How to store Cannabis Seeds

How to store Cannabis Seeds

Storing cannabis seeds correctly is a critical aspect when it comes to cannabis cultivation. Preserving your cannabis seeds’ genetics largely depends on correct storage. It is often overlooked that these seeds are living organisms with the potential to either flourish or falter based on the conditions they are subjected to. In this article, we delve into the importance of correct cannabis seed storage and take a closer look at important factors that will safeguard the essence of our seeds.


What happens when you don't store your cannabis seeds correctly?

Cannabis genetics serve as the blueprint for each strain’s unique characteristics. Preserving these genetics is an essential aspect of maintaining the purity and authenticity of a strain. When cannabis seeds are not stored under optimal conditions, their genetic makeup becomes vulnerable, leading to reduced germination rates and weakened plants.

A decreased germination rate is the most significant effect of improper storage. So, read on to ensure that you don’t waste your time, efforts, and resources. If you store your cannabis seeds correctly from the start, you have completed the first important step in the journey of successful cannabis cultivation.

What are important factors to consider when storing cannabis seeds?

Keep the following three factors in mind when storing cannabis seeds!

1. Light Exposure

Cannabis seeds exhibit a high sensitivity to light, and prolonged exposure can compromise their potential for successful germination. To counteract this, it is incredibly important to store seeds away from bright light sources, even within darkened storerooms. Using dark containers, such as blacked-out containers or the seed packets in which your seeds will arrive (obviously sellotaped), can effectively shield seeds from light. Another option is storing them in a dark container in the fridge.

2. Temperature 

This leads us to another important point: temperature! Optimal temperature is key to the longevity of cannabis seeds. A low temperature of around 4 degrees Celsius (39 degrees Fahrenheit) is ideal for storage. What’s also important is that the temperature is stable! So, investing in a mini-fridge is a practical solution to maintaining a constant temperature and ensuring that the seeds remain in a state of dormancy. While freezing is technically possible, it comes with associated risks and is generally recommended for ultra-long-term storage.

3. Humidity Levels

High humidity levels can trigger premature germination, a scenario best avoided during the storage phase. It is essential to keep cannabis seeds in low-humidity conditions in sealed, dry containers. This not only prevents moisture-induced germination but also safeguards against the development of fungi and the invasion of insects that thrive in damp environments.

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How long can cannabis seeds survive when stored properly?

Technically, cannabis seeds that are kept in a freezer have the potential to endure for 10 years, while those stored in a fridge can retain viability for up to five years or potentially even longer. Consistency in maintaining conditions that mimic the seeds’ natural dormant state is the key to unlocking the extended life of cannabis seeds.

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Do different seed strains have different storage requirements?

Yes, different seed strains often have varying storage requirements. Cannabis strains (sativa, indica, hybrid) can exhibit distinct characteristics and genetic compositions, influencing their sensitivity to environmental factors. Factors such as light sensitivity, temperature preferences, and humidity tolerance can vary between strains. For example, some strains might be more susceptible to light exposure. Additionally, the moisture levels that different strains can tolerate without triggering premature germination may differ.
However, sometimes it isn’t possible to find out exactly what your cannabis seed strain requires for proper storage. Then it is best to focus on the above guidelines.

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How to Store Cannabis Seeds - Summary

  • Successful cannabis cultivation depends on preserving genetics through proper seed storage.
  • Neglecting proper storage can lead to decreased germination rates and strain deterioration.
  • Factors to consider include light exposure, temperature, and humidity control.
  • Seeds should be stored away from bright light in dark containers or fridge.
  • An optimal, stable temperature of around 4 degrees Celsius is crucial for longevity.
  • Low-humidity conditions in sealed, dry containers prevent premature germination and other issues.
  • Properly stored cannabis seeds can last for decades in the freezer or up to five years or longer in the fridge.

As mentioned in the beginning, recognizing that cannabis seeds are living entities is incredibly important! By shrouding them in darkness, maintaining a cool and stable temperature, and controlling humidity levels, growers can unlock the full potential of their cannabis seeds, ensuring the continued cultivation of beloved strains for years to come.

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