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Variedad de cannabis ZkittleZ Glue

What do you get when you cross two award-winning connoisseur strains?—ZkittleZ Glue. ZkittleZ Glue was cooked up by the masterminds at Expert Seeds by crossing Zkittlez and GG4. The resulting strain produces flowers that look and taste like candy while delivering a euphoric and body-numbing high. ZkittleZ Glue is an Indica-dominant strain that likes to stay low to the ground. That makes it perfect for growers who want to keep their growth discreet and tucked away in a closet.

Cultivo de las semillas de ZkittleZ Glue

ZkittleZ Glue is a feminized variety, mainly Indica hybrid, inconspicuous size, that can be grown under the spotlight or unnoticed in the backyard. It’s not a difficult plant to grow, as it doesn’t need a lot of fertilizer to provide decent yields. Its blossoming is quite brief, approximately 53-60 days from germination. If grown indoors in pots of 2,9 US gallons (11 liters), the resulting plants will be medium in height and easy to care for. They will have a large central stem where most of their harvest will be concentrated, and from there, they will branch out into a lengthy apex tail, making the work of manicuring much less daunting. A good substrate is essential for the growth and expansion of the plant. Use good fertilizers and add some bat guano before flowering, which encourages higher fattening of the buds and increases their organoleptic qualities.

Si se cultiva en el exterior de su jardín, crecerá un poco más (aunque no llamará demasiado la atención, ya que sólo mide 110 cm) y producirá cosechas más abundantes. Es una planta resistente a las plagas que no funciona bien en ambientes húmedos; si vives cerca de la costa mediterránea, por ejemplo, donde hay una humedad adecuada, te sugerimos que la cultives en invernaderos para mantener los problemas a raya. La cosecha media en interior es de 15,8 onzas por espacio de cultivo de 3×3 pies (450 gramos por metro cuadrado). En exterior, el rendimiento es decente, unos 500 gramos o 17,6 onzas de flores secas por planta, que está lista para recoger hacia mediados de octubre en el hemisferio norte.

ZkittleZ Glue Weed Sabores y efectos

The combination of terpenes, flavors of exotic fruits, a sweet touch, and a very strong finish acquired from GG4 gives this cannabis an exquisite flavor that will shock your sense of taste into ecstasy. The sensation is intense, like being hit by a response rocket, and it sends your mind soaring to new heights; it is undeniably psychoactive and perfect for a great tribute with friends while you all freak out together.

ZkittleZ Glue Seeds FAQs

ZkittleZ Glue seeds are derived from a potent and flavorful cannabis strain that combines the genetics of ZkittleZ and GG4. This strain is known for its resinous buds, unique terpene profile, and vibrant colors.

ZkittleZ Glue offers a well-balanced experience that combines uplifting cerebral effects with deep relaxation. It provides a euphoric and creative high, while also promoting physical tranquility. Users often report feelings of happiness, relaxation, and stress relief.

The THC content of ZkittleZ Glue can vary, but it typically ranges from 20% to 25%. This high THC level contributes to its potent effects, making it favored by experienced cannabis consumers seeking a strong and long-lasting high.

ZkittleZ Glue seeds thrive in a controlled indoor environment. They require a stable temperature and humidity range, along with proper air circulation and ventilation. Indoor cultivation techniques such as pruning and trellising can help maximize yields. However, outdoor cultivation is also possible in regions with a favorable climate.

The flowering time of ZkittleZ Glue plants is typically around 8 to 9 weeks. During this period, the plants develop dense, resinous buds with a colorful appearance and a sweet, fruity aroma.

ZkittleZ Glue offers a delightful flavor profile with a combination of sweet, fruity, and candy-like notes. It has a distinct aroma that is often described as a mix of tropical fruits, berries, and hints of diesel, creating an enticing and aromatic experience.

ZkittleZ Glue can be suitable for novice growers with some prior knowledge and experience in cannabis cultivation. It requires attention to detail and basic cultivation techniques, such as managing humidity levels, providing proper nutrients, and pruning. With proper care and attention, novice growers can achieve successful yields with ZkittleZ Glue.


Genética: 80% Indica
Altura 80/100cm.
Rendimiento en interior 350g/m.
THC 23% CBD 2%.
Rendimiento en exterior 450g por planta.
Genética: Skittles/Gorilla Glue4
Interior 53/60 días
Mes de cosecha en exterior: Octubre en casa verde.


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Semillas de pegamento ZkittleZ
Semillas de pegamento ZkittleZ

From 29.00