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THC สูง 21-24%
ไฮบริดอินดิก้า 60%
ตียาก, ความรู้สึกสบายรุนแรงสูง


Platinum Cookies Cannabis Strain

Platinum Cookies, sometimes called Platinum Girl Scout Cookies, is a multi-talented indica-dominant hybrid strain formed by crossing two distinct and already popular master strains.  This merger has resulted in the birth of one of the most spectacular plants now available, a potent strain that has gained popularity among users who use it for recreational and medical purposes.

This ultra-hybrid deserves the platinum name and all the accolades it has received. Durban Poison & OG Kush, both highly regarded cannabis strains, were used in the breeding process to generate Platinum Girl Scout Cookies. The offspring of these two species has resulted in a hybrid deserving of both its renown and the many honors it has garnered over the years.

Platinum Cookies is an Indica strain with THC levels that may occasionally be over the sky, peaking in at 28%.  This hybrid’s remarkable medicinal capabilities, including the capacity to relieve physical and mental ailments while generating a deep sense of relaxation, are primarily responsible for the recent surge in popularity that the strain has experienced.

Growing Platinum Cookies Seeds

Both inside and outdoors are suitable environments for the cultivation of Platinum Girl Scout Cookies. When grown in an outdoor area, this plant thrives in a warm, dry climate similar to that of the Mediterranean. It produces an average number of buds but focuses on quality rather than quantity.

This hybrid requires an average of 56-70 days to flower & be suitable for harvesting after it has been planted. Growing Platinum Cookies indoors can provide approximately 12 oz of fresh bud for every square meter of growing space.

It is reasonable to anticipate that Platinum Cookies grown in the open air will be prepared for a good crop around the mid of October. This delicious bud has the potential to produce a harvest of approximately 16 oz from each plant.

Platinum Cookies Weed Taste & Smell

The richness, subtle citrus undertones, and distinctively woodsy aroma are reminiscent of just-cut pine. This strain exudes a powerful, spicy, and dank smell characterized by a robust earthiness, unexpected bursts of sweetness, and a feeling of being somewhere in the woods.

This combination has a flavor that is remarkably similar to how it smells but is significantly more potent. A smoke that is both pungent and spicy, Platinum Girl Scout Cookies will cover the inside of the mouth with an aromatic fruitiness as it travels through your respiratory system. This strain is known for having a wide variety of berry flavors combined with a candy sweetness and finished with an earthy aftertaste.

Platinum Cookies Marijuana Effect

This luxuriant strain is a potent psychoactive strain that induces a feeling of relaxation in a stressed mind while also producing a high that is felt strongly throughout the body. It is a combination that will help you feel warm, fuzzy & joyful and cause you to melt into a lovely all-around high. Platinum Girl Scout Cookies is a strain that has been bred precisely for these effects.

It has been said that Platinum Cookies is one of the most significant strains for getting sleep, and this is certainly true of this particular kind. It has the power to relax both your body and brain and to thrust you through an instant sensation of euphoria, making you feel as though you are melting into your chair & floating your mind off into the clouds as you sit around grinning and feeling happy.

Platinum Girl Scout Cookies is a combination that will hit you hard and fast and cause you to give in to all of the uplifting and positive feelings you have been suppressing. It will cause you to give in to all the uplifting and positive emotions you have been hiding inside for so long.


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