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This is the feminized Sour Diesel version of our Sour Diesel Auto Seeds.

The feminized Sour Diesel Seeds are a true gem for cannabis enthusiasts seeking a potent and productive strain. With a THC content ranging from 17% to 20%, this 70% Sativa hybrid delivers an exhilarating high that energizes and enhances productivity. Growing these seeds is a breeze, making it an excellent choice for both novice and experienced cultivators.

The flowering period for Sour Diesel is relatively short, spanning 56 to 66 days, and can rewards indoor growers with an impressive yield of 450-550 g/m². If cultivated outdoors, may be even more bountiful harvest. Embodying its Sativa dominance, this strain offers a delightful and uplifting experience, perfect for daytime activities that require focus and creativity.

Sour Diesel’s reputation for high yields and ease of cultivation makes it a go-to option for growers who value both quality and quantity. The plants thrive with relatively little effort, rewarding you with an abundance of dense and resinous buds. Its energizing effects will lift your spirits and enhance your creative flow, making it an ideal choice for artists, professionals, and anyone looking to elevate their day.

With its sativa-dominant genetics and high THC levels, Sour Diesel provides a clear-headed and invigorating high. The uplifting effects are complemented by the delightful flavors and aromas of fuel, citrus, and a hint of sandalwood, leaving your senses delighted.

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Sour Diesel Regular Seeds
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Sour Diesel Regular Seeds

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