can still apply this growth method to indica plants and see if it works for you. Keeping similar strains of cannabis under one SCROG setup can help reduce the work you put into this method. Of course, you can use different strains of cannabis under one net if that’s your preference, but it would be best to ensure that your cannabis plants grow around the same height to make things easier on you.

Selecting the Right Pots

The size of the pot you choose for your cannabis plants will change depending on how many cannabis plants you want to grow under one net in the SCROG method. However, there are a few options when picking a cannabis plant pot.
  • 11-liter pots for multiple cannabis plants: Optimize your space when growing cannabis. If you’re growing multiple plants under the SCROG method, then you should put each plant in a small pot to ensure enough space.
  • 25-liter pots for single plants: you can choose to grow a single cannabis plant with your SCROG canopy. Using a larger pot for single plans is a great way to help develop that weed plant’s root system for a larger harvest.
  • Consider fabric pots to improve airflow: one of the massive benefits of using the SCROG technique when growing cannabis is giving your cannabis plants more access to better airflow. You can significantly improve this airflow by using fabric pots which will allow your plant’s root system to breathe more oxygen and hold more water.

How to Space Plants Properly

You can grow multiple cannabis plants under one SCROG net, which will allow you to grow several strains at a single time. The main thing you need to worry about when spacing your plants when using the SCROG cannabis method is ensuring that your plants get enough airflow and light. You will want to plant your cannabis plants as closely as possible under your SCROG net to get the most out of your final harvest. Proper spacing is vital for preventing mold and getting the most out of your growth session. For reference, you can fit about four medium cannabis plants for every square meter of your SCROG net.

Screen of Weed Technique: Hight, Size, and Materials

The SCROG cannabis growing technique is extremely beginner-friendly. To make your SCROG screen, you don’t need to be a building expert. Instead, you’ll just need to consider several aspects of your plant growth before you start building.
  • The size and amount of cannabis plants you want to grow: Determining How large your cannabis plants are and how many cannabis plants you plan to grow under the canopy is an essential first step in building your SCROG setup. Figuring out this information will allow you to build the perfect size frame to accommodate your needs.
  • The material you should use for your SCROG screen: You need a texture that is easy to clean up after done and will keep your cannabis plants in place the best. People have the most luck using string or hemp cord for the screen of their canopy.
  • Building your frame: Squares and rectangles are your best friend when building the frame of your SCROG setup. Depending on your preference, you can use wood or PVC pipe for your frame. Make sure you cut the legs equal length to keep your setup stable.

How to SCROG

You can start building your SCROG setup once your cannabis plants hit the vegetative stage. You can set up your net above your cannabis plants during this phase and wait for them to contact the net before you start leaving. Setting up during this stage is a fantastic way to prepare to grow cannabis.
  1. Once the branch of your cannabis plant meets the stem, you’ll need to top the highest node of your cannabis plant. You do this by snipping the mainstem above the junction point. The reason you need to do this is so that your cannabis plant has more lateral growth. This growth works the best for the SCROG method.
  2. Your screen needs to be between 20 and 40 centimeters above the top of the soil or water you grow your cannabis plants from. The height to set your screen at will depend on the size of your cannabis plants.
  3. After your cannabis plant grows 5 centimeters above your SCROG net, you can start weaving. Be gentle enough when maneuvering your branches to ensure they don’t break, but don’t be so gentle that you can’t move your plant at all. It’s going to take more effort to weave these cannabis plants than it would a plant with vines. You can stop weaving when your cannabis plant reaches its full stretching point.
  4. Get rid of the branches that fall below the spot where you topped off your plant. Pruning your plant is essential for directing your energy where you want it to go. Additional branches will suck up more energy that could be going to your buds instead.
  5. After every weaving session, when using that SCROG method, you should water your cannabis plant. Also, ensure that your plants receive enough nutrients during the growth process to prevent deficiency and keep your plants as healthy as possible. The SCOG growing process can put a lot of stress on your cannabis plants, so you must ensure that they are well taken care of to combat the stress.

