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Cannatonic Cannabis Strain

This strain was developed in 2008 by fusing the genes of G13 Haze and MK Ultra. It has since gone on to win a plethora of Cannabis Cup awards. It is an enjoyable strain to smoke and can treat a variety of psychological and physical ailments due to its perfectly balanced composition of 50% Sativa and 50% Indica.

Because the effects are not psychoactive, this strain is appropriate for new users and those with low THC tolerance. It is appropriate for daily use and can be taken at any time of day or night. 

Cannatonic is well-known for its smooth, flavorful, and satisfying taste. Even inexperienced palates will enjoy the earthy and woody flavors combined with sour citrus fruits. With a flowering period of 65days, it produces 500 – 600 gr/ m2 indoor and 400 – 650 gr/plant outdoor. With a flowering period of 8 to 10 weeks, it produces 500 g/m² Indoor / 200-450 g/plant outdoor.

Cannatonic Marijuana Effects

In comparison to other strains, the effects of Cannatonic’s high don’t stick around as long, but that’s part of what makes it so pleasurable. In fact, you may feel lighter after releasing some of this stress from your shoulders rather than heavier as may be expected.

Take a hit of this mixture, and you’ll feel calm and buoyant, as if you’re floating on a sea of positive emotions. Cannatonic provides a sense of well-being without the accompanying surge of energy; it’s a more sedate, relaxing high that’ll leave you in a state of continual, uncontrollable happiness.

Cannatonic produces a sobering effect that heightens concentration and compels you to organize your thoughts in order to understand of any thoughts you may have. This flower has the unique ability to elevate your mood and increase your motivation, allowing you to work more productively and more creatively throughout the day.

Cannatonic Taste & Smell

Cannatonic has an odor that is both unique and pleasant; it is somewhat earthy and has a hint of citrus. The smoke from this bud reveals sour undertones that become more pronounced with time, and it concludes with a light woodiness that stimulates the taste buds.

The flavors in this unusual combination are exquisite, too. Cannatonic has a pleasant aroma and a flavor that hints at citrus and fresh pine, making it an enjoyable smoke. The sweetness isn’t overpowering, but the tanginess sticks on your tongue right away.

Growing Cannatonic Seeds

Due to its finicky nature and susceptibility to mold and mildew, growing Cannatonic is a task best left to those with greater knowledge in the field. For this reason, the optimal conditions for its cultivation are those in which it may be maintained dry, exposed to the appropriate temperatures, and given proper air flow.


If you’re growing this indoors, anticipate on spending about 11 weeks waiting for it to bloom before you pick it. In terms of yield, planting one square meter of Cannatonic should produce roughly 18 oz of fresh bud on average.


Outside, each Cannatonic plant should produce roughly 14 ounces on average. Typically, a harvest of this variety can be expected in the middle of Oct.



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Cannatonic Seeds

From 29.00