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Best Sativa Strains in 2020 – TOP 5

When it comes to getting on your feet and out the door, there’s nothing better than a potent sativa strain to give you the motivation you need. Unlike indica strains, sativas and sativa-dominant hybrids are the perfect choices for those who need to focus, expand their creativity, and laugh the night away. If you’re ready […]

Best Indica Strains in 2020 – TOP 5

Whether you need deep pain relief or body-numbing relaxation, indica strains are the top choices for cannabis enthusiasts worldwide. Unlike their sativa counterparts, indica-dominant strains are the ideal choice for a post-work celebration, Netflix-and-Chill, or any other activity that doesn’t require much energy. However, finding the best indica strains is a challenging task. Luckily for […]

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