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Red Super Skunk Auto Seeds

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Red Super Skunk Auto Cannabis Strain

The Red Super Skunk Auto is a unique auto-flowering strain created when a male strain and a skunk clone are bred together. This produces a plant with a coloration that is somewhere between reddish and violet rose. When you need a puff, you’ll want to reach for the Red Super Skunk every time since it’s filled with an earthy pine flavor that quickly becomes a favorite.

The significance of THC. This strain, which has between 25 and 29% THC, generates a high that is more cerebral in nature and has a deliciously fruity flavor, but it is not as soothing as the original strain. It has a good yield that can range from 40-200 g per plant or as high as 300-450 g per square meter when grown indoors.

Growing Red Super Skunk Auto Seeds

Well-liked by cultivators and consumers alike – This strain produces good results for novice cultivators. It’s a fantastic strain since it thrives in a wide range of temperatures and humidity levels, making it easy to maintain without worrying about pests.  Super Skunk has an average blooming time of 8 to 9 weeks and produces an above-average yield of about 18 oz per square meter when grown indoors. Outdoors, this variety is ready for harvest in September and October, averaging slightly more than 21 oz per plant. It may appear to be a lot of work if you’ve never grown anything. On the contrary, it’s not!

Red Super Skunk Auto Weed Taste & Smell

Red Super Skunk Auto got its strong, pungent aroma from its unmistakably passionate ancestors and parents. Skunk is a derogatory term for an animal whose odor is similar to that of ammonia. Some people say it smells like strong cheese or forest fungus, but others say it has a sweet, pungent scent identical to that of “white cheddar popcorn.”

Red Super Skunk Auto has a delicious, sweet flavor that belies its skunky aroma. It has a variety of earthy and citrusy undertones in addition to its signature “skunkiness,” for which it is so well known and adored. The strain’s distinctive flavor combination remains consistent with its “cheesy” aroma.

Red Super Skunk Auto Marijuana Effect

Red Super Skunks Auto seems to have varying degrees of power in different people. This cannabis kind is well-known for its sedative properties; users report feeling profoundly relaxed and experiencing a pleasant euphoria while under its influence. Red Super Skunk Auto, an indica-dominant strain, produces a potent bodily high while maintaining mental clarity and awareness of one’s surroundings. 

A potent sativa coSativat contributes to an alert, focused high. Because of this, you can relax deeply and still have clear mental faculties. Its popularity stems partly from the euphoric high it provides smokers, which often results in uncontrollable laughter, enhanced sociability, and a more playful, conversational demeanor. Smoking some of this strain can keep you focused for longer, so if you have a lot on your plate that day, you can get it all done with gusto and enthusiasm. Since being under the effect of this strain will inevitably bring you hungry with time, it will help if you prepare for an attack of the munchies.

Red Super Skunk Auto FAQ’s

Red Super Skunk Auto is an autoflowering cannabis strain known for its skunky aroma, deep red hues, and automatic flowering characteristics. It is a cross between Super Skunk and an autoflowering variety.

Red Super Skunk Auto retains many of the traits of the original Super Skunk, including its potent aroma and relaxing effects. However, the autoflowering characteristic allows it to automatically switch from the vegetative to the flowering stage without requiring a specific light cycle.

Yes, Red Super Skunk Auto can be grown both indoors and outdoors. Its autoflowering nature makes it suitable for various growing environments. However, indoor cultivation provides more control over environmental factors and yields.

Red Super Skunk Auto has a relatively short life cycle and can be harvested in approximately 8-10 weeks from seed to harvest. This quick turnaround time is one of the advantages of autoflowering strains.

The THC content of Red Super Skunk Auto can vary, but it generally ranges from 15% to 20%. It is considered a moderately potent strain.

Yes, Red Super Skunk Auto is often considered suitable for beginner growers. Its autoflowering nature simplifies the cultivation process by eliminating the need to adjust light cycles. It can be forgiving of some common mistakes and provides relatively consistent results.

Red Super Skunk Auto is known for its earthy and skunky flavors. It may also have hints of sweetness and spice, contributing to its complex taste profile.

Red Super Skunk Auto can be cloned, but it’s worth noting that autoflowering strains are generally less suitable for cloning compared



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    super skunk rojo
    crece en la semana 9 casi hecho muy fuerte olor extremadamente pegajoso brotes completamente heladas crecido al aire libre parece que tal vez sólo 1 1/2 a 2 onzas cuando drie...Más
    crece en la semana 9 casi hecho muy fuerte olor extremadamente pegajoso brotes completamente heladas crecido al aire libre parece que tal vez sólo 1 1/2 a 2 onzas cuando se seca sin embargo, no mucho producto terminado
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    Expertly described
    Turned out exactly like the description. Most potent auto in the room, large harvest.
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Red Super Skunk Auto Seeds

From 29.00