Hi all,

we wish to inform you that due to a combination of peak online shopping season and covid related restrictions there have been severe delays in deliveries for many of our US and EU clients for the year end period.

For the US specifically , there are many orders from as far back as mid November that are still not delivered. we would expect these to finally arrive in January.

please note we are facing a huge increase in emails and chat requests, we deal with these as fast as we can. If we have not yet answered your emails, please accept our apologies, we are working through the backlog and will reply as soon as possible.

We understand this is frustrating and do sympathise with those of you that are affected however we will not tolerate abusive emails and won’t answer disrespectful messages.

we are all affected by this situation, and do all we can to assist all our clients, please keep this in mind when reaching out to us. we will assist you to the best of our abilities.

wishing you all a good 2021