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Cherry Pie Auto Seeds

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75% Indica-Hybrid
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Cherry Pie Auto Seeds

Cherry Pie Auto Cannabis Strain

Auto Cherry Pie is an auto marijuana strain with flavors of cherry that are both sweet and delicious. It is an indica hybrid that is very simple to cultivate and produces a lot of juicy buds. As a result of this strain’s Grandaddy Purple parent, the THC concentration is often above 20% and can reach as high as 30%. Cherry Pie Auto is a strain you must try. One of the cannabis strains that is notoriously known for its fruity flavor now comes in an autoflowering variant. 

In just six to eight weeks, you will receive delicious and abundant yields. This indica-dominant hybrid has a vigorous growth rate, making it the ideal treat for outdoor or indoor cultivation. It is also an excellent choice for novices.  An up & coming auto legend, Cherry Pie Auto astounds with strength hitting THC levels of 20 to 30% for an all-around pleasant and delightful experience. Cherry Pie Auto has been bred to be an auto-flowering strain.

Growing Auto Cherry Pie Seeds

Auto Cherry Pie is a hybrid that does well in either an indoor or outdoor setting. For optimal results, outdoor harvests should be arranged for October if the plant is to be grown in that climate. You’ll be able to harvest your crop just six to eight weeks after planting, and you’ll see the strain bloom to produce modest yields of 300-400 gr/m2.

Another advantage of this kind is that it grows to a height of only 60 cm to 100 cm (about 2 to 3 feet), making it simple to hide and even more straightforward to care for. In the end, the hybrid thrives in warm areas and will have a heavy resin coating that is sticky, slimy, and uncomfortable to the touch.

Cherry Pie Autoflower Weed Taste & Smell

Cherry Pie Auto develops into a multi-hued plant, much like a cherry tree, which reveals its full spectrum of hues as it ages. The strain has a stunning appearance with undertones of olive greens, dense forest green, and traces of purple that combine to create an overall dynamic look. All of this is covered in a glittering layer of trichomes, which are also responsible for producing the strain’s enticing fragrances. This type has a potent aroma characterized as earthy and herbal, with rich and robust overtones reminiscent of delicious berries & cherries.

Cherry Pie Auto Marijuana Effect

The Cherry Pie Auto strain has moderate THC levels and a dynamic terpene profile, making it a delicious treat for any user. The benefits of the strain are calming for cramps, pains, and anxieties, and they have an elevating influence on one’s attitude. 

The auto-flowering kind of cannabis is the most relaxing of all cannabis strains and is highly effective at reducing the severity of stress, pain, sadness, and sleeplessness.  The indica-dominant combination, used primarily in the evening, is an excellent choice for any activities performed in the hours leading up to bedtime since it promotes calm and comfortable rest.




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  1. J*****VerifizierterKunde
    Just harvested cherry pie after 11 weeks. Tastes great and very good yield. Will definitely grow again
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Cherry Pie Auto Seeds

From 29.00

Cherry Pie Auto Seeds