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Strawberry Cough Cannabis Strain

The Strawberry Cough strain is a unique type of sativa that gained popularity owing to the rich strawberry flavor and aroma that it possesses. Strawberry Cough was named for the coughing sensation it causes. One thing can be said for sure, even though its specific combination of strains is up for debate: If you are seeking a strain that will provide you with a unique sweetness and the assurance that your thoughts will be apparent, then this is the right strain for you.

Although the specifics of this strain’s ancestry are a little cloudy, the Haze strain appears to be its direct ancestor. The “mystery strain” comes from that. The only part of its history that seems to make sense is the claim that it was purportedly grown in the strawberries field, which resulted in the creation of a very flavorful bud. Strawberry Cough got its name because it causes a coughing fit even among the most seasoned smokers.  This cough, as a direct consequence of the sweet quality of this strain, ultimately ends up having a flavor that is very obviously reminiscent of strawberries.

Growing Strawberry Cough Seeds

This plant grows to around three feet and is not too difficult to care for. When grown outside, it requires a climate that is hot and humid to be successful. If you want to cultivate Strawberry Cough successfully indoors, you should consider doing it in greenhouses because this strain thrives in bright light. Because it is immune to the majority of common pests & molds, even inexperienced gardeners should have no trouble cultivating this strain.

When cultivated in a sunlit indoor location, the Strawberry Cough plant has the potential to produce an average output of 14 oz per plant. The typical flowering time for this strain is between nine and ten weeks, at which point it is ready to be harvested successfully. This variety enjoys being grown outside, especially in an environment that is warm, humid, and tropical. It thrives in these conditions. It is reasonable to anticipate that Strawberry Cough will be ready to be harvested during the month of October and that each plant will provide an average gain of 14 oz of fruit.

Strawberry Cough Weed Taste & Smell

Not only does this strain make the mental aspect of things more enjoyable, but it also offers a full-fledged olfactory experience. Strawberry Cough has the aroma of a field filled with freshly picked strawberries, with an earthy flavor that lingers in the air like springtime blossoms. A moderate amount of sweetness is combined with a hint of herbaceousness in this wine’s flavor profile.

Strawberry Cough has an initial sweet taste on the tongue, as well as the flavor lingers, leaving a delectable berry aftertaste. The earthy and spicy flavor of smoking will remain in your mouth, & you will notice that there is also a distinct sweet presence there, which will remind you of strawberries, of all things.

Strawberry Cough Marijuana Effect

Strawberry Cough seems to have the ability to be more powerful than average, but it often toes the line somewhat regularly and is a mellow strain overall. Strawberry Cough will cause you to feel calm and joyful, and it will cause you to think positive, encouraging thoughts while it works its magic on your mind. After smoking it, you will feel a powerful tingling in your throat, which will immediately cause you to break out in a hacking cough. Its effect is instantaneous. Strawberry Cough is an unpleasant drink, but it can be very pleasurable when the initial effect wears off.

As this is not a strain with a rapid onset of effects, there will be some lag time before you start to feel its impacts, as they will creep up on you gradually. This Sativa will provide you with a substantial increase in energy throughout, and it will make you want to get up from your seat & get things done. It is stated that smoking Strawberry Cough when you feel pressured and need a little motivation to complete the chores at hand is very significant. This strain will help you relax yet not make you sleepy; on the contrary, it will leave you feeling refreshed and like you’re on a sugar high.



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