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Amnesia Haze Seeds

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Wysoka zawartość THC 21-24% 
60% hybryda Sativa 
Wysokie plony i łatwa uprawa
Silny psychodeliczny haj 

Amnesia Haze Seeds

Amnezia Haze Cannabis Strain

Amnesia Haze is the offspring of a long-flowering, powerful Sativa and a heavy Indica strain that thrives in the mountains. This strain results from a careful cross between two landraces and a hybrid. The result is a THC monster with an effect that even experienced cannabis enthusiasts can’t deny. Amnesia Haze produces dense clusters of flowers that are nearly impossible to harvest before fully cured. 

It’s as if the buds were carefully glazed with an extraordinary caramel scented with cardamom, lemon, marjoram, & mandarin; the crystallization is so intense. Amnesia Haze is widely valued after for hash & other concentrated canna products due to its fantastic trichome production. The honey-colored resin, extracted by heating and pressing at a force of 20 tons, contains 22% THC & has an attractive appearance and an addictive aroma.

Growing Amnezia Haze Seeds

Inheriting a preponderance of Sativa traits, they are predisposed to thrive in the open air throughout the warmer months. Growing conditions closer to the equator are ideal for Amnesia Haze due to the possibility of its tropical Sativa genetics. Those in the north of Spain, Australia, California, or Africa can anticipate beautiful results. Plants grown from seed take twelve – fourteen weeks to reach maturity, but the tall, thin spears topped with dense clusters of blooms are well worth the wait. An Amnesia Haze strain will yield fragrant buds when planted in nutrient-rich, completely organic soil and given continuous watering.

Pests will have no shortage of places to hide in all the fresh greenery. Cage or stake the branches tightly if you have heavy flower bunches. Cultivating Amnesia Haze should present no problems for the experienced indoor grower familiar with the peculiarities of plants with Sativa dominance. Although it can be challenging to grow Amnesia Haze initially, the resinous yield is definitely worth the trouble.

Even when planted on a 12/12 light cycle from the cloning cabinet, the Amnesia Haze flower has robust Sativa features and tends to stretch substantially when cultivated indoors. Like many Sativas, Amnesia Haze values a balanced diet but can quickly be pushed into the danger zone if given an unhealthy one. You should err on the side of caution when estimating dietary needs. The timing of your visit is crucial when spring flowers are in full bloom. It could take the lengthy blossoms up to 12 weeks to grow their tender leaves. After twenty years, you can give specific characteristics! Slow-maturing, dense, and crystal-rich plants are what you can expect to harvest at 600g/m2 when grown under 600W of light.

Amnezia Haze Weed Taste & Smell

Regarding psychedelic effects and cloudy white trichome coverage, different Amnesia Haze genotypes may have notably other profiles. Not only do the buds of this strain grow to impressive proportions, but they also have a unique flavor and fragrance. The blooms are instantly recognizable by their citrusy aroma and flavor, offset by a subtle earthiness. The blossoms have a woodsy scent, especially of cedar.

If you’re familiar with other strains in the Haze family, you might recognize the light, spicy scent that wafts from the buds when you break them apart. All that deliciousness without any of the lung damage. Like other Haze strains, the inhale and exhale have a distinctively spicy and citric flavor. The smell of this strain’s smoke can be potent and linger for some time.

Amnezia Haze Marijuana Effect

The effect is substantial yet challenging to quantify. It’s crucial to consider user expectations. If you’re a cannabis novice, this strain may be too strong to trigger your first green out. Because of how tasty and pleasant it is, it’s easy to overeat. Sativa connoisseurs will love this variety for its almost psychedelic qualities, which include increased creativity and heightened concentration.  Relaxing on the sofa with friends and listening to music is a great way to spend your afternoon. On the other hand, you can dab & let your mind wander if you’re feeling brave.

Occasionally, it takes as long as fifteen minutes to properly exhibit its neuromagnetic effects, which is entirely out of this world. Smoking makes you question the big deal about nothing. One moment you’re giggling nervously & jerking your head in wonder; the next, you feel like an amnesiac who has no idea how they got there. Despite having only a trace amount of CBD, Amnesia Haze’s energizing citrus flavor and the joy, it generates give this strain its medical promise. When applied to the therapy of mental health problems like depression, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and pain-related anxiety, the term “psychoactive smiling effect” describes the positive results.


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8 reviews for Amnesia Haze Seeds

  1. G***** B*********Verified customer
    Rockin genetics
    These are 100 percent germ rate and gives bout 210g a grow
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    A*******************Verified customer
    Amnesia Haze
    Super szybka dostawa!!!
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    J*** D*Zdokumentowanyklient
    Ta wykiełkowała, ale wydaje się być powolnym starterem. Posadziłem ją w tym samym czasie co Gorilla Cookies. GC ma 6 liści (wliczając cotelyon), ale AH jest...Więcej
    Ta wykiełkowała, ale wydaje się być powolnym starterem. Wykiełkowałem/posadziłem ją w tym samym czasie co Gorilla Cookies. GC ma 6 liści (włączając cotelyon), ale AH utknęła na 4 liściach.
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    S*** A********Verifiedcustomer
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    L****** R*Weryfikowanyklient
    Silny i szybki wzrost
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Amnesia Haze Seeds

Od: 29.00

Amnesia Haze Seeds