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Banana Kush Regular Seeds

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Wysoka zawartość THC 21-24% 
60% hybryda Indica
Wysokie plony i łatwa uprawa
Stress relief & mood uplifting 

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Banana Kush Regular Seeds

Banana Kush Regular Cannabis Strain

This sunshine California strain known as Banana Kush is a deliciously fruity smoke that originates from two potent parent strains, resulting in an undeniably enjoyable and fragrant social smoke. It is an Indica dominating strain, and the Banana Kush Strain produces a pleasant and calm high with the potential to encourage creativity. This is why such a strain has gained traction in its appeal in the creativity scene & among artists.

This luscious tropical variety originated on the West Coast and is well-known for its peculiar banana flavor and aroma. Ghost OG & Skunk Haze, famous varieties in their own right, were used as pollen sources in the creation of Banana Kush. This combination ensures that the resulting hybrid will be extremely strong.

Because of its heavy-bodied effects and the intense pleasure it produces, Banana Kush is an excellent example of an OG strain. It has a flavor that is characteristically sweet and skunky and is also an ideal representation of the OG strains. The aroma of this hybrid is reminiscent of a bunch of bananas that have just been picked, and it provides a strong indication of the relaxing high to follow.

Growing Banana Kush Regular Seeds

It is advised that you produce Banana Kush indoors, even though it is not very difficult to grow. This is because the strain does best in an environment where it can be closely monitored and where a lot of light is on all the time. For this hybrid to produce the most fruit, it needs to have its branches frequently pruned. Growing this strain requires some expertise, but the end product is incredible, bud, so the effort is well worth it.

It takes about eight to nine weeks for a Banana Kush plant to blossom and prepares for a substantial harvest. You can anticipate the production of approximately 18 oz of delicious and aromatic bud per square meter, which is the expected average yield. Around the beginning of October, this hybrid grown outside ought to be ready for complete harvesting. It is anticipated that each plant can produce up to 21 oz of usable cannabis. We sell these regular as well as Banana Kush Auto Seeds

Banana Kush Regular Weed Taste & Smell

The aroma of Banana Kush is instantly recognizable and one of the reasons for its widespread popularity. It is possible to identify it immediately based solely on its fragrance, which exudes notes of sweet bananas in addition to hints of earthy & pungent undertones. This Kush has a scent that is strongly reminiscent of the tropics and will remind you of an overpowering basket full of exotic fruits.

Banana Kush has a flavor similar to its aroma, described as identical to a bunch of tropical fruits. When you inhale this strain, it has a creamy texture, and immediately afterward, a specific flavor of tree fruit will stick to your tongue. An energizing and pleasurable smoking experience is brought to a satisfying and satisfying conclusion by this strain’s distinctly sweet and banana-like aftertaste.

Banana Kush Regular Marijuana Effect

It is advised that novice smokers approach this specific strain cautiously because its effects may come quickly and strongly.  Banana Kush has a unique power to relax you, and it will cause you to blank out and wander off into colorful daydreams. Additionally, it will motivate you to think of original and innovative ideas.  This strain has the potential to give you the munchies and make you laugh so hard that you can’t move from the couch while eating snacks at a level you’ve never experienced before.

This mixture will cause you to feel joyful & content, with sudden bursts of utter ecstasy that will maintain you in good humor and keep you feeling pleased overall. You will be left feeling very social and chatty for hours on end after consuming Banana Kush, which makes it an ideal social companion. Banana Kush can inspire you to continue discussions & will make you feel very social and talkative.



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Banana Kush Regular Seeds

From 29.00

Banana Kush Regular Seeds