In English, skunk is a slang term for any potent, high-THC strain of cannabis. The media often refers to ‘skunk’ as ‘street weed,’ usually in a derogatory way. Skunk #1 is one of the oldest and most popular strains of cannabis, and there are many “Skunk family” descendants.

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There is a lot of false information about the term “skunk.”  Most cannabis lovers know Skunk #1 as a legendary strain used to breed countless modern varieties. However, mainstream media use “skunk” as “street weed,” which means heavy and illegal cannabis.

Some media organizations have claimed that ‘Skunk’ is a new, dangerous type of cannabis completely different from the hash and the ‘street weed’ of the 1960s to 1980s. It is no wonder that there is confusion around the question ‘What is skunk?’ and trepidation among people who are misled by this type of irresponsible reporting. This guide to skunk aims to provide some illumination on the matter.

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What is Skunk weed?

All of the skunk family are descended from Skunk #1. This heritage strain is a mix of three powerful strains, which are Colombian Gold, Afghan, and Acapulco Gold. Colombian Gold and Acapulco Gold are Sativa landrace varieties from the region around Acapulco in Mexico and the Santa Marta mountains of Colombia. Afghanistan is home to various potent Indica strains, some of which are sturdy and reliable.

A mix of these incredible genetics developed a new strain that has the cheerful high and citrus taste from the Sativa side, along with the short flowering time, feeling of relaxation, and heavy yields characteristic of Indicas. Expert Seeds Skunk #1 is a simple to grow plant that is perfect for first-timers; it’s also very affordable.

Growing Cannabis with the SCROG Screen of green Method

The History of Skunk Cannabis

Skunk #1 was initially bred in the 1970s, long before there was a trend of using new types of cannabis. It is simply an old variety of cannabis that has been revived and is now gaining popularity again. Some reports say that the original crossing of this strain dates as far back as 1969 in San Francisco, California. The seeds of Skunk #1 were first sold in the US in 1980.

The name “skunk” is clearly associated with the mammal known as a North American skunk, and its meaning in cannabis slang is also clear. One of the defining characteristics of the powerful namesake strain is a scent that is reminiscent of the smelly spray of the skunk. This sharpness is developed more in some of the skunk strains created from the original, for example, Shiva Skunk; many others lean towards the sharp, sweet citrus side.

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With Skunk #1, cannabis growers quickly recognized its power and superiority to other strains – it quickly became known as the go-to choice for those seeking the most potent and high-quality cannabis. This name has now become synonymous with strong, seedless cannabis, just like how Coca-Cola became known as the original and best type of cola.

The Two Interpretations of “Skunk” Cannabis

The name of a famous strain of cannabis can have two meanings: it is an informal term for strong ‘street weed,’ or it is the name of a famous cannabis strain. However, even though it may seem straightforward, people often mix these two interpretations. When someone mentions the term “Skunk,” they might mean the Skunk cannabis strain family or any other intensely aromatic and high THC variety of cannabis.

Is Skunk Weed Safe?

skunk weed slang

This question is frequently debated by cannabis enthusiasts, despite it being equivalent to asking if red wine is more dangerous than alcohol or if trousers are more dangerous than clothes. The original source material for these claims was published by the British Journal of Psychiatry in 2009, and it clearly associates ‘skunk’ with ‘sinsemilla’ (seedless) cannabis.

There is continued confusion about the true strains of skunk and their potency. This problem has been around for a decade after a mistake was made in the past. There is a link between using this cannabis strain and mental illnesses, such as schizophrenia. People with a family history of mental illness or who are predisposed to it should seek medical advice before using cannabis.

The Most Important Consideration When Using SCROG Technique

It is believed by many that there is a correlation between cannabinoids (in particular CBD) and mental health issues. Many believe that cannabinoids can help cure some mental and physical health issues, but it is not clear if this is true. Therefore, more research is needed to prove this correlation.

