GMO Seeds

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High THC 25-29% 
70% Indica hybrid
High yielding & easy to grow
Uplifting & powerful effect

GMO Seeds

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Choosing seeds

Feminized seeds
When given less than 12 hours of light every day, feminized seeds bloom and produce weed. Gather either in the fall outside or indoors after around 15 to 20 weeks. Feminized strains are used by beginners & experienced growers and produce higher quality buds than auto flowering strains.

Automatic seeds
Easy to grow and simple plants can be cultivated from autoflower seeds in just 10 to 14 weeks before they are ready to be picked. Fantastic for first-time cultivators, limited harvesting areas, and seasonal yields.

How to germinate

To ensure germination, immerse the seeds in a glass of water for at least 12-72 hours while keeping them in the dark at room temperatures. When the white tail appears, plant your seeds 1/2 inch deep in soil or another medium that has been moistened. You should see a seedling emerge within 2 days after planting. Seedlings thrive in bright, sunny conditions (21°C to 23°C)

GMO Cannabis Strain

It’s no secret that GMO weed is one of the most talked-about cannabis strains of the last few years. The high from GMO is unparalleled, even by seasoned smokers. Almost as many names as there are for this variety have been coined: GMO, Garlic Cookies, and GMO Cookies. But the exact nature of GMOs is still unclear. Since the strain is so uncommon, its specific origins can’t be determined, and we also can’t be sure of its true potency. If you found yourself here, odds are you have some GMO-related questions. In either case, you’ve found the ideal place to be. There is a widespread belief that GMO cannabis strain is the brainchild of Divine Genetics. Divine Genetics breeds mostly extremely potent skunk for seasoned smokers, and GMO is no exception to this rule. As a result, the true origin of GMO is disputed, as numerous other breed developers have claimed ownership, including Mamiko Seeds and a breeder known as skunkmasterflex.

Growing GMO Seeds

GMO is a moderately challenging crop to cultivate. If you are just starting cannabis cultivation, it is recommended that you begin with a strain that is easier to obtain. Since growing GMO plants are more complex than increasing conventional ones, you should practice on more straightforward strains initially. The plant spreads rapidly and produces a very strong smell. This is not a stealthy plant due to its strong odor and dense, bushy growth. Keep in mind that it will generate a lot of trichomes and require frequent trimming. Due to its high trichome content, this strain is ideal for resin extraction. In terms of plant profile, it is extremely similar to Sour Diesel. With a flowering period of 8 to 9 weeks, it produces 400 – 500 gr/m2 Indoor – 600 – 700 gr/plant Outdoor.

GMO Weed Flavor and Effects

The odor of GMO marijuana is quite funk-like. A strong, mysterious aroma fills the room when you first open the GMO bag. You need to take a few deep breaths, and you’ll have it. The first impression is of an antique store or flea market with a dash of curry sauce added to the mix of musty old stuff and mothballs. Although it may not sound appetizing from the above description, the aroma will surely have you running for the grinder. Because another scent is released when the buds are grinded, the Garlic Cookies name is apt. When broken down, GMO produces a smell that is somewhere between that of garlic and stale coffee with a hint of rotten fruit. Another thing that doesn’t sound very appealing, but is very much so!

Because another scent is released when the buds are grinded, the Garlic Cookies name is fit. When broken down, GMO produces a smell that is somewhere between that of garlic and stale coffee with a hint of rotten fruit. Another thing that doesn’t sound very appealing, but is very much so!

Once again, the flavor of GMO is unlike anything else. The strain’s genetic heritage from Girl Scout Cookies contributes a pleasant, if unremarkable, sweet and earthy flavor on the first inhale. The most enjoyable part of this smoke is the exhale. Everything about it smells like garlic, just like the best garlic bread. An aftertaste reminiscent of curry spices joins the sweet and savory flavors in the mouth, making the overall experience truly unforgettable.
Since GMO contains a high concentration of THC, any therapeutic advantages would be the result of the drug’s euphoric effects. This skunk packs a serious wallop and has powerful effects. Users frequently comment on how calm and content they feel. GMO has a similarly elevating and euphoric impact, and it likewise produces intense feelings of bliss. If you continue smoking, you may find that this state of calm eventually turns into drowsiness.
Stress, depression, and anxiety might be helped by this, which would be a medical plus. Some people utilize GMO for pain because of the profound affects it has on one’s general mood, which allows them to focus on anything beyond the source of their discomfort.

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GMO Seeds

From: $31.44

GMO Seeds