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Bruce Banner Auto Seeds

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Bruce Banner Auto Cannabis Strain

One of the most potent strains on the market, this plant resembles the Hulk in size and power. The Bruce Banner Auto strain produces a unique euphoria complemented by a flowery sweetness. This variety has found widespread acclaim in the United States, particularly in the state of Colorado.

Bruce Banner Auto is widely regarded as one of the world’s most potent varieties of marijuana. For a good reason, this strain was given the name “Incredible Hulk”; its high THC content and potent effects guarantee every user a powerful mental and physical high. A beautiful Sativa-dominant hybrid bred in the famed Delta9 labs, resulting from crossing the pungent Strawberry Diesel with the indisputable best strain OG Kush. Bruce Banner is an effective strain that provides a perfect blend of cerebral and physical highs.

Growing Bruce Banner Auto Seeds

This hybrid can reach the same height as an OG Kush in the appropriate conditions. It’s possible to obtain a more potent high from Bruce Banner’s bud if you pick it early. This delicious cultivar has the potential to produce exceptionally high yields in the right conditions.

Bruce Banner Auto cultivated in a greenhouse can produce good results. This plant should yield about 21 oz of high-quality bud at harvest time. This hybrid blooms typically in around 9–10 weeks and is ready to be picked shortly after. When grown in a warm, dry outdoor environment, this hybrid produces at a high rate. Bruce Banner has the potential to make an average of roughly 35 oz per plant and is often ready for a healthy harvest in early October.

Bruce Banner Auto Weed Taste & Smell

Bruce Banner’s smell is distinct and distinct enough to be recognized by many experts. The aroma of this hybrid bloom is a cross between fresh strawberries and fuel, and it lingers in the air for quite some time.

The flavor of this combination matches its pleasant aroma. The aroma of this flower immediately gives you a preview of the flavor it will have. Bruce Banner Auto has a flavor similar to that of fresh & wild berries as well as sweet strawberries, and it will leave a berry flavor on your lips that won’t easily fade away.

Bruce Banner Auto Marijuana Effect

The Bruce Banner Auto super strain does precisely what its name implies. It only takes a few puffs of this hybrid strain to feel energized and happy. This indica-dominant Sativa is a mood elevator of the highest order. You will be floating in the air and full of joy. Bruce Banner Auto is an excellent source of inspiration; just being around him will fill you with joy and laughter for no apparent reason.

Feeling tremendously buzzed and comfortable while taking in the lovely vibes of Colorado is what you can expect from a classic like Bruce Banner. If you are imaginative and artistic, this mix may motivate you. As a result, you’ll be mulling over fresh, original concepts you never considered before.



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Bruce Banner Auto Seeds

From 29.00