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Stardawg Seeds

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Stardawg Seeds

Stardawg Cannabis Strain

Stardawg, which is descended from the illustrious Chemdawg #4, has the potential to be the most powerful strain in its family tree. It is fitting and appropriate to give this variety of cannabis the name of a star. Because Stardawg is predominately composed of Sativa genetics, users should anticipate experiencing a potent cerebral high from its consumption.

This strain, even in tiny doses, has the potential to stimulate your creative juices. A possible additional benefit is that it will make you feel more energized. If you consume a greater quantity of it, though, you will experience a buzzing head high that is reminiscent of traveling through the galaxy. Others have the opinion that this strain’s Sativa component is much higher than that, reaching up to 95%.

Growing Stardawg Seeds

Both an outdoor and an indoor environment are suitable for cultivating Stardawg. Although we don’t have a lot of info, we do know that it appears to survive better indoors in a controlled situation. Some work has to be done on it, including topping & a little bit of stress training. Because of this, novice cannabis growers may find that this particular strain is not the greatest one to start with.

The flowering duration for Stardawg indoor is between 63 and 73 days. Only about three to four ounces may be harvested from one square meter of land, indicating that the yield could be much higher. When grown outdoors, Stardawg ought to be ready to be harvested anywhere from the beginning to mid of October, with an average yield of 5 oz per plant.

Stardawg Weed Taste & Smell

When you think about Stardawg, a spaceship that’s about to take off comes to mind. It smells strongly like fuel, which is described as earthy and spicy, with hints of pine. In general, the majority of customers should find the aroma to be agreeable enough, despite the fact that it has a potent odor.

The flavor of the substance has a distinct similarity to its pungent odor. It smells unmistakably like gasoline, but there are also pronounced undertones of pine that bring to mind Pinesol. However, this differs from the flavor that people generally agree is pleasing to their taste buds. After some adjustment period, you’ll find it becomes better. Because its flavor must be learned, Stardawg is among the few strains inexperienced users should avoid.

Stardawg Marijuana Effect

The effects of Stardawg come on quickly and strongly, bringing on a buzzing sensation in the head that stimulates original thought, which occurs after only a few drags. As soon as you begin to use more, you will find that you’re taken on a journey literally into space. Some people have described the experience as more like a psychedelic trip with a similar impact to substances like LSD. Do not, under any circumstances, minimize the effect that cannabis has on you; it is mighty. If you smoke too much, you’ll be unable to move off the sofa while your thoughts wander into the void.

The head high you get from smoking Stardawg in a tiny portion will stimulate your thought flow. Still, for most individuals, it increases morale by elevating one’s mood to new heights, which causes one to feel incredible joy, euphoria, and an immense sensation of delight. Even though it’s not very strong, the high’s indica component will still impact the body. As soon as it takes hold, the emotional head high begins to subside, but the entire body feels more relaxed.


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Stardawg Seeds

От: $31.06

Stardawg Seeds