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Сорт каннабиса RS11

RS11  was created by crossing the Pink Guava x OZK plant with a high THC and CBD content and a strong terpene profile. Both mother plants were handpicked after an intensive search for taste and potency to ensure we would have the desired qualities.  Our RS11 fem seeds, often called Rainbow Sherbert #11, is a hybrid cannabis strain produced by crossing Pink Guava with OZK. Growers say its distinctive lime-greenish and space-golden coloring can easily recognize. Three guarantees back our feminized seed. Fast and discreet shipment is only feasible for Expert Seeds. We provide over 500 feminized Sativa, indica, and hybrid cannabis seeds. Look for rare and dependable genetics in premium seeds—quick delivery with no fuss.

Выращивание семян RS11

Феминизированный сорт RS11 - это простое в выращивании растение каннабиса, которое дает от 350 до 450 граммов на метр квадратный в закрытом помещении и от 400 до 600 граммов на растение в открытом грунте. После 8-9 недель цветения этот сорт каннабиса готов к сбору урожая, давая высокие шишки с высоким содержанием ТГК. Банк семян "Эксперт" рекомендует использовать технику LST для создания плоской поверхности роста и более крупных нижних соцветий при выращивании в закрытом грунте. Феминизированные семена, выращенные в почве с высоким содержанием питательных веществ или гидропонным способом, дают на 20% больше урожая. Наши феминизированные семена предназначены для выращивания в открытом грунте.

RS11 Weed Flavor and Effect

As soon as you open the bag, the room is engulfed in a cloud of what could only be described as a sweet, sour, and spicy gas. A lot is going on regarding aromas from this strain, making it difficult to identify individual scents; the best analogy is a bowl of frosted flakes flavored with a peppery gas and finished with a sour tang. The first impression of a fresh pull of the blunt is a sweet and sour flavor, reminding one of a meringue pie. As you close your eyes and light up, take a deep hit, putting your lips together as the inhale fills your tongue with a creamy smooth, earthy sweetness and a slight shift to a great initial impression, the exhale offers the very same feeling. Still, this bud delivers a taste of gasoline and a phenomenal taste. The taste is identical when smoked in a bowl or a bong, albeit the latter tends more toward the gas end of the flavor spectrum.

Users report feeling relaxed and sleepy after consuming this strain, yet they maintain a level of cognitive function. Extra fruitiness and a tinge of tart citrus characterize the flavor. A smoke made from RS11 flower is mild and sweet, with a hint of spice. Patients who use marijuana for medical purposes often report that they smoke this strain to relieve minor pain. There is speculation that RS11 contains roughly 15% THC.

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Семена RS11
Семена RS11
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Семена RS11
Семена RS11

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