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New York Diesel Auto Seeds

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New York Diesel Auto Cannabis Strain

At first, New York City Diesel has a profound effect on the mind, but it ultimately produces a delightful calm state. In response, Expert Seed Bank created and introduced an auto-flowering Sativa-dominant strain based on these genes. It’s a quick hit bred to be a female, so it smokes like a dream yet has all the benefits of the original NYC Diesel. The auto-flowering NYC Diesel strain was created by crossing the original NYC Diesel with Ruderalis.

It’s hard to tell the difference between the feminized NYC Diesel and the autoflowering version. To begin with, smokers will likely feel energized by the pleasure they’re experiencing, but this will fade into a state of calm, relaxation, & being stoned. You can sip on the hybrid any time of day & night. In addition to the conventional fuel-like aromas, Diesel also features fresh lemon & sweet. The percentage of THC found in the sample was 17.

Growing New York Diesel Auto Seeds

This auto-flowering variety stays compact throughout its brief 55-65 day cycle. Indoor cultivators tend to plants between 60 and 90 cm tall and can produce as much as 300 to 350 g per square meter. Outdoors, most genotypes of this plant reach a slightly more significant output level, generating between 75 and 120 g per plant while staying short of a meter in height. Successful cannabis cultivation is within reach of anyone with a cursory understanding of the basics of growing the plant.

Growing a show-stopping strain like NYC Diesel is only seen favorably. The auto-flowering version lives up to the high standards set by its parent strain and produces the same enticing aromas and potent psychoactive highs that have made this strain so famous. Why not give the Sativa-dominant Cosmopolitan a go in your next grow and see whether it’s the right strain for you and your needs? The earlier you place your order, the sooner you may reap the benefits!

New York Diesel Auto Weed Taste & Smell

It is a good idea to include some NYC Diesel Auto in your collection due to the potent and intense diesel flavor that this type possesses. This flavor is responsible for producing a lovely head high and, later on, a warm and soothing body buzz. Your taste buds could be in for a pleasant surprise with this strain’s tangy sweetness and distinctive aroma, which has been described as having a “limey grapefruit” quality.

New York Diesel Auto Marijuana Effect

New York Diesel Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds are well known for their exquisite flavor and potent high, which makes customers feel revitalized and stimulated. This stimulation frequently brings creative inspiration and a feeling of buoyant enjoyment. When the rapid buzz that is reminiscent of amphetamine begins to set in following the first hit, a user can simultaneously sense an improvement in sociability and a surge in the desire to go out and work out.



Höhe 100/120cm.

Abstammung: New York Auto Diesel x Ruderalis

Blütezeit: 8 Wochen im Innenbereich

Blühend im Freien: Gewächshaus ganzjährig.

THC: 18% - CBD: 1%.

Ausbeute in Innenräumen 500 gr.

Ausbeute im Freien 600 gr.


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13 reviews for New York Diesel Auto Seeds

  1. New York Diesel Auto Seeds photo review
    R***** S****Verified customer
    I love the effects
    This Sativa has great genes. She grew about 3 ft high. Buds were 2 in thick to 3 on the tops. The Yield was 4 oz dry and it took about 75 days. It has...More
    This Sativa has great genes. She grew about 3 ft high. Buds were 2 in thick to 3 on the tops. The Yield was 4 oz dry and it took about 75 days. It has a very pleasant smell and taste. I didn't do anything special, and it was an outside grow.
    1 1
    R**********Verified customer
    Best results yet
    This autoflower is growing bigger and stronger and higher than any other seed I've got from this company. I recommend New York Diesel Auto. I can't wa...More
    This autoflower is growing bigger and stronger and higher than any other seed I've got from this company. I recommend New York Diesel Auto. I can't wait to try it in about 2 months.
    1 0
    d****** b******GeprüfterKunde
    sehr gutes Aussehen ...Geruch beginnt ...8 Wochen im Wachstum
    sehr gut aussehen ... Geruch beginnt ... 8 Wochen in wachsen sieht aus wie etwa 3 weitere Wochen zu beenden
    0 1
    d****** b******GeprüfterKunde
    new york Diesel auto
    ist eine geliebte, gefesselte und besessene Kajira, alles von meinem Meister Mr_Wizard_WWV
    0 0
    So weit, so gut ????
    0 0
    R***** T****VerifizierterKunde
    0 0
    S*** A*VerifizierterKunde
    0 0
    R***** B****VerifizierterKunde
    Perfekte Gassamkeit
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