Автосемена виноградного винограда

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Автосемена виноградного винограда

Grape Ape Auto Cannabis Strain

Grape Ape Auto is a mix between Mendocino Purps x Afghani x Skunk that has a predominately indica genetic profile. This indica strain is recognized for delivering blissful relaxation, which can help ease pain, tension, and anxiety. It gets its name from the characteristic grape-like smell that it gives off. After 7 to 8 weeks of flowering, this indica strain will have dense, compact buds that are encircled by dark purple leaves. These leaves will become even darker when the plant reaches full maturity.

Growing Grape Ape Auto Seeds

The Grape Ape is a plant that may be grown with some degree of ease. It thrives in warm environments with lots of sunlight. This strain is more tolerant of warm temperatures than hot ones and will reward you with a bountiful harvest if you give it the right conditions to flourish in. This indica likes it when the humidity is at 50%, and it needs quite a bit of trimming to enhance its yield. Grape Ape is a low-maintenance plant that requires a lot of air circulation since poor airflow can significantly impact the plant’s overall health.

This variety can blossom & be ready to be harvested in an indoor environment in approximately seven to eight weeks, depending on the conditions. When grown indoors with proper care, Grape Ape has the potential to yield about 16 oz of fruit per square meter. The Grape Ape provides pretty freely when maintained in the best possible outside conditions. It has the potential to produce about 28 oz of exquisite purple bud per plant, and it is typically ready to be harvested anywhere between the end of September and the beginning of October.

Grape Ape Auto Weed Taste & Smell

The notoriously pungent aroma of Grape Ape fills the space like that of a candy store stocked with grape-flavored hard candies. When burned, it will create an earthy and woodsy perfume in the air that will be combined with an intense sweetness that will remind you of grapes. This aroma will linger in the air for some time after consuming the substance.

Because Grape Ape is notorious for its intense aroma, it can be challenging to clear a room of its lingering odor after smoking it. A skunky sweetness similar to that of Granddaddy Purple has been noted to be practically identical to this strain’s aroma, which has led to comparisons between the two.

This indica is a class act all the way through. Grape ape has a flavor similar to that of sweet berries and blossoms, and the delicious taste of grapes is highly noticeable in its composition. This tasty strain is the perfect choice for you if you want a smoke that will remind you of a bowl full of fresh fruit if that is what you are looking for.

Grape Ape Auto Marijuana Effect

This one carries a decisive blow. Grape Ape is a good stress reliever because it is practically pure indica. It induces a deep state of relaxation and a light pleasure that will wake up all the happy chemicals in the brain. Grape Ape is ideal to consume in the hours leading up to bedtime because of its sedative properties, which will help you get a good night’s rest and wake up feeling refreshed.

Consuming too much will give you a pretty strong couch-lock, making you want to stay in one place and enjoy the cerebral benefits.  You can depend on this strain to calm you down, and it will help you forget all your stress throughout the day. The cerebral high that Grape Ape produces is pretty potent, yet it is not difficult to work up to it.

This strain will also give you a severe case of the munchies, which will make any of your goodies taste even better and make you want to rummage through the refrigerator looking for something to satisfy them.

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Легкие в выращивании и простые растения можно вырастить из семян автоцветка всего за 10-14 недель до того, как они будут готовы к сбору. Прекрасно подходит для начинающих культиваторов, ограниченных площадей для сбора урожая и сезонных урожаев.

Как проращивать

Чтобы обеспечить прорастание, погрузите семена в стакан с водой не менее чем на 12-72 часа и держите их в темноте при комнатной температуре. Когда появится белый хвостик, посадите семена на глубину 1/2 дюйма в почву или другую увлажненную среду. В течение 2 дней после посадки должен появиться росток. Сеянцы процветают в ярких, солнечных условиях (21°C - 23°C).

Автосемена виноградного винограда

От: 29.00

Автосемена виноградного винограда