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Gorilla Cookies Cannabis Strain

It’s easy to confuse the Gorilla Cookies strain with the popular 80s hardcore band The Gorilla Biscuits, as both are, to put it nicely, brutally hardcore. However, there is where the parallels stop. You get the Gorilla Cookies strain when you cross Thin Mint GSC with the notorious GG4.

The tree’s fruit is beautiful to look at, and it’s easy to tell that whatever’s cooking in this pot is going to knock your socks off. Gorilla Cookies marijuana grows extremely dense, little buds that are covered in a fine powdery trichome coating, giving the plant a bluish-green color.

Its flowering time is a little longer than 9-10 weeks. Make sure that if you plant Gorilla Cookies outdoors, you start the seeds early enough. Don’t worry too much about your climate because Gorilla Cookies is a tough strain that’s resistant to diseases and cooler temperatures.

The reddish-orange pistils dotting the top of the nugs are an eye-catching detail, seeming almost like miniature tentacles that invite you to wrap one up. The real draw of a Gorilla Cookies cannabis strain is not its appearance but its flavor and aroma.

[icon name=”cannabis” prefix=”fas”] High THC 21-24% 
[icon name=”cannabis” prefix=”fas”] 60% Sativa hybrid
[icon name=”cannabis” prefix=”fas”] High yielding & easy to grow
[icon name=”cannabis” prefix=”fas”] Relaxation & pain dulling

Growing Gorilla Cookies Seeds

This kind thrives in most environments and has a high tolerance for heat, cold, and pests. As an added bonus, Gorilla cookie seeds are easy to come by.

This strain does well in both indoor and outdoor environments, producing generous yields of up to 500 grams per square meter and 22 ounces per plant, respectively. Consider this when deciding between indoor and outdoor growing, and give each plant plenty of room to flourish as you begin.

The warm, Mediterranean climate is ideal for the Gorilla Cookies plant. Saving money on electricity for lighting is a bonus of growing in the open air.


This strain needs about 9-10 weeks to fully flower, depending on whether you grow it indoors or out. The harvest will occur around the middle of the month of September. The abundance of buds may increase the mass of the branches. Therefore regular trimming and gentle training may be necessary.

Gorilla Cookies Taste & Smell

If I were to choose one term to describe the aroma of Gorilla Cookies, it would be “pungent.” We use that word around a lot, but this bud really does reek (in a nice way).

The aroma is complex, not just a lasting skunk or dank note. Its genetic heritage is reflected in a refreshing mintiness that is layered with fragrant pine and a dash of nuts. The minty flavor of Thin Mints GSC is carried over into the Gorilla Cookies. Aromatic pines, earthy nuts, and a hint of spice all come together in this flavor.

Gorilla Cookies Marijuana Effects

As soon as you light up, you’ll feel the benefits of the Gorilla Cookies cannabis, the product of some extremely astute breeding. Within minutes of taking it, you will feel a sense of calm and relaxation spread throughout your entire body.

When compared to other strains, Gorilla Cookies keeps you alert, focused, motivated, and social, while others are high in THC, which ranges from 20-25% THC and will have you hugging and kissing bound in no time. It’s a fantastic strain for getting the party started.

Reviews of the Gorilla Cookies strain consistently highlight its medicinal effects, praising its ability to ease pain, cramps, irritation, and even nausea. Anxiety, worry, exhaustion, and sadness can all be better managed with the help of the Gorilla Cookies strain, thanks to its uplifting effects.

It could be helpful for people who are trying to do some serious soul-searching.

Tipo de planta Indica Mayormente
Tiempo de floración 65 días - Largo
Rendimiento por m² 450g Alto
Sexo Feminizada
Nivel de THC 20 - 25 % Alto
Tamaño del paquete 1 - 2000 semillas
Banco de semillas Expertos en semillas

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12 reviews for GG4 Cookies Seeds

  1. GG4 Cookies Seeds photo review
    GG4 Cookies Seeds photo review
    GG4 Cookies Seeds photo review
    GG4 Cookies Seeds photo review
    F*******Cliente verificado
    Era relativamente fácil de cultivar
    Fue relativamente fácil de cultivar. Creo que podría haber utilizado más nutes, pero fue alimentada igual que el resto del jardín. Terminó siendo una de las...Más
    Fue relativamente fácil de cultivar. Creo que podría haber utilizado más nutrientes, pero se le dio la misma alimentación que al resto del jardín. Terminó siendo uno de los cultivares más altos de la carrera. El jefe salió bonito, escarchado y relativamente denso.
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    D****T***Cliente verificado
    Gran variedad, pero no muy productiva. La calidad y la velocidad de crecimiento lo compensan. Los cogollos eran tan densos que hasta las palomitas de maíz eran realmente densas. Tri...Más
    Gran variedad, pero no muy productiva. La calidad y la velocidad de crecimiento lo compensan. Los cogollos eran tan densos que incluso las palomitas de maíz eran realmente densas. Los tricomas eran tan densos y cubrían los cogollos, que parecía que los cogollos eran blancos. Lo recomiendo totalmente
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    J****Cliente verificado
    Las plantas se ven increíbles, no puedo esperar a probarlas.
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    ¡No puedo esperar a ver cómo crece éste! Te etiquetaré en Instagram cuando lo haga.
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    Genial, el servicio no me ha hecho estallar ninguna semilla todavía
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