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Lemon Haze Auto Cannabis Strain

In case you hadn’t figured, the Lemon Haze Auto breed tastes just like lemons and other citrus fruits. This strain has been praised for its flavor and stimulating qualities, for which it has won multiple prizes. Users have reported feeling relief from their severe pain, pressure, & anxiety after using this strain.

Another essential strain is Lemon Haze Auto, a cross between Super Silver Haze and Lemon Skunk and Ruderalis. This marijuana lives up to its reputation, proving to be as stimulating and revitalizing as its legendary forebears. Like a glass of cold lemonade on a hot summer day, nothing beats a few hits of Lemon Haze Auto to have the party started.

Growing Lemon Haze Auto Seeds

This variety can be grown well, either inside or outside. In a typical indoor grow, the plants bloom in about nine to ten weeks or mid to late October when planted. The ease of cultivation and high yields from Lemon Haze Auto is excellent news for amateur gardeners everywhere.

Therefore, far more fresh buds can be harvested even by those with little experience. Lemon Haze Auto is a strain of cannabis that has proven to be resistant to disease, powdery fungus, mildew, bugs, and other undesirable organisms. Lemon Haze Auto is a Sativa hybrid. Hence it usually attains a good height. This means it needs a certain amount of interior space to thrive and develop properly.

While either hydroponics or nutrient-rich soil can be used to cultivate Lemon Haze Auto seeds indoors successfully, outdoor cultivation will yield a more robust and flavorful crop. Those fortunate enough to reside in a part of the world with a Mediterranean-like environment may also experience a rise while working in the open air.

Lemon Haze Auto takes about 9 to 10 weeks to complete its blooming cycle indoors, while outdoor plants are ready for harvest in mid to late October. When cultivated outside, the SLH strain yields about 35 ounces per plant, whereas indoor cultivation yields about 28 ounces per square meter.

Lemon Haze Auto Weed Taste & Smell

Lemon Haze Auto has a powerful skunky, strong smell that reminds smokers of a pungent, incense-like odor. The mixture’s fragrant top notes are citrus, both in terms of flavor and scent. The lemony, zesty, delightful, and woodsy taste of Lemon Haze Auto is intoxicating. You can compare the flavor to that of a lemon head or other citrus-flavored candy, which is to say, artificial.

Lemon Haze Auto is predominantly crystalline and is covered in a thick layer of dazzling, transparent, resinous trichomes. It’s not surprising that the SLH strain has a high THC content. Its neon/light green flowers are topped with orangey-yellow pistils, and its flavor is pleasant. The long, slender water leaves are lush, vibrant, and deep green.

Lemon Haze Auto Marijuana Effect

In order to create the autoflowering hybrid known as Lemon Haze Auto, breeders bred Lemon Skunk with Super Silver Haze and Lowryder 2. The original plant from which this strain was developed was famous for the classic Sativa high and flavor it delivered.

Users can anticipate a burst of fresh citrus aroma and flavor, followed by a subtle musk finish. The effects of Lemon Haze Auto, which include a cerebral high that can last for up to two hours, kick in quickly. In particular, its effects on the brain are well-known to be quite potent. People who suffer from anxiety, depression, or a lack of appetite may find relief from this strain, in addition to the Sativa benefits.


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