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Grape Ape Auto Strain

The Grape Ape Auto Seeds are highly desired, boasting a 90% Indica dominance and an impressive THC content ranging from 21% to 24%. Delight your taste buds with its fruity flavour resembling grapes, providing a unique and enjoyable taste. Experience a harmonious blend of mind and body relaxation, creating a tranquil and serene state of mind.

Growing Grape Ape Auto Cannabis Seeds

The Grape Ape is a plant that may be grown with some degree of ease. It especially thrives in warm environments with lots of sunlight. The plants exhibit resistance to diseases, which makes them well-suited for outdoor cultivation. Their lush green leaves are adorned with hints of purple and red, emanating a sticky sweet aroma. This indica likes it when the humidity is at 50%, and it needs quite a bit of trimming to enhance its yield. Compact in size, typically reaching no more than 120cm, these plants are also ideal for indoor and limited-space growing environments.

Grape Ape Auto Seeds offer a swift flowering period of 67-80 days, that can result in bountiful indoor yields of 450-550g per square meter and outdoor yields ranging from 100-400g per square meter.

Grape Ape Auto Cannabis Seeds at a Glance:

  • Indica dominant strain (90%)
  • High THC 21-24%
  • Fruity flavor resembling grapes
  • Mind and body relaxation
  • Disease-resistant
  • Suitable for outdoor & indoor cultivation
  • Compact plants with purple and red accents
  • Indoor yields: 450-550g per square meter
  • Outdoor yields: 100-400g per square meter
  • Flowering time: 67-80 days
Grape Ape Auto Seeds are a highly sought-after cannabis strain known for their 90% Indica dominance and impressive potency, with THC levels ranging from 21% to 24%. They offer a delicious and unique fruity flavor reminiscent of grapes.
The dominant effects of Grape Ape Auto include a perfect balance of mind and body relaxation. Consuming this strain induces a serene and spacey state. It is an ideal choice for those seeking relaxation.
Grape Ape Auto Seeds have a high THC content ranging from 21% to 24%, making them a potent and powerful cannabis strain that offers a satisfying and enjoyable experience for users.
Grape Ape Auto plants have a relatively short flowering time, typically taking 67-80 days to reach full maturity and be ready for harvest. This makes them a great option for growers looking for a relatively quick turnaround on their cultivation efforts.
Yes, Grape Ape Auto Seeds can be grown both indoors and outdoors. They are adaptable and resilient plants that can thrive in various environments.


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Grape Ape Auto Seeds

From 29.00