Feminised Cannabis Seeds

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About feminized cannabis seeds!

Regular cannabis seeds can be male or female. If you want female plants only, our Feminised Collection has been specifically bred so that the male chromosomes are eliminated, allowing the seeds to only produce female plants. Many individuals select our feminized seeds because they result in the best bud.

Whenever you select our Feminised Collection, all parts of the female plant can produce cannabis. As a result, our Feminised Collection produces a lot more THC and CBD than the male cannabis plant. They also make fantastic mother plants.

The Expert Seed Bank should be your number one stop for feminized cannabis seeds. Our Feminised Collection is paired with fast shipping times with hundreds of cannabis strains, many of which go under our Feminised Collection. From Sweet Zombie to Wedding Cake, our Feminised Collection is complete with a number of female cannabis strains for your growing desires.