Some wonder, “Is it more dangerous to smoke strong cannabis than weak cannabis? ” This can be likened to asking, “Is whisky more dangerous than beer?”; if you consume it the same way, and you don’t like high levels of intoxication, then yes. The comparison falls on the fact that it is not physically possible to consume enough cannabis to die from it, with alcohol-specific deaths totaling 7,697 in the UK in 2017.

Did cannabis really get stronger over time?

Did cannabis really get stronger over time

Since we know that Skunk #1 is a cannabis strain with a whole family of related strains, let’s look at how strong and cannabinoid-rich “street weed” is, as these are the factors that most influence its effects.

The 1970s were a pivotal time for cannabis breeding, as it began to be produced commercially for the first time in the Western world. Since then, THC levels in cannabis samples have continued to rise as breeders and cultivators have worked to create more potent hybrids.

For many years, it was unknown that CBD moderates THC’s undesirable aftereffects, such as memory loss, anxiety, and paranoia. Therefore, some breeders continued to push for higher and higher THC to CBD ratios, unaware that they were creating strains that were more likely to be problematic for some users.

As higher-THC strains of cannabis became more popular, indoor grow systems got better and better. Better lights, fertilizers designed specifically for cannabis, and the internet’s increasing availability of gardening information have all contributed to the increasing potency of “street weed” over the last two decades.

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As the potency of cannabis increased, so did the subjective experience of cannabis users. Cannabis was targeted by the media during the War on Drugs, and “skunk” became a media term for strong cannabis that caused severe intoxication. Ironically, the cannabis in question was likely not the comparatively mild Skunk #1, but some newer versions of strains with a far less balance of THC to CBD ratio.

Best Skunk Strains

As mentioned, Skunk #1 was chosen as the parent for many other strains because of its characteristic strength and potency. Expert Seeds is a few breeders who obtained the original Skunk #1 genetics brought over from the United States in 1982. This has allowed us to develop many exciting skunk hybrids.

Skunk #1

Skunk #1 is a classic strain. This plant has greatly influenced cannabis genetics since the 1970s. Skunk #1 weed has a characteristic skunky and sweet smell and is well-known for its euphoric and relaxed high. This is a typical hybrid variety that combines all the best aspects of both Indica and Sativa.

Super Skunk

There’s always something that can be done better. That’s what breeders believed when they chose to combine the ever-reliable Skunk #1 with an Afghan hash strain to take it to the next level. This strain is a stronger-smelling and higher-yielding version of the original. It was first released in 1990 and immediately won the Cannabis Cup. Super Skunk achieved its goal of becoming a fast-growing SK No. 1 variety and a more effective recreational and medicinal marijuana.

Early Skunk

Early Skunk are one of the earliest skunk breeds, so they’re definitely some of the most hardcore skunks around! This herb is a product of ancient genetics of cannabis. Early Skunk is a powerful indica strain with THC levels between 15% and 22%. There is very little CBD in this cannabis strain.

Super Skunk Kush

Super Skunk Kush is a cross between an elite Super Skunk variety and a pure Kush. It is prized for its strong THC and euphoric effects. She is a vigorous, well-developed plant that thrives under an orderly system. The branches fill with ripe buds, overflowing with energy. The sweet aroma of resin fills the air, with spicy Afghan Hash notes adding a touch of complexity. The effects are immediate, with a euphoric high leading to a deep state of mental and physical relaxation. This high-Cannabinoid strain is perfect for medicinal users who want a wide range of benefits.

Lemon Skunk

The sweet fragrance of Lemon Skunk is the most prominent feature of this pot. Once you light it up, it fills the air with its aroma. The smoke slides down your tongue with a sweeter and more satisfying taste, and then the effects start to take hold. Your body feels weightless and free as you drift off to sleep. Your nerves are calm, and you are at ease. Lemon Skunk will make you feel this way for the whole day.

Orange Skunk

Orange Skunk is truly unique among orange strains, and its potent effects are unmatched. She emits fragrant smells of oranges and juicy citrus fruits, which will capture your attention immediately. She quickly produces large, resin-drenched buds. This pigment creates beautiful hues of maroon and purple in cooler weather. The effect is a strong high, almost like being tripped. We recommend that you train into a bush for the best potential.


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