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What is Skunk [All About Skunk]

The term “skunk” is commonly used to refer to cannabis strains that have extremely high levels of the psychoactive compound THC. Commonly referred to in the media as “street weed,” the connotation of this term is typically negative. There is a sizable “Skunk family” of strains descended from the legendary Skunk #1, one of the […]

Topped roślina vs. Non-Topped roślina [Cannabis Topping Guide]

When you’re growing your own cannabis, it’s important that you take care of your plants the right way. That’s what will lead to healthier plants, as well as larger harvests. Most people have a pretty good understanding of how to grow their plants when it comes to water, light, and feeding. Did you know that […]

Leaves Curling Up? [Main Causes and Cures]

Gardening seems like it should be easy, right? Plants need water, sunlight, and fertilizer to be happy. Unfortunately, it’s not always that simple. Some plants have specific needs, and when those needs aren’t met, it shows. If you’re growing cannabis, you’re probably familiar with this. While cannabis grows like a weed (pun intended), it can […]

How to Dry Weed Fast [Najszybsze sposoby suszenia]

You’ve been growing your plants for weeks now. It’s finally time to harvest, and you couldn’t be more stoked. But, there’s one little problem. All of your buds are still too moist to smoke! You’ve spent an ample amount of time growing them, and now you want to use them. Don’t worry, we totally get […]

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