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THC สูง 21-24% 
ลูกผสมอินดิก้า 50%


Girl Scout Cookies Auto Cannabis Strain

We have the best auto-flowering American genetics on the market today. Girl Scout Cookies Auto, the West Coast’s most potent strain, has crossed the Atlantic and is making headway in the European market. This exceptional hybrid has an auto-flowering lifespan of 8-9 weeks and may produce high returns of up to 500-650 grams per square meter (or 70-300 grams per plant). The level of THC in the atmosphere is at a record high of 22 percent. While stocks last, you can get a delicious bake.

The Girl Scout Cookies Auto variety of California has been deemed the best in the world by the Irish Seed Bank. This is a strain worthy of being featured on the cover of a high-end cannabis magazine. Those in Europe who have tried cannabis at least once will agree that Girl Scout Cookies Auto deserves its high reputation. Excellent phenotypes of GSC were crossed with Canadian Sativa and ruderalis at the Expert Seed Bank to create a high-harvesting, high-performance strain.

When Girl Scouts ring your doorbell trying to sell you some of their freshly baked cookies, you shouldn’t say no. The most excellent cookies are the ones you make yourself at home. GSC  Auto might get the same label. Could GSC live up to its global image as a super-potent, amazingly-flavorful strain of marijuana, or is this strain just another instance of exaggerated advertising? Think about whether or not this picture-perfect girl from California is going to dump you after you’ve been seeing her for a few months. This is quite unlikely to take place.

Growing Girl Scout Cookies Auto Seeds

The genetic makeup of Girl Scout Cookies Auto is almost all Indica. Sativa contributes heavily to this hybrid, which manifests primarily in its psychoactive effects and, to a lesser extent, in its growth pattern. The ancestry of this hybrid may be traced back to the crossing of Indica and Sativa plants.

Even the most seasoned cannabis growers will be amazed by the results of growing GSC, and it requires little effort. New growers have a high chance of enjoying it as much as more experienced growers do because of this. This gem’s plants are incredibly uniform in appearance, reaching heights of 60–100 cm and blooming incredibly rapidly—the entire auto-flowering life cycle takes only 8–9 weeks. The average yield per plant is 70-300 grams, with a square meter yield of 500-650 grams.

Girl Scout Cookies Auto Weed Taste & Smell

Girl Scout Cookies Auto produces extremely dense, lime-green buds. Trichomes, tiny white hairs, may be seen on these buds, framed by stunning purple leaves. Girl Scout Cookies Auto comes true to its name by providing an inhalation experience that is a candy lover’s dream, with notes of cane sugar, chocolate, & nutmeg.

Exhaling this bud brings back memories of the classic OG strain with its spicy undertones of pepper & lemongrass & its earthy pungency. Like the original, this strain has a high Sativa content and packs a powerful punch, causing a cerebral, euphoric high before settling into a more calming stone that won’t leave you couch-locked. Scientists have looked at the Girl Scout Cookies to see if there are any nutritional benefits. It is widely available at dispensaries and treats anxiety, tension, and stress. It helps alleviate acute pain and can make you feel hungry, too.

Girl Scout Cookies Auto Marijuana Effect

Putting the flavor and speed of Girl Scout Cookies Auto to the test is a lot of fun. There may not be a place for a strain with a THC content of 22% in the market, so growers should think carefully about whether or not to introduce it. No doubt about it! Like a quality bottle of brandy, this strain may be an investment for the connoisseur.The impact on the mind is energizing and rejuvenating while the body relaxes. Things like joy, a heightened appreciation for music & humor, and a burst of inventiveness are priceless.

This cigar is ideal for social gatherings. Girl Scout Cookies’ flavor characteristics aren’t necessarily good for business, but that only leaves growers with a few options other than growing the strain. Even though it sounds exaggerated, the intoxicating blend of chocolate & mint is a delight for the palate of any committed cannabis consumer. GSC, according to Expert Seed Bank, has a genuine OG taste. If a cultivator has doubts, this can be the evidence to change their mind.


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