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Amnesia Haze Auto Cannabis Strain

Amnesia Haze Auto is fast-flowering, high-yielding cross with a Haze predominance that is ready to harvest after only 70 days from seed. Because of her pure Sativa ancestry, she flowers swiftly and requires a lot of space and a skilled grower to bring out her full potential. She has been tested with THC levels as high as 22%. This auto-flowering hybrid may attain its full height and yield potential in warmer areas. Therefore, all outdoor producers in such areas get our highest recommendation. This strategy could also be useful for indoor growers who are seeking extremely productive plants.

The buds of the Amnesia Haze Auto strain are extremely dense, with calyxes that are both thicker and tougher than those of other haze varieties. Her hefty, voluminous body is wrapped in resin and topped with bright orange hairs. The zesty aroma of orange & tangerine is blended with a flowery undertone to produce an original scent.

Growing Amnesia Haze Auto Seeds

The cannabis strain initially known as “Amnesia Haze” was created in the Dutch in the 1990s, but it now goes by many other names. This Sativa-dominant strain goes by many names, but its potency is well known.

The time it will take for a Sativa plant to blossom is a significant downside to growing this species. Usually, full bloom occurs in around 11–12 weeks.  This is too long of a wait for the vast majority of cultivators. Also, she can grow to heights, which is a problem for indoor growers. She requires around 80-85 days of indoor light from seed to blossom. She can grow to 50–100 cm during this lifespan, leaving her relatively high for a car. The large buds and slender, massive leaves that characterize Sativa strains are specific traits of this strain.

Growing conditions are ideal for Amnesia Haze Automatic, and it yields a lot of hazy, high-quality blooms like the original strain. She is one of the most productive auto-flowering plants, capable of producing up to 180 grams/per plant outdoors and 400g per sq.m inside. Even though Haze varieties are notoriously nutrient-sensitive, she still eats well and feels great. Curing enhances the spicy, earthy, & lemony scent released by the elongated, foxtail-shaped flowers of Amnesia Haze Automatic. She has the traditional Amnesia aroma, flavor, and effect but is much simpler to cultivate at home.

Amnesia Haze Auto Weed Taste & Smell

This flavor profile features an inhalation that is one of a kind because it combines orange citrus & floral overtones. When you let out your breath, the flavor profile shifts to focus more on the citrus element. Because Amnesia Haze Auto has a taste that lingers on your palate for a considerable amount of time and tastes just like her fragrance, she has quickly become everyone’s new favorite Haze strain.

Cannabis connoisseurs appreciate the Amnesia Haze Autoflowering variety because of its flavor, which can be described as both sweet and spicy at the same time. This malty taste makes her a robust smoke that makes your lips water, but once you take your first hit at her, it can be hard for you to put her down. This effect is caused by the fact that once people try her, they can’t stop thinking about how good she tastes. And even though she has a fantastic flavor, her smoking is still enjoyable and has an extremely smooth consistency all the way through.

Amnesia Haze Auto Marijuana Effect

However, even though both her aroma and flavor are out of the world, the element that has garnered her the most significant recognition and earned her the title of “most potent Sativa” is that she produces it. She is powerful and can create an effect that is sometimes pleasantly uplifting and other times outright hallucinatory; this effect is nothing less than remarkable.

Following a session with her, you will instantly feel better and have a new perspective on the predicament resulting from the session. Beneficial for reducing stress and assisting with depression treatment as well as other emotional problems like bipolar disorder and schizoaffective disorder. The Amnesia Haze Auto strain produces a high-quality smoke that is enjoyable when shared with a small group of one’s closest friends.


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