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Semillas Phantom Cookies Domina

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Phantom Cookies Domina Cannabis Strain

The Phantom Cookies Domina from Garden of Green is a fantastic delicacy for smokers. In this particular instance, Cherry Pie x Grand Daddy Purps x Black Domina all collaborated in order to produce a potent strain. Phantom Cookies Domina, sometimes known as “Phantom Cookie,” is a Sativa-dominant hybrid that is thought to have originated in Northern California.  The blooms of Phantom Cookies have bright orange hairs that radiate light and emerge from a crystalline layer of trichomes covering the surface.

Growing Phantom Cookies Domina Seeds

This charming plant does have some lovely purple coloring toward the conclusion of the fluorescence, which happens when the blooms are at their fullest. This occurs when the fluorescence is at its peak. When grown indoors, it can reach a height of 130 to 150 cm & completes flowering in eight to nine weeks, giving yields of 550 g. per square meter.  The outdoor harvesting of marijuana in the northern hemisphere begins around the middle of October, and each plant can produce roughly 650 grams of juicy weed.

Phantom Cookies Domina Weed Taste & Smell

In terms of scent, the Phantom Cookies are truly one-of-a-kind and layered. Inhaling it, you’ll pick up notes of sweet cherry and grape amid a base of savory earth and toasted nuts. As a whole, Phantom Cookies is regarded as one of the most fragrant cannabis varieties.

Some consumers claim that this strain tastes just like cookie dough, but others disagree. Instead, consumers will noticeably experience a sweet and juicy berry flavor. Potentially at play here are differences between the strain’s various variations. One thing is certain, though, regardless of which method consumers choose. The flavor of Phantom Cookies is excellent, and most people will enjoy it.

Phantom Cookies Domina Marijuana Effect

Fans of high-energy strains like Sativas will enjoy Phantom Cookies. There’s no denying that the initial surge of its cerebral high brings on an extreme feeling of joy, bordering on euphoria. Even though its THC content can reach up to 18%, slightly higher than typical, it still packs a psychoactive punch. Focus sharpens, and ideas for new projects flood the brain as the euphoria builds. If used excessively, it might cause a psychedelic state of mind.

After about ten minutes, when the Indica-property begins to take effect, most users will feel the cerebral high subside a little. Although Phantom Cookies have a calming impact on the entire body, their primary effect is a cerebral high.

However, first-time users may experience temporary heightened anxiety if they aren’t accustomed to the rapid onset of the cerebral high. For this reason, it’s recommended that newcomers begin with a little amount before increasing it. Overdosing on the head high could cause narcotic-like hallucinogenic effects, rendering the user motionless on the sofa.


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Phantom Cookies Domina
Semillas Phantom Cookies Domina

From 29.00