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Graines de Kosher Kush

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Kosher Kush Cannabis Strain

Kosher Kush is a potent indica strain that produces its effects quickly and has a high THC content. This gorgeous strain has a well-earned reputation as a solid smoke, healing a wide variety of minor & chronic ailments, & supplying you with highly entertaining lifted emotions that will enable you to subside into the closest couch while suppressing the giggles.

Kosher Kush is a robust pure indica strain bred to excellence by DNA Genetics on the sunny shores of California. Its origins may be traced back to the Golden State. It is uncertain exactly where it came from. However, this famous indica has won several vital accolades, the most notable of which is “best indica” at the High Times Cannabis Cup in 2010 and 2011.

Even though its specific ancestry is unknown, it is generally accepted that Kosher Kush is the result of an indica-dominant parent strain, OG Kush, being crossed with another indica. The same sedative qualities of this strain make it popular among those with insomnia. It successfully assists you in a night of comfortable sleep while simultaneously inducing a happy mood and, as a result, some bursts of laughter as an additional benefit.

Growing Kosher Kush Seeds

Cultivating Kosher Kush successfully outside is possible if it is provided with a dry, warm, and moderate outdoor atmosphere to flourish. Growing Kosher Kush indoors results in the best blooms when the environment is maintained in a healthy state. To obtain the best possible harvest from this pure indica strain, it is necessary to prune it regularly and provide it with a good supplement of nutrients.

It can take Kosher Kush plants grown outside about nine to ten weeks to flower before they are harvested. When grown in a well-maintained indoor environment, it can produce the highest possible yield, estimated to be 19 oz of juicy buds per square meter that is planted.

This indica strain has the potential to reach a medium size, & it is expected that each plant grown will produce approximately 16 oz of bud on average. In the late summer, Kosher Kush begins its growth cycle, and by the middle of October, it ought to be ready for a rich harvest.

Kosher Kush Weed Taste & Smell

The Kosher Kush flower has a strong earthy perfume mingled with traces of fresh pine, making it a flower with a mouthwateringly delectable aroma. This pure indica strain has a potent smell that is likely to fill every place it enters, and it has flashes of spices that intensify its fragrance in the most pleasurably pleasant way possible.

This authentic and enigmatic indica contains tastes that match its pleasant nature and add to its overall allure. The flavor of Kosher Kush is highly intense, and it has a combination of earthy & pine-like undertones. The taste is sweet and herbaceous simultaneously, and it has unmistakable citrus undertones that will remind you of the sharp sourness of a freshly squeezed lemon.

Kosher Kush Marijuana Effect

Even in more seasoned consumers, Kosher Kush is guaranteed to create a significant couch lock, as it is a quick flower known to produce intense euphoria and for its couch-locking effects. This pure indica strain is ideal for nighttime smoking since it has an almost immediate sense of relaxation and mental and physical energy.

It is well known that this ultimate indica is very helpful to people who have insomnia. It can induce a more profound slumber, even in people who have trouble calming their brains and finding rest. Kosher Kush is a potent mood-elevator that will immediately relieve you of the strains of day-to-day life, allowing you to wallow in sensations of joy and euphoria, enabling you to bathe in those sentiments.

It is common knowledge that smoking Kosher Kush induces severe munchies. Therefore, you should get ready to satisfy your hunger pangs with an abundance of tasty goodies. This indica is perfect for smoking with friends, so make sure to pass over some delicious food, and there will undoubtedly be plenty of good-natured ribbing going on as well.


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Kosher Kush
Graines de Kosher Kush

From 29.00