Combine SCROG with Other Cannabis Training Techniques

Incorporating multiple techniques when using the SCROG growing method is a fantastic way to get the best results from your cannabis plants. You don’t need to just stick around for a single technique when there are so many techniques out there.
  • LST
Using low-stress training in conjunction with the SCROG cannabis growing method can yield great results. Low-stress training means gently bending and tying your cannabis branches to manipulate them to the shape you need them. This is a great way to keep your branches in place when using the SCROG growth method.
Lollipopping means removing lower bud sites and foliage from your cannabis plant. This will improve the airflow your cannabis plant receives and direct more of your plant’s energy to the buds you’re growing. The more energy your buds get, the larger your harvest will be. Lollipopping works excellent for the SCROG cannabis growth method because it directs more growth to the buds on the screen instead of buds that fall below 0the screen.
Most people who used to SCR OG method also implement mainlining into their technique. Mainlining is when you top and tie your cannabis plants to a canopy. This method promotes even bud growth throughout your plant growing process. A more uniform look for your buds is an excellent way to produce a consistent product.
Super cropping is a high-stress method that includes pinching and squeezing your branches so you can bend them as far as possible. By getting this influential band, you will allow the light from your grow lights to penetrate your plant better and use your cannabis plant’s photosynthesis. Super cropping will damage the tissue inside your cannabis plant, making it easier to manipulate, which works fantastic for the SCROG method. These methods go hand in hand because the SCROG method requires frequent branch manipulation, and super cropping makes those branches easy to manipulate. Super cropping occurs towards the beginning of the plant vegetative stage before your plant will hit the screen. This sets up your cannabis plant for easy manipulation throughout its growing process.

Best Strains to SCROG

Sativa strains of cannabis work the best for the SCR OG method because their genetic makeup makes them grow taller than Indica plants. The following are fantastic strains to use during the SCROG growing method and why these strains work well. OG Kush is one of the most popular strains of cannabis out there in it’s fantastic to grow when using the SCROG cannabis growing method. This strain of cannabis is known to stretch very well, making it easy to weave in and out of your net. The OG Kush buds you grow using that SCROG growing method will have great yield by the time of harvest. The combination of the popularity of OG Kush plus its ability to grow tall and weave easily made it a fantastic candidate for this growth method. The Jack Herrer strain of cannabis works fantastic for the SCROG method because it is so Sativa dominant. Any cannabis plant with a significant amount of Sativa will be tall and spindly enough to work fantastic for the SCROG growing method. In addition, this strain of cannabis has won awards and is resin-heavy, making it very popular and easily recognizable for consumers. Jack Herrer is one of the most popular strains of Sativa-heavy cannabis available. The White Russian strain of cannabis is a hybrid marijuana strain that is very Sativa dominant. So people feel euphoric when they smoke White Russian cannabis, which means people who throw this strain well like we have many buyers if they’re selling. The White Russian strain of cannabis grows tall and spindly because of its Sativa-dominant nature. This fact means that it’s easy to leave through a SCROG net. Amnesia Kush is known for its potency and high THC levels. Many people seek out a high THC marijuana to feel stronger effects. The facts of this strain of marijuana are also known to last quite a while for consumers. Although this strain of marijuana isn’t very beginner-friendly, it’s still extremely famous. In addition, this plant grows well in a SCROG setup and will attract experienced cannabis consumers. the Skywalker strain of cannabis is an excellent choice for people who want someone Indica strains and their SCROG set up. This is a 50/50 hybrid cannabis and is tall enough for us a SCROG set up, although it’s known for its Indica properties. It would be best to implement the super cropping method along with your SCROG setup when growing Skywalker cannabis The Bruce banner 2.0 is cannabis that is heavy and Sativa and known for high THC levels. The Bruce banner 2.0 grows tall, and it’s easy to weed through your SCROG setup. This strain of cannabis is also popular. Many people who consume cannabis regularly seek out this strain.

Growing Cannabis with the SCROG (FAQ):

How tall should Scrog be?

The ideal height for Indica kinds is about 20 cm above the pot’s top, Sativa’s perfect height is about 45 cm, and the ideal height for Haze or Thai varieties is as much as 60 cm above the top of the pot.

Should you Scrog Autoflower?

It is well known that autoflowering strains do not respond well to training; in fact, even LST can be too much for them to handle if it is not performed correctly. Furthermore, although it is technically feasible to execute SCROG with autos, doing so is not recommended.

When should I start a Scrog net?

WHEN TO SCROG. As soon as your plants begin to make contact with the screen, you will initiate the process of directing them through it. We suggested putting the screen around 20 centimeters above the base of your plants; this will allow the plants’ pace of growth to identify precisely when you should begin ScrOGing. The difference between a sea of green and a screen of green essentials Both SOG and SCROG are advanced growing methods that are simple and quick to implement, and their primary goal is to increase cannabis harvests. There is no reason to assume that one strategy is inherently superior to another. Some growers and how they cultivate their plants are more suited to the SOG approach than the SCROG method, and vice versa.

Is ScrOG the best for yield?

The ScrOG method is said to give yields that are two to three times higher than those produced by typical growing methods.

How do you set up a Scrog?

Using a systematic approach, place all of the branches from a single plant’s limbs into the screen before going on to the next plant. Pull a branch up through the screen and rest it on top of the screen when you have pulled it up as far as it can go through the screen. If it gets through, you’ll need to drag it back one square, so it’s closer to the plant’s core.

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