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GG4 × White Widow Seeds

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Gorilla × White Widow Cannabis Strain

Expert Seeds created a marijuana strain that is a female hybrid of the Gorilla and the WW. Just like an Indica, this kind exhibits the same effects and traits. The Indica-dominant cannabis plant produces very sedative buds that induce feelings of bliss and relaxation. Gorilla x White Widow cannabis has a pungent aroma that combines earthy and sour notes due to the rapid flowering times of both of its parent strains.

In the long history of the Cannabis Cup, two strains have consistently garnered high marks: GG4 and White Widow. Recently, these two strains mated, resulting in the Gorilla x White Widow cannabis hybrid, the most powerful feminized cross in the world. With a THC content of 25%, CBD content of 0.28%, and an 80% Indica genetic makeup, this strain is sure to knock out even seasoned smokers.

Growing Gorilla × White Widow Seeds

It is possible to cultivate this marijuana strain from these feminized seeds indoors or outdoors in regions of the country that do not see early fall rains until October. These regions are found in the United States. 

Yields of 400–500 g/m2 inside and 500 g/plant outdoors are average for plants growing in this environment and harvested after 55–60 days. It is anticipated that the marijuana harvest will be at its highest point by the end of the month of September.

Gorilla × White Widow Weed Taste & Smell

When combined, GG4 and White Widow produce a potent & strong smell that is earthy & sometimes floral, and it has a taste that is astringent and sour. When you inhale, you’ll notice a flavor that’s a cross between tropical fruit & hash, and when you exhale, you’ll notice some chocolate overtones. 

The aroma is quite earthy and sweet, with a hint of floral accented by hints of tropical fruits and dark chocolate. It also has a flowery undertone. In addition to that, it has a floral aroma in the background.

Gorilla × White Widow Marijuana Effect

The effects of this bud come on strong and fast, first wreaking havoc on your brain before sweeping thru the rest of your body with the same enormous impact. You will experience complete joy and exhilaration when in this state, along with spurts of inspiration and propulsion tossed in for added effect. 

But while this is occurring, your physical body will feel entirely relaxed & at rest, almost as if you were couch-locked, meanwhile, your state of mind will be lifting farther and farther away. This will seem nearly as if you were asleep the entire time. Because of these advantages, Gorilla White Widow is an excellent treatment for treating various conditions, including the inability to sleep, persistent stress, sadness, continuing discomfort, & muscle spasms or cramps.


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    Toutes les graines ont éclaté et sont devenues l'une de mes souches préférées. Un goût si agréable et un gros coup.
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    Je suis si heureux avec elle
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    N***Client vérifié
    Germination parfaite J'ai une Girl Scout de la ligne Cali et elle n'a pas germé mais celle-ci pousse parfaitement.
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    J***D*Client vérifié
    J'ai cherché cette graine et je suis tellement HEUREUSE que vous l'ayez en stock ! Attendez que je tague votre Instagram.
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    Pour l'instant, elle est en train de devenir un monstre. Pas encore terminé.
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GG4 × White Widow Seeds
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GG4 × White Widow Seeds